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at night, it is very quiet, so quiet that occasionally there is a sound of sediment sliding in the mountains can be heard clearly.

Qin leran wrapped up the quilt and turned over again. This is the first body she didn't know how to turn over tonight. She couldn't sleep after turning over and over.

She is really a tangled person. She clearly wants to do something good, answers a call from her brother, and changes in an instant.

Is the relationship between brother lie and Shen Lingxi really contractual as Qin Yinze found out?

She couldn't figure it out. She couldn't figure out what kind of reason could make brother lie enter into such a contractual relationship with a woman she didn't like at all?

If the woman of brother lie's character is not what he likes, even if someone forces him with a gun, he can't agree to marry him.

Little vinegar jar, what are you thinking? Yaya, who is also sleepless on the opposite bed, listens to Qin lelan and rolls for a long time. She can't help asking.

Think I like that person and his fiancee, the latter half of the sentence Qin Yueran held in the heart, did not say.

This kind of thing, where does she have the face to tell others.

Who is that person you like? I'd love to meet him. Curiosity and gossip are really something that everyone has, especially women. Of course, Yaya is no exception.

He is a very good and special person. Qin lelan opened his eyes and looked at the top of the bed.

Although she could only vaguely see some moonlight, she was still trying to see something, just as she was trying to see her heart clearly.

The president of a country, the supreme leader of a country, and the person she is thinking about. Isn't it special for her?

Well, you think I didn't ask. Yaya turns over and looks to the direction of Qin lelan. She sighs. I can't sleep in the small vinegar jar, but I'm not thinking about the person I like, but about your brother.

Miss my brother? Qin lelan was stunned and said again. I said Sister Yaya, you don't really like him.

Yaya sighs once again: the world says that women are the bane of beauty. In fact, men are also the bane of water. I just saw your brother, and his soul was almost taken away.

Sister Yaya, can you make some progress? What's the matter with him? What makes you so obsessed? Really, no matter what Qin leran thinks, she can't figure out where Qin Yinze attracts girls.

Yaya said without disguise: he looks good. He's the best looking man I've ever seen in my life. That beautiful leather bag attracted me. To tell you the truth, I am such a superficial person.

Qin leran:

well, people's aesthetic is different from people's, maybe in Yaya's heart, Qin Yinze is a once-in-a-lifetime beautiful man.

Little vinegar jar, what attracted you to the person you like? Yaya asked again. Anyway, I can't sleep with my eyes closed. I'll just gossip.

Because he's nice to me. Qin lelan's reason is so simple. It can't be simpler. That's the real reason why she likes brother lie.

Because brother lie is good to her, he almost lost his life to protect her, and because brother lie once made a promise to her at a young age.

He told her that when she grew up, he would marry her before he married her, and he could not wait to find her on the day she grew up.

Because he's nice to you? Yaya says, small vinegar altar, meet a man who is sincere to you to grasp well. Because there are fewer and fewer good men in the world, it's rare for a good man to be willing to treat you once in a thousand years, so we must seize the opportunity well.

But he has a fiancee. His fiancee is very good. He is also very good to his fiancee.

These words, Qin leran swallows back to his stomach again. All these things are true if he doesn't speak them out. Speaking them out doesn't help him in any way. It's better not to say them.

But what? Are you not sure about his feelings? Do you think you are only grateful to him for saving you with his life? Are you just grateful to him? No other ideas? Yaya, this question can be asked to Qin lelan's heart.

Qin lelan asked herself this question more than once. Many times, she didn't know what kind of feelings she had for brother lie.

Like it?

Is it gratitude?

Or dependence?

She needs some time to think about it.

Maybe it's just like you said. After a long silence, Qin leran gave such an answer.

Outside the tent stood a tall figure.

He stood quietly, listening to the conversation between the two girls in the tent.

When he heard a girl ask another girl's question, he almost held his breath and waited for her to say the answer.

He would like to know what kind of feelings she has for him?

When Qin leran's answer came out, it was like a basin of ice water pouring down his head, which made him hit a spirit.

Is she just grateful for him?

Yaya says: small vinegar altar, no matter how it is, follow your heart anyway. I've heard that no matter what you do, just follow your heart. Your heart will never cheat you.

Sister Yaya, it's not long. Let's go to bed. Qin leran wrapped the quilt tightly and took a big breath of cool air. He didn't want to talk about it any more.

OK, sleep. Yaya rolled around the bed and roared twice. Ah, no man has ever let me lose sleep before. Your brother is the first one. What do you think happened to me?

Qin leran said: sister Yaya, it seems that you will not die until you reach the Yellow River. I'll introduce him to you some other day, so that you can see his true face clearly. Then you won't think about him.

Good, good, please introduce him to me. If I become your sister-in-law accidentally in the future, I will take good care of you.

Then I want to thank my sister-in-law in advance.

You don't have to be polite to me, auntie.

In the tent, the voices of the two little girls are more and more quiet. After a long time, they finally return to peace.

Outside the tent, the tall man still stood by to confirm that they were familiar with him. After a long time, he stepped into the tent.

He walked very light and light. It took him more than ten steps to walk to Qin leran's bedside. In the bright moonlight, he looked at her ruddy face and couldn't help but reach out and touch her gently: ran

hmm? The little man in his sleep, with a gentle hum, seemed to hear his call.

However, he has a lot of words. He wants to ask this little girl, but he can't. He is so timid that he is afraid to hear the real answer.

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