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this man is Shen Xiaodong, the second son of Uncle Shen Lingxi.

He is the second ancestor that people hate most in Linhai City. Because of his crimes, his family was shamed, and his grandfather almost drove him out of the Shen family.

It was Shen Shikuan, Shen Lingxi's eldest uncle, who knelt down to beg for Shen's father. Shen's father took back his order. He didn't drive Shen Xiaodong out of the Shen family, but he also shut Shen Xiaodong for half a year. He was not allowed to walk out of the Shen family for half a year.

Half a year's time is not long or short. When the deadline came a few days ago, Mrs. Shen couldn't wait to have Shen Xiaodong released.

As a matter of fact, after giving Shen Xiaodong half a year to reflect on himself, he should be more or less restrained. How could he know that Shen Xiaodong is not the same person at all.

After coming out, not only does it not converge, but something happened the other day. In other people's words, it's the nature that dogs can't change to eat shit.

Although I know that Shen Xiaodong is not doing right, Shen Shikuan loves his son and can't bear to be locked up again. He goes out in person to put things in order to prevent this bad thing from reaching the ears of the old man of the Shen family.

Just let it out and make a big deal. If the master of the Shen family knows about it, he will definitely drive out the dog that damages the reputation of the Shen family.

This man is such a man who doesn't want to do any evil and doesn't want to have a face. Shen Lingxi doesn't have to be angry with him, and doesn't have to worry about him.

Second brother. No matter how sarcastic Shen Xiaodong is, Shen Lingxi politely greets Shen Xiaodong.

As a younger brother and sister, she does well what she should do. Even if she deliberately wants to find her troubles, she will let them not find them.

I know I'm your second brother. Shen Xiaodong stared at Shen Lingxi's chest and looked again.

I have something to go first. Shen Lingxi was disgusted with his eyes. He got up and wanted to leave. Shen Xiaodong grabbed her.

He said: Shen Lingxi, did my young master let you go?

Shen Xiaodong, let go of your hand. Shen Lingxi wants to get rid of him. However, his strength is several times that of her. She can't get rid of him at all.

What if I don't let go? He suddenly approached her and whispered in her ear. Shen Lingxi, I will not let go. What can you do to me?

Shen Xiaodong, take your hands off, and show respect. Shen Lingxi shouted, trying to scare Shen Xiaodong away.

Respect? Do you know what respect is? With the love of his father and mother, Shen Xiaodong did not pay attention to Shen Lingxi's warning at all.

Shen Xiaodong, I want you to let go. Shen Lingxi tried hard to draw back her hand, but she was more and more tightly held by him. She was so disgusted that her facial features were almost tangled together.

Shen Lingxi, to make others respect you, you have to respect yourself first. He held her hand tightly and smiled obscenely. You said, if our president knew that his fiancee had ever had children of another man, what would he do to you?

When you suddenly hear Shen Xiaodong's words, Shen Lingxi is surprised and frightened.

Shen Xiaodong continues to say: will he dump you immediately? Or pretend that you don't know anything, still marry you home according to the agreement, and then put you in a cold house, so that you will never turn over?

How do you know? How do you know about it? Shen Lingxi murmured.

How does this person know about children?

At that time, she was pregnant. She didn't even know her own father. Why did Quan Xiaodong, a scum, know that?

What do you say? Quan Xiaodong reaches out and holds Shen Lingxi's chin. My good sister, why are you so popular?

He turned around her and looked at Shen Lingxi with his eyes. I'm reluctant to touch you. Why should that wild man touch you? You're pregnant with his wild seed. Do you think he should be damned? Do you think his children deserve to die?

It's you, Shen Lingxi, who slapped Shen Xiaodong in the face and shouted, "you are the murderer. You killed my child. It's you who killed my child." she didn't know how her good child fell away after a nap.

Today she finally understood that it was not an accident. At noon that day, Shen Xiaodong, the beast, moved her diet.

If she had known in advance that day when she saw his strange smile, he would have moved his hands and feet in her food. She would not have eaten it.

She will certainly keep her children and the only thing left to her by her beloved man. She will, but not if

SHEN Lingxi, scream, roar, scold, Shen Xiaodong laughs abnormally. You'd better attract all the Shen family to let them know that the good child who obeys in the eyes of her grandfather has been a pair of worn-out shoes by others.

I'm going to kill you, you beast. What did Shen Xiaodong say? Shen Lingxi couldn't hear it. She only knew that the man in front of her was the murderer and the murderer of her child. She would kill him by herself and avenge her child.

Shen Lingxi, Shen Lingxi, you are not a fucking bitch. What are you pretending to me? Shen Xiaodong grabs her waving hand and pushes back hard. Shen Lingxi falls to the ground.

Murderer, I will kill you. Shen Lingxi yells at the top of her voice. The whole person is in a state of collapse.

She has long forgotten what kind of dignified image she should have as the president's fiancee. She doesn't care what kind of manners Miss Shen should have.

Shen Xiaodong smiled proudly and said: Shen Lingxi, if you have the ability, you will kill me and avenge your child who died before he became an adult. Otherwise, I will come to you every day and shake in front of you every day to remind you that it's a good thing that your murderer lives in front of you. You can't do anything about him.

I'm going to kill you, Shen Lingxi, biting her teeth and yelling angrily.

You are angry. You hate it. Shen Xiaodong squats down in front of Shen Lingxi and looks at her proudly. However, Shen Lingxi, what else can you do besides scolding several people here to relieve the addiction of mouth? Do you think you can really kill me?

What else can I do? Shen Lingxi laughs and suddenly raises her hand. She doesn't know when she has a big stone in her hand.

When Shen Xiaodong didn't react, a big stone hit his head. Almost in an instant, his skull broke, and blood sprayed out like a fountain.

He can't dodge Shen Lingxi when he is hit with a stone. Maybe she didn't want to dodge at all. She was sprayed with hot blood on her face.

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