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however, Shen Lingxi and I are not what you think. Quan Nanzhai thinks Qin lelan is jealous and wants to explain, but he doesn't know how to explain.

So what's your relationship? Since it's all about this, she should make it clear with him and find out whether they are contractual or not.

She has people she likes, and the people she likes is a very good friend of mine. She and I just maintain this relationship for a while. When the time is right, we will be separated. Quan Nanzhai thought about it, so he explained.

Brother lie, if she doesn't like people, do you want to spend your whole life with her? Qin lelan admits that her heart and eyes are very small. She knows it's not the same thing, but she still cares about it. She wants to hear brother lie's denial.

Quan Nanzhai said: I have thought that you are the person for my whole life.

Hearing what he wanted to hear, Qin leran pulled out a big smile again: Well, brother lie, I know. Go back to find sister Lingxi.

Quan Nanzhai:

the girl's mood is like the weather in June, which is always unpredictable.

Qin leran turns to open the door and gets off. He waves to Quan Nanzhai in the car: brother lie, please send me a message or call me when you want to.

Quan Nanzhai also gets off the bus: I'll take you back.

Brother lie, you don't need to send me. Go to find sister Lingxi. If she has something to do, how can you tell your friend? With that, Qin ran away.

Qin leran is very happy. When he runs, he jumps and shows his good mood on his face.

Tonight, I finally got up the courage to explain my words to brother lie, and let brother lie see her with his true face. How can I make people unhappy?

When I thought about it, the happier I was. Qin was so happy that he sang a little song and jumped through the tents one by one.

After a long run, she found her tent with Yaya.

Because she was afraid of the dark, there was a light left for her in the tent. The warm light lit up the small house built by the tent and came out through the tent.

Looking at the warm light, Qin lelan's heart is also warm. A friend he just met can treat her so well, so there are many good people in the world.

Thinking that YaYa should have fallen asleep, Qin leiran eased his steps carefully and didn't wake the sleeping Yaya.

But just as she was walking softly, I heard a voice in the room. Is sister Yaya worried that she hasn't slept yet?

Yiya elder sister Qin leran reached out to lift the tent curtain and stepped into the room, suddenly a fierce palm wind came to her.

She reacts very quickly. When she feels the palm wind coming, she has a flexible side to avoid the attack.

The enemy did not subdue her in one move, and then came the second attack. Qin leran was ready. He dodged again, opened the distance from the enemy, and dodged the enemy's attack again.

Who are you? Qin lelan swept the room through the weak light, only one person ambushed her.

There is only one person, plus just two moves, she may be able to figure out the strength of this person, even if it is hard hitting, she also has the assurance of winning.

The tall man said sullenly, "don't talk nonsense. Just follow me if you know what you want, or you will break your legs. Don't blame me for being rude.".

Want to break my leg? Qin leiran sneered and said, let's just try to see who broke whose leg?

Even in the face of the enemy alone, Qin lelan remained calm and calm, observing the situation calmly.

They make such a big noise, Yaya still sleeps like a dead pig, and there is a smell in the tent.

Qin leran concluded that before the enemy came, he first put some overpowering drugs in the tent. He planned to bewilder her first and then start again. How could he know that she was not there at all and let the enemy attack him.

Hum the enemy gave a cold hum and rushed to Qin Yueran at a very fast speed, trying to subdue her once and for all.

Qin leran has been practicing taekwondo since she was a child. With her intelligence, she can learn everything faster than others. Now her level has reached the highest level she can get at this age. Ordinary people are really not her opponents.

Seeing the enemy approaching, Qin leran didn't move. When he punched her in the head and was about to hit her, Qin leran took the lead. When he hit her in the eye, she quickly backed up.

She smiled and said: boy, you want to catch me with these moves? I advise you to go back to practice for another two years. Before you can master the art, you'd better not come out and make a fool of yourself.

Stinky girl, don't be complacent too early. The enemy became angry and turned to Qin leran even more madly.

Qin leran's nimble body flashed out of the tent in a flash. The man ran after him in a hurry. However, he had just come to the door of the tent and put a cold muzzle on his head.

You? How could it be you? Obviously, the man couldn't believe the man he saw. He stupidly closed his eyes and opened them to see the man who pointed the gun at him.

My man, you dare to move Quan Nan Zhai's hand. He said gloomily, picking the gun valve in his hand without hesitation.

The pistol is equipped with a silencer, and the sound of the gun can't be heard, but the shooting effect is explosive.

The bullet went out. The bullet passed the man's ear. Half of the man's ear was knocked out, and the blood sprayed out.

The enemy instinctively put out his hand to cover his ears, and his words were so painful that he could not speak clearly: how can you and you be

brother Liege? How can you come back? Qin lelan said pleasantly.

Didn't he go back to find Miss Shen?

Why are you running to save her?

Although Qin leran is confident that he can defeat the enemy who attacked her, her brother can come to save her in time. This feeling is different, which makes her heart jump freely in her chest.

Dear girl, close your eyes, cover your ears and ask nothing. Right south Zhai gentle command, Qin lelan like a sensible child obediently do.

She vaguely remembers that when she and her mother were kidnapped and her father came to save them, he also said this to her.

Now speaking from her brother's mouth, she understood that her brother loved her no less than her father.

Mr. President, why are you so angry with a villain. I just asked him to invite Miss Qin for a cup of tea.

A gloomy voice came, and Quan Nan Zhai suddenly looked back and saw a tall man standing in the moonlight outside the tent.

In the moonlight, the man is dressed in a black shirt, almost integrated with the night, but the blue eyes of the man look extremely cold and evil in the moonlight, just like the polar lone wolf.

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