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sister xiaovinegar jar, do you have someone you like?

The sound of children's questions suddenly came from the computer sound. Quan Nanzhai immediately focused on Qin lelan and waited for her answer.

Of course, Qin lelan in the computer screen laughs sweetly and sweetly, and her voice is also soft and sweet. I like my grandparents, my parents

sister xiaovinegar jar. Do you have a boy you like? Some students protest, regardless of their age, but they know a lot of things.

The love for the elders is different from the love for the boys they like. Don't think that they are still young, just want to muddle through.

Yes. Qin Le ran chuckled and said mysteriously, "my favorite boy is your president.".

Wow, Mr. President, little vinegar sister likes our Mr. President classmates. I'm glad to hear that.

The little vinegar elder sister they like likes the big hero in their mind, which is really a happy thing.

But Mr. President has a girlfriend. There are questions.

As soon as this sentence came out, the little friend who was just cheering suddenly fell down. They blinked at Qin lelan.

Their favorite little vinegar sister can't be with her favorite boy. They say they are very sad and sad.

Children's careless words, like a heavy fist hit the pain in Qin lelan's heart, her heart a sour, smile almost can not hang.

But soon, she put down her bad mood and smiled again: students, don't you like your president?

We like it. All the students answered.

Because last time the president came to the rescue work in person, he was a superhero in the hearts of the people in the disaster area. No one didn't like him.

You can all like him, so why can't sister xiaovinegar like him? Qin leran used this method to guide the children.

Students all nodded, they seem to understand, little vinegar altar sister said like, probably with their like is the same.

We are Mr. President's people, their leaders, and we all love him and work with him to make our country stronger. Qin leran thinks that he is really brother lie's little fan sister, and has never forgotten to help publicize brother lie.

Qin leran's bitterness escaped the children's eyes, but failed to escape the eyes of Quan Nan Zhai in front of the computer.

What she said about liking is definitely not what the children said about liking, but that she really likes the character Quan Nanzhai.

He thought of last night's incident again. She admitted that her feelings for her brother were just gratitude and dependence, not love.

Love for her brother is not love. She said to these children that the person she likes is Mr. President. Is that the person in her heart is Mr. President instead of her brother?

Because of this idea, Quan Nanzhai's face is like a layer of ice cream, and the air around him seems to be cold because of him.

Mr. President, we can dispatch the materials from Huaqi this afternoon. Here is the approval form. Please have a look.

Lin Jiacheng broke into the office in a very untimely way, and without considering what the president was doing, he reported his affairs in an urgent manner.

Until receiving the cold and cruel eyes of Quan Nan Zhai, Lin Jiacheng found that he had come at a bad time.

Zhao bingchao is the person in charge of Huaqi. Isn't he the one to watch these things? Quan Nan Zhai raised his eyebrows and snapped.

But Lin Jiacheng said he had a headache.

Shouldn't we report to Huaqi's real OSS on such a big matter and mobilize so many goods and funds?

But what? Right south Zhai suddenly stood up, because he was tall. Now he was so angry that Lin Jiacheng didn't dare to look up at him. In the future, Zhao bingchao will be fully responsible for Huaqi's affairs. Don't interfere.

Three little, if we don't care about anything, in case the Lin family is in a hurry, use the former name, in case Zhao bingchao hollows out Huaqi, it's to hand over the rivers and mountains you've beaten over the years.

If I let you take charge of Huaqi, will you quietly empty it? Quan Nanzhai asked.

No. Lin Jiacheng is very sure. My life is yours. How can I betray you.

Zhao bingchao and you, I can't believe it, so I don't know my side, who else can I trust. Quan said.

Zhao bingchao and Lin Jiacheng's lives were saved by him. After that, the two men followed him all the time and worked for him.

If he can't believe both of them, in the whirlpool of this complicated political struggle, Quan Nanzhai really doesn't know who else he can believe.

I see. The Lin family understood.

Lin Jiacheng has not been with Quan Nanzhai for a long time, at least not as long as Pei xuanzhi. However, his loyalty to Quan Nanzhai may only be matched by Zhao bingchao.

It was because Quan Nanzhai trusted them the most in his work that he placed them in the two most important positions and made them his most effective right arm.

Shen family.

It's sunny and the temperature is moderate today.

After lunch, Shen Lingxi sat in his small yard and read in the sun.

Turning it over, a yellow bookmark fell from the book.

She picked up the bookmark and saw that it was the most powerful handwriting she knew - Shen Lingxi. I like you to be my bride later.

At her 18th birthday party, he sneaked into her birthday party, crammed a book into her and left without saying a word.

At that time, there were many people at the birthday party. She was afraid to be found by her family. She didn't dare to open the book. She only saw it when she hid in the room at night.

The bookmark in the book says that.

What a short and domineering sentence, but firmly engraved in her heart, from that day on, she was waiting until one day to become his bride.

Thinking about it, Shen Lingxi's eyes were blurred by tears, and a face appeared in front of her eyes, which was clearly remembered, but very fuzzy.

Her that he, exactly where?

He knows whether or not, she has been waiting for him, waiting for him to come back and realize the promise he made to her.

Oh, crying? What can make our Miss Shen cry so sad? A strange voice came suddenly.

Shen Lingxi quickly wiped her tears, unwilling to let these people see her cowardly side.

The man came to her and sneered: "the Shen family provides food for you, food for you, clothes for you. You don't do anything for a day. What are you aggrieved about?"?

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