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works every day. Lin's Chengdu enters from the east gate of Beigong. Usually, he enters the east gate and walks leisurely. It doesn't take much time to get to the office area of Beigong.

Today, Lin Jiacheng entered the North Palace from the east gate. After entering the gate, he began to run for a long time, but he didn't reach his destination.

He even has to wonder if this road is really the one he repeats every day? Why didn't he feel so far away before?

When hearing the sad news from the Shen family, he was so shocked that he forgot that there was a mobile phone that could be used to send messages to the president. There was no need for him to run around foolishly.

From the east gate of the North Palace to the president's office, he has run for more than ten minutes. You are so far away from the destination.

When he finally got there, he was too tired to breathe. He gasped for a long time. Then he said: Mr. President

Quan Nanzhai raised his head from a pile of pieces and asked in a deep voice: what's the matter? Speak slowly.

Lin Jiacheng claps her chest and tries to stabilize her mind: Miss Shen has an accident and something important has happened. No one can save her except you.

Right south Zhai eyebrow head picks: what matter?

Lin Jiacheng wiped the sweat from his forehead: she killed people. She killed Shen Xiaodong, the son of Shen Shikuan.

She killed Shen Xiaodong? Right south Zhai Weidun, said again, you immediately let someone to check whether this is true? There are other people to collect what Shen Xiaodong has done in these years, no matter how big or small.

Mr. President, if the killing is true, Miss Shen may not be able to protect it.

It has to be kept. No, in case. Quan Nanzhai immediately picked up the internal phone to call secretary he, and said, "in the afternoon, all my itinerary will be postponed.".

Secretary he's face is muddled. What's going on, Mr. President? Is it a matter of importance to the international economic forum that you can't go without going?

However, even though the president has spoken, and after the order has been issued, the person has disappeared. What can he do with the president?

As a qualified chief secretary, he is also a secretary that Mr. President trusts very much.

Secretary he felt that he could only do his best to find another way to replace the president with a person of high status.

Quan Nanzhai looks at the gray haired but still energetic old man.

He was a man of the moment in country a several decades ago. Now, there are few people in country a who can compare with his scenery in those days.

At that time, he had been in charge of military power for several decades and held a high position. He was a very respected and outstanding figure in the hearts of the people.

Although the military power of state a is now under the control of Quan Nanzhai, he still respects the old man very much.

He said: Mr. Shen, I have put the evidence in front of you. I will wait for you to make a final decision.

Mr. Shen didn't turn to the evidence in front of him. In fact, he didn't need to prove that he already knew the right and wrong of the matter, but what he wanted was not the truth of the matter. What he wanted was something else.

Can I call you Nanzhai like this? Mr. Shen looked at Quan Nanzhai and asked slowly.

Old Sir, you are an elder. We are talking about private matters. Of course, you can call me by my name. Quan Nanzhai understood that Mr. Shen was ready to reminisce with him.

"Nanzhai, I was watching your father marry your mother, watching your mother pregnant and give birth to you," said Mr. Shen. Those things, as if they had happened only yesterday, are almost 30 years old. You have replaced your father and become the highest leader of our country.

Quan Nanzhai said with Mr. Shen: Although we have grown up, you are still so energetic, you don't look like a person in his eighties at all.

Mr. Shen added: "Nanzhai, I have made a lot of efforts to take the position of president.".

Quan Nanzhai also spoke in an official voice: it's to work hard, how can we sit in this position if we don't work hard. Of course, I can take the position of president without the support of the whole nation and your support.

Mr. Shen said again: No, I'm not supporting you. I'm supporting my granddaughter. She wants to marry you before I speak for you. If it wasn't for her, people of my age would never stand up and talk.

There is no mistake in what he said. People of his age don't need to come out to help others and offend others.

Now that he has come forward, it must prove that he is ambitious.

I know that you love Xiaoxi very much. Since you love her so much and hurt her, why don't you help her again? What did your grandson, Shen Xiaodong, do? You don't know.

Shen said: then I will tell you one more thing. I asked people to disclose the information about Xiao Xi's pregnancy to Shen Xiaodong.

For you have known for a long time that she is pregnant, and you can't bear the children in her womb. Quan Nan Zhai is not surprised. After all, he has seen a lot of more cruel things for the sake of power.

Mr. Shen said again: Yes, I just can't stand that child. I want her to give birth to your child, the child of your right family.

Quan Nan Zhai didn't speak, just chuckled.

Quan Nanzhai refused. Mr. Shen got angry: Mr. President, as the president of a country, you should understand that the son of God is guilty of the same crime as the common people. Even if Xiaoxi is your fiancee, she will have to pay for her life if she kills someone. Otherwise, how can you stop everyone's mouth?

Quan Nanzhai raises eyebrows: what do you want?

Marry her, let her give birth to your child, be your child's mother. After talking for a long time, Mr. Shen came to his point.

He's old and doesn't know how many years he will live. If he leaves the world, Shen Lingxi will have no relatives.

Before leaving the world, he will use his best ability to pave every road for her, and will not let her suffer in the future.

You know that the person in her heart is not me, and you want her to marry me and have children for me. Quan Nan and Zhai sneer, Mr. Shen, is this how you love her and love her?

He was born in a powerful family. He knew that power was more important to them than anything else, and that kinship became a bargaining chip between them.

Over the years, he has been rolling around in this circle. He is also one of the characters who make use of family affection, but he will never make use of a woman who has no strength.

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