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small vinegar jar, cold. Yaya is also shivering on another shelf bed. When she speaks, she knocks her upper teeth on her lower teeth, which is not easy to say.

Sister Yaya, first take this medicine to prevent cold. We must not catch cold. Qin leran can't take care of his own cold, so he jumped out of bed and took out the cold prevention oral liquid from the box to Yaya. He drank another one.

They come out to help. If they haven't, they make themselves sick first. It's not causing trouble to others, so she has prepared ahead of time.

Little vinegar jar, thank you for putting on the straw and drinking it. I think your brother drives a good car. Your family must be different. How can you come here to suffer with us?

More than half a month ago, when she first saw Qin lelan, Yaya could see that the girl was not a child of an ordinary family, but she was busy with rescue work and had no time to ask.

Sister Yaya, why are you here? Qin leran climbs to bed again, pulls up the quilt to wrap himself, does not answer the question.

Because all three of us are children from the countryside. When I was admitted to university, my family had no money for us to go to school. It was our lovely villagers who raised money to help us, so we could continue to fulfill our dreams.

If it were not for our lovely villagers, there would never be us now. Maybe even though we have received the favor from everyone, we have also learned to repay each other with the help of a drop of water. So later we knew that there were many people in need of help in the world, so we wanted to help more people with our own meager power.

Speaking of the past, Yaya didn't think that it was bad for her to be born in a normal family at all. Instead, when she mentioned the people who helped them, her eyes sparkled with gratitude.

Because those people have helped them, they have been able to help as many people as possible in the past two years.

Sister Yaya, you are so wonderful. It's really my pleasure to meet the three of you. Qin Yueran said from the bottom of his heart.

Yaya said: we are very happy to meet you. But don't mention the past. Why do you want to participate?

Qin lelan said dully: compared with you, I am more selfish.

Yaya asked: how can you say that?

Because I came to the disaster area, just want to help people I like to do something. Qin leran thought of her strong brother, surprisingly not as heartache as today's day, but feel warm in the heart.

Yaya asks curiously: do something for the person you like? Is he from Longjian, too?

He's one of the people here. Her brother is the president of country a, and the people of country a are like his children. Then the whole country a is his home.

Yaya: is that right? Why am I more confused when I listen?

Yeah. Qin lelan smiled, he is a very good person, has been very good to me. I almost lost my life to save me. I've been separated from him for more than ten years. I'm not easy to find him. I want to do what I can for him.

Yaya: he must be very good for someone you like so much.

Of course. Don't care what other people think of him, at least in my heart, he and my father are the best in the world. Little girl still has some conscience. She forgot her father without her brother.

Well, in my heart, my father is the best in the world. Yaya agrees with this view very much.

Although her father lacks a leg and is unable to let her go to university, he has taught her the truth of life.

Love and tolerance will make you better and better.

Sister Yaya, our parents are the best in the world. Qin said with a smile.

Well, mom and dad are the best in the world. Yaya agrees.

Sister Yaya, tomorrow is another busy and beautiful day. We need to meet with a good mood, so let's go to bed.

Good evening, little vinegar jar.

Good night, sister Yaya. Qin lelan goes into the bed and turns off the light. After turning off the light, he can't sleep. When he calms down, his mind is full of brother lie.

If he can't see him after he's done, he'll be worried. Last time she missed his phone and didn't answer it, he was afraid to be like that.

If he can't find her all the time, don't know how to worry?

Thinking about this, Qin leran can no longer care about brother lie's attitude towards her at noon. She is in a hurry to touch the mobile phone and turn it on.

After turning on the phone, she thought she would receive a lot of messages, but the phone was quiet, and the shadow of a message was not seen.

Brother lie didn't find her?

She was a little sad and lost, but she was relieved involuntarily. Fortunately, brother lie didn't find her, or he must be worried about something bad.

After thinking about it, Qin leran plans to send a text message to brother lie, asking him not to worry about it. After a few days, she will go back.

She just made a few words, and suddenly her brother's phone call came in, and she trembled with fear. Look at the time again. It's nine o'clock in the evening. Is brother lie busy until now?

She answers: before brother lie said the three words, she heard brother lie's urgent voice coming from the other end of the phone: but where are you?

At 9:00 p.m. and 8:45 p.m., the intercepted plane to New York landed at sea on time.

Quan Nanzhai came to pick up the man himself, but everyone on the plane came out, but there was no one he was looking for.

Lin Jiacheng and others suddenly felt that there was a black cloud pressing on their heads, and they were all standing behind Quan Nanzhai, and the atmosphere did not dare to make a sound.

Their message to Mr. President is to confirm that the little girl of the Qin family got on the plane. However, Mr. President came to pick up the person himself, but there was no one they wanted on the plane.

This is not a huge loophole. This is a huge mistake. If the president dismissed them, it would be light.

Let them go to prison for a few years, they don't feel wronged.

Just when they were all at a loss, Mr. President made a phone call. When they heard Mr. President speak, they were relieved in silence.

Brother lie, I have something to do. I'll go back after I finish. Don't worry. Qin leran's soft voice reached the ears of Quan Nan Zhai.

Hearing her voice, his nervous tension had to be relaxed. He could not help but soften his tone: where are you?

I'm busy with my own business. Don't worry, I'll be fine. With that, Qin lelan sneezed.

Right south Zhai's nerve immediately tightened again: however, tell brother lie, where are you? It's so cold. What should I do if I have a cold?

Brother lie, do you believe it? She asked.

Believe it. He answered.

Then you don't have to ask, I promise that in a month, there will be a more healthy, excellent and lively suddenly appear in front of you. She said mischievously.

But he was helpless.

Brother lie, believe me. She said.

I don't think he doesn't trust her, but he doesn't trust her.

Brother lie, it's late. You're tired after a busy day. Have a rest earlier. After saying good night, Qin Yueran hung up.

Quan Nan Zhai turns around and looks at Lin Jiacheng: where is the tracked address?

Lin Jiacheng hurriedly said that he was receiving the message from the Ministry of communications and would soon know the result.

Quan Nanzhai did not speak, but his face was gloomy again.

Soon, Lin Jiacheng received the news: Mr. President, the specific location of Miss Qin is in the disaster area of Longjian county.

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