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Qin Yinze is the guy who likes to nag in her ear all day long. He can't do this or that. This should be controlled. That should be controlled, just like a housekeeper.

Qin leran thought hard. She couldn't imagine where he was better. Why did the girl take a fancy to him?

She thinks she can't look at people wrong. Are there any problems with the girls' eyes?

Well, this assumption is very likely.

Sister Yaya, let's go. Qin leran reaches out his hand and shakes the light in front of Ya Ya. Ya ya just returns to her mind and laughs twice embarrassed.

She said: they are waiting for us, waiting for you to set up a tent together. This month's Day is a little hard. I hope everyone can survive and do something for the children in the disaster area.

Well, we can all work together. It must be OK. Qin leiran shook his head and said confidently.

It's a blessing for brother lie to have such a good citizen. In the future, he will surely be able to make this country more prosperous together with excellent citizens.

At this moment, her mind is all about how to help the children in the disaster area, leaving the unhappiness at noon behind.

Yaya and other people have very strong hands-on ability. After finding the base area, they started to set up tents. Everyone worked together and didn't spend much time to set up another tent.

Before, Qin leran had also participated in outdoor camping activities, but she was surrounded by all the people who flattered her. How could it be her turn to do these things.

She hasn't arrived at the destination yet. She has been helped to do it for a long time. This is the first time she has set up a tent by herself.

Seeing the achievements of herself and her friends is not a big thing, but she also has a sense of achievement.

Thank her friends for knowing them. It's another big achievement besides finding brother lie in country a.

My mother often said to her that the easier a person's heart is to be satisfied, the more happy he will feel. At this moment, she finally understood my mother's words.

There are family members who love themselves, people who love them in their hearts, and so many lovely little friends around them. Even in a very bad environment, they can also make people feel happy.

It's late. Let's have dinner first. We had a day's rush today. We had a rest earlier after supper. Yaya still plays a leading role.

OK. Qin leran and others said.

At dinner, Yaya sits next to Qin lelan and asks mysteriously: who is the person who just sent you to the small vinegar jar?

My brother. Qin lelan swallows the meal and replies.

Even Qin leran didn't realize how smooth she was when she said the words "brother", which proved that in her heart, she still recognized the brother.

He's your brother. On hearing the answer from Qin lelan, Ya Ya's eyes were shining, and she was glad that the man was not the elder brother of xiaovinegar.

Sister Yaya, you don't like him at a glance, do you? Qin leran is merciless to break it down, and says, sister Yaya, I'll tell you that his man is very nosy, and he has to mind everything. You don't know him, you don't know. After you know him, you will know that he is disgusting. I advise you not to like him.

I can't talk about liking it. It's just a good-looking man. I can't help looking at him more. Yaya goes back to pick rice again, eats two mouthfuls, says again, we like to see the good-looking man, is the same reason as the man likes to see the good-looking woman.

Her eyes catch the big Zhuang who is staring at Qin lelan, and she says: big Zhuang, do you think so?

Of course, my fair lady, a gentleman is so kind, that's the reason. Qin leran was caught by someone. He didn't feel embarrassed. When we set up the tent, those who came to help came to visit our little vinegar jar.

Dazhuang's name is Zhuang, but he is a typical scholar. He wears a pair of rimless spectacles for myopia. Sometimes he can't see clearly.

I admit, I'm pretty, but my elder brother Qin lelan shook his head. Don't boast about him. He's a man you haven't seen better than him.

For example, her father and her brother are the best looking men in her mind.

I think he looks good. A neat suit was put over him, showing his masculinity. Yaya is not a man of wriggling. She expresses her appreciation for Qin Yinze.

Sister Yaya, are you sure you have no problem with your eyes? Is that man as good as you say? Don't know how, hear people praise Qin Yinze, Qin lelan is still very happy.

Little vinegar jar, what do you think of me? Big and strong quickly pointed to himself, a picture of you praising me and praising me.

You are very good. Qin leran grew up looking at a good-looking man. In her opinion, she has a good face value, which is quite high evaluation.

What about me? Xiao Xiao is not willing to be lonely, so he comes to talk.

You, Xiao Xiao, are you sure you want me to tell the truth? Qin leran doesn't want to offend people, but he doesn't want to cheat people, which makes her very difficult.

Then you'd better not say it. Xiao Xiao said he was hurt more than he said directly.

Xiao Xiao, you're really good. It's just too Niang. The big man patted Xiao Xiao on the shoulder and said sympathetically.

Qin Le ran chuckled and chuckled. It seems that everyone's relationship is better than she imagined. Otherwise, how can we tell the truth in front of Xiao Xiao.

You are not my mother. See the people beside are laughing, Xiao Xiao stamped his feet and ran away.

You see, I've never seen a man's movements so twisted before. Dazhuang added.

The three of them, Yaya is beautiful and generous. They are big and typical scholars. Xiao Xiao does have some mothers. Maybe it's because of different personalities that they can get along well. In the past two years, the three of them have worked together as volunteers and helped others.

The students in the school specially named a group of three for them, which is called weird group of three.

Big and strong, I will tell you the truth later. If Xiao Xiao Qi is gone, will you do his work for him? Yaya said, but she couldn't help laughing.

Between real friends, is not that it? When they are free, they damage each other. The more they damage their feelings, the better.

Just like the words often said when Xiao Xiaoqi was strong, I don't have deep feelings with you, and I don't want to hurt you.

The reconstruction of the disaster area has just begun. The conditions are very poor. On the first night, because of the lack of power supply, the lack of heat, and the lack of bath water.

All the members of the large army who came to support us performed very well. First, we should ensure the water supply for the elderly and children in the disaster area. We didn't have hot water to bathe, and we could use cold water to wash our feet for a night.

In addition to the previous rescue days in the disaster area, Qin leran really has not had such a hard time, but she did not say that she was tired, and soon joined the family.

The weather is already colder, even colder at night. In addition, it can only be washed casually with cold water. After washing, Qin lelan shivers with cold and rushes into the bed.

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