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this time, he will not see her in a false face again. He should hold her hand tightly and never let go again.

Even if there are thorns and oil pots in front of her, he will wipe them out one by one and won't let her suffer little damage.

When brother lie called out to him, Qin leiran plunged into his arms.

Obviously very happy, but a sour nose, can not help tears.

But what happened? Seeing her tears, Quan Nan Zhai's heart was numb.

He holds her face and clumsily wipes tears for her, which knows that the more he wipes, the more tears she tears seem to flow.

However, I'm sorry that I'm not good, but I'm not good. I've wronged you. He bowed his head and kissed her tears.

Brother lie, you are fine. You are fine. She sniffed, want not to cry, do not know how, tears are more and more.

But be good, don't cry, don't cry. He coaxed her patiently like a child.

Brother lie, I don't know why I fell in love with you. Qin leran raised his hand and wiped his tears. He continued, maybe he remembered you and thought about you since he was a child. When he grew up, he naturally thought he should like you. But anyway, I just like you.

Well, I see. Seeing her crying like a little cat, I still remember to tell him that she likes him.

He Quan Nan Zhai how can he get this girl's heart and soul in his life.

Brother lie, I have a little request. Tears have not been dried yet, but Qin leran is still clear headed. She has more important things to do.

He said gently: what is the requirement?

She wiped her tears and said: you promise me first.

Quan Nanzhai promises: OK, you say.

There is nothing he can't do with what she said.

Qin leran, with tears in his eyes, smiled brilliantly again: I want you to face your Ranan in a real way.

In the car with heating, the temperature is moderate and warm.

In the light of the car.

Qin lelan is excited like a child. He holds Quan Nanzhai's face and looks at it again. He looks at it again and again: Well, I'll tell you, it's still my brother who looks best.

Haven't you seen enough? The little girl has been holding his face for nearly half an hour, and she has no plans to stop.

I haven't seen enough in my life. Qin leran stroked his eyebrows, and touched his nose and lips. Brother lie, your eyebrows are so beautiful. Your eyes are also very good-looking, and your nose and lips are all very good-looking.

Quan Nan Zhai couldn't help but lower his head and kiss her ruddy face: so who is more beautiful than brother lie and your father?

In his love for Qin lelan, Quan Nanzhai is careful not only to eat his own vinegar, but also her father's vinegar.

Why compare with him? Qin leran knew that his brother became jealous, but he pretended not to understand.

Quan Nan Zhai said seriously: answer me.

Qin lelan nuzui: brother lie, you can't be cruel to me. I'm a little girl with a small heart and a small eye, but I want to remember my revenge.

Quan Nanzhai drags her into his arms: OK, not fierce to you, how do you tell me, who is your father and I?

Brother lie, are you naive? Don't forget, you are the president of a country. How can the president of a country cling to the problem of children's accounting?

I'm just so naive. The high-ranking president admitted it shamelessly, little girl, say it quickly.

When Ran Ran Ran was my father, Qin lelan, looking at brother lie's face sinking slowly, he added mischievously, of course, my father was as good-looking as my brother.

Her father is her relative, and her body is bleeding with his blood; her brother is her favorite, and she will live together for the rest of her life; in her heart, both of them are equally important, so they must be equally good-looking.

Before her voice fell, he kissed her lips.

He tasted her sweetness as if it were a peerless delicacy.

Qin lelan stared at him, trying to see how he kissed her, but he couldn't see it at all, only his enlarged eyebrows and eyes.

Looking at her like a curious baby, Quan Nan Zhai chuckled and said: "dear girl, close your eyes

listen to brother lie's own bass bubble effect. Qin lelan seems to be bewitched. Close your eyes and enjoy brother lie's kiss.".

The two people in the car were kissing hotly. Qiao min, a foreign driver, and spade, a bodyguard, stood shivering in the cold wind.

They look at me and I look at you. They feel aggrieved but dare not say that their president is becoming more and more headstrong.

Hum -

spade's cell phone rings. When I see the call, it's Lin Jiacheng.

The Lin family will only turn to spades if he can't get through to the president's phone.

Looking at the number and calling in the middle of the night, spade knew there must be something urgent, and immediately answered: Mr. Lin?

Mr. Lin Jiacheng said: spade, let Mr. President answer the phone.

Spade looked back and saw that he was bothering Mr. President at this time. Didn't he want to mix up?

Mr. Lin, can things slow down?

Can slow things, I will call in the middle of the night? Lin Jiacheng's voice sounds urgent.

Then you wait. Though afraid to disturb Mr. President, spade knocked on the door of the car window. Mr. President, Mr. Lin is in a hurry to see you.

As expected, when the window slowly rolled down, the first thing was to receive a cold and fierce look from the president.

He didn't dare to say more. He quickly handed over his mobile phone and flashed it away from the president's eyes as fast as he could.

Said Quan Nan and Zhai Chensheng, the expression was also very serious and cold, but he adjusted the expression again when he thought Qin leran was still around him and worried about scaring her.

Mr. President, Miss Shen is gone.

Shen Lingxi, who was injured in the hospital, suddenly disappeared. The doctors and nurses in the hospital didn't know when she left, and the monitoring couldn't find out how she left.

People missing? Quan Nan Zhai's face sank. Are all the people you sent to protect her a lot?

Lin Jiacheng:

Quan Nanzhai said: send more people to look for her immediately, and make sure she is safe.

He hung up the phone and saw Qin lelan staring at him. He said, "something happened to Shen Lingxi. I have to go back first.". But come back with me.

Brother lie, I promised them to stay here for a month, only for one day. How can I leave. Qin leran threw himself into his arms and hugged him. He said, "brother lie, you take good care of sister Lingxi. I'll go back first.".

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