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lived for nearly 30 years. Quan Nanzhai wandered on the edge of death many times and almost died several times, but he never feared.

At this moment, he was afraid to hear that the little girl said that his feelings may only be gratitude and dependence.

It's funny to say that he was born in a powerful family, and the education he received from childhood was how to overcome his fear.

At that time, he was a young man who had already developed the ability of Taishan collapsing in front of his eyes without changing his face. However, this little girl can make him afraid that he has already taken the position of president of a country.

But do you know how much brother lie likes you? He stroked her delicate face and asked her in a low voice.

She certainly didn't know how much he liked her and how important she was to him.

She is not only his little sun, she is more important than his life, he is willing to use life to care for the baby.

In the past, now and in the future, his mind for her has changed little by little in the process of waiting for him to grow up.

He is very clear, now his feelings for her are not as pure as his elder brother was to a little girl.

He wants more and more.

He wanted to hold her hand and accompany her through the ups and downs of life together. No matter what happened, he would never leave her behind.

He will stay with her forever and ever, marry her as his wife, and let her be the president's wife of the people of country a.

Before, he said that he would accompany her and grow up with her, but he lost faith in her.

He owes her 14 years, which he will pay back for the rest of his life.

However, Quan Nanzhai once again gently called Qin lelan's name, two affectionate as if from the top of his heart.


if it's not like

it's actually

the word "ran" is that he put it on the top of his heart. This girl called Ran is the one he put it on the top of his heart.

Yeah. Qin leran snorted again. It may be that it was too cold. She wrapped her quilt and subconsciously went to the place where there was heat. She leaned comfortably beside him and slept safely.

Silly girl looks at her unprepared appearance, and Quan Nan Zhai can't help but bow down and kiss her on the forehead. However, if you let brother lie believe you, then brother lie will believe you. After a month, brother lie will pick you up again.

He helped her to press the quilt and make sure everything was OK. Then he walked away from here step by step.


before he came out of her tent, he began to think about her again. Why is the magic power of this girl so great?

When did he fall into her magic world?

What Quan didn't know was that when he got up and left, Qin lelan, who was sleeping in bed, slowly opened his eyes.

She watched him go away quietly.

Moonlight sprinkled from the tent roof, illuminating their tent, but also the lonely back of Quan Nanzhai when he left.

Looking at him so lonely, Qin lelan's heart ached. She wanted to catch up with him and hug him. She told him personally that as long as he wanted her, she would never leave him.

However, she didn't do so. She couldn't be willful. She thought of what it was. Since she came to the disaster area, it's better to work hard and do something for him.

Brother lie, I didn't know how much you liked Ranan before, but I know today. She said softly, biting her lips.

Mr. Lin Jiacheng, the president, saw that the president, who went to look for Qin's little girl by himself, finally came back two hours later and rushed to meet him.

Tell the person in charge of Huaqi to transfer a batch of funds and materials to strengthen the reconstruction of the disaster area again. In addition, you should assign several more people to guard. If there is any accident this time, you should do it by yourself. Quan Nan Zhai said as he walked, in a cold, fierce and domineering tone.

Lin Jiacheng followed him closely and reported that the protection for Miss Qin had been arranged. I'll tell you something about Huaqi right away and let the person in charge arrange it.

Huaqi company is a new group enterprise in recent years. In just a few years, it has developed from a small unknown company to one of the largest enterprises in country a.

Now, the person in charge of Huaqi is a middle-aged man in his early forties, but he is not the real oss of Huaqi, he just works for others.

As for who is the real oss of Huaqi company, many curious people have been digging for information in recent years, but the information is still very little.

All the information about the identity of Huaqi OSS comes to a conclusion that the real OSS seems to be a man.

In this world, except that women are men, it's better not to come to such a conclusion.

Maybe it's because the real OSS is so mysterious, more and more people want to find him in the past two years, but no one has found the news.

The OSS of Huaqi is mysterious, but it's not.

In recent years, whether it is the presidential election or the country's major natural disasters, Huaqi company will come out at the first time to donate money, which has won a lot of praise and a growing reputation.

The next day.

The sun is shining.

The weather is good, and people's mood is getting better.

Last night, Qin didn't sleep all night, but this morning he got up early. Although the dark circles are a little heavy, they still don't damage her beauty.

Little vinegar jar, there was a middle-aged aunt who got up earlier than her to say hello to her. They were familiar with each other in the last rescue and relief, and many people knew each other.

Aunt Ma, good morning, Qin leran gave aunt Ma the hot steamed bread he just brought. And she said, "aunt Ma, what's your family's confusion?"

Muddleheaded heard that sister xiaovinegar jar was going to be his teacher. After a night of porridge, she ran to the temporary classroom. When it comes to her children, aunt Ma laughs happily. My family is eight years old. I've never seen him like this.

It's my honor that I can make muddleheaded love learning so much. Hearing such good news early in the morning, Qin leran is in a better mood.

There is nothing wrong with what saints say. If you look at the world with what kind of eyes, the world will return to what kind of eyes you have.

She thought the world was wonderful and the people were friendly, so the world rewarded her with bright sunshine and the villagers rewarded her with brilliant smiles.

So she will try her best to return the world of sunshine to her, and return the friendly hospitality to her villagers.

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