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the school built temporarily is actually a relatively spacious tent, a large tent for a class, and the crowd seems a little crowded, but the children don't dislike it at all. Today's mood is extremely high.

Qin lelan just walked outside the tent and heard the children's noisy voice, which was so loud that he could almost overturn the tent.

Or children have energy. Hearing the children's energetic voice, Qin Yueran chuckled.

Children of this age should be like this. It's not like her lovely family. She's only eight years old. She just wants to make herself like a bad old man.

Qin lelan walked into the room with two feet. The sharp eyed child saw it at a glance, and immediately shouted: "little vinegar elder sister is here, everyone is quiet.".

Almost for a moment, the temporary classroom, which was not spacious, was silent, and everyone stared at their new teacher.

Under everyone's gaze, Qin lelan stepped forward to the front of the platform, smiled and said: children, please don't be restrained, you can make as much as you want.

What should we do?

Is there any mistake? Is this really what a qualified teacher can say?

The average age of the children in this class is years old. They are in the third grade of primary school. They are all sensible children.

Their eyes widened when the teacher said that.

Is what the teacher said serious?

Can they really do it as they want?

Teachers don't want to clean them up, do they?

In a short period of time, the young children's brain has turned a few circles. Everyone look at me, I look at you, and finally everyone looks at the new teacher.

Well, everyone's performance is very good. They all know that we shouldn't make a lot of noise in class. We can do whatever we want after class. Qin lelan was very satisfied with the children's performance just now, and guided them in the right direction.

Sister xiaovinegar, we all like you to teach us. As the monitor, muddleheaded raised his hand and stood up to speak instead of the whole class.

People with high appearance value are welcome everywhere they go.

Children are the most obvious here. It's the same to watch a beautiful sister in class than to see an old teacher.

Everyone can like me. I'm glad that Qin lelan smiled and saluted the children. Then I will introduce myself first, and then the students will introduce themselves one by one. We will tell stories and play games in this class today.

OK. Listen to this lesson to tell a story and do a game, the students' interest can be high, shout together.

Qin lelan said with a smile: Well, then I'll introduce myself first.

The children in the disaster area have just experienced the earthquake disaster. They are also the people passing by the God of death. Each of them is very lucky to survive.

Qin lelan believes that for them, learning knowledge is not the most important thing, but to bring them out of the shadow of the earthquake, so that their mental health, in order to learn better.

In the eyes of everyone's expectation, Qin leran said slowly: my name is Qin leran, and I will give you lessons in the next month. You can call me Miss Qin, or sister lelan, or sister xiaovinegar, anyway, as long as you are happy.

At the same time, the students in xiaovinegar elder sister's class shouted, and they all made the sound of ha ha University together.

I have grandparents, parents and brothers at home. By the way, my brother is eight years old, about the same size as you. He is also a very filial and lovely child. Qin lelan smiled, my self introduction finished, who is next?

Sister vinegar, I'll come first. I have several students who are eager to introduce themselves first.

Qin leran took a look, and saw a little girl with a shorter head raised her hand half way. She was so nervous that she shrank back and raised her hand bravely. She shrank back again and repeated it several times.

She waved to everyone to be quiet and smiled: "don't worry, students. Each of us has a chance to speak.". As for the first chance to speak, shall we give it to the student in the red sweater?

The little girl who was ordered was flattered, and her face was red.

Other students also brush and look at her. She can be named first by the teacher, which makes people envious.

Well, the classmate is you. Would you like to come up and introduce yourself first? Qin lelan's voice is soft, which makes people feel comfortable. Especially, her face still has a smile, which also gives the little girl encouraging eyes.

The little girl was afraid. When she saw her smiling face and encouraging eyes, she had a lot of courage and stepped up to the platform.

Shall we give applause and encouragement to our brave classmates? Qin leran takes the lead in applauding the little girl and celebrating her first step in her life.

The little girl smiled shyly and said slowly: my name is Li Xiaoling. I'm eight years old, and I'm in the third grade of primary school. There are also grandparents and parents at home.

Xiao Ling, that's a nice name. The teacher remembered it. Qin Le ran stroked her head and said, "Xiaoling, do you have any stories to share with you?"?

For the first time, Li Xiaoling felt that her teacher was tall and tall, just like her mother who worked in the distance, which made her feel warm and warm.

Xiao Ling, do you have any? If not, it doesn't matter. Qin lelan squatted, trying to look at the child in the same direction.

Li Xiaoling shook her head shyly.

Qin leran touches her head again: it doesn't matter. Then you go down first. Let's change to another student.

Hearing the teacher's instruction, Li Xiaoling turned around and ran. She ran for two steps and then turned around again: teacher, I like you, too.

A few simple words are the best gift for Qin leran from the children. They can like her, of course, they are sure of her work.

There are several pinhole cameras in the tent, in some very humble places. Everything happened in the classroom was transmitted to Quan Nanzhai's computer at the first time.

Qin leran still wears the strapless jeans and white T-shirt she often wears, but today she adds a white and black sweater coat.

Simple make-up, dressed in Qin lelan's body, is still so lively and beautiful, with every frown and smile deeply imprinted in Quan Nanzhai's mind.

Especially when she interacts with the children, her eyes are tender, and she is a good teacher.

Today, Quan Nanzhai finally saw another side of his nature.

However, he was not that soft little girl.

She's really grown up

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