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the weather in early October is a little cold, but today it is sunny, moderate temperature, warmer than usual.

It will be warm weather, but Qin leran feels cold. She tightens her coat and still can't get rid of the cold rising from the bottom of her feet.

Lelan, I know there is a famous restaurant nearby. I'll invite you to eat, OK? Lin Xiaoxiao didn't seem to take the episode to heart at all.

OK. Qin lelan agreed. No matter how uncomfortable he was, he still had to eat. He must not be aggrieved by someone.

Qin leran thought it was very good, but looking at the table full of vegetables, she had no appetite at all, and her mind was full of that person.

She has to wonder if she has found brother lie.

Le ran, why don't you eat it? Lin Xiaoxiao burps in a low profile way, and says, are you angry with brother Nan Zhai?

Who is not mine? Why am I angry with him? Qin leran kept telling himself in his heart that the man who was so indifferent to her and even cruel to her had nothing to do with her.

Although she said this to herself many times, she couldn't persuade herself, because that man was the strong brother she had been reading.

Le ran, you are right to think so. After two sentences in Lin's novel, she began to eat again. She was small, but her food was amazing, typical.

Qin leran's cell phone on the table suddenly started to ring. She looked at it from Yaya of the earthquake rescue team at that time.

Since she was sent back, there has been no contact with those people, and I don't know what ya ya wants to do with her?

Yaya, Hello, Qin leran answers the phone.

Little vinegar jar, do you have anything to do now? Yaya's voice came from the phone.

No. I'm in a hurry. I don't know what to do? Qin leiran said casually.

Are you interested in participating in the post disaster reconstruction? Asked Ya Ya.

Good. Qin lelan didn't even think about it, so he agreed.

She could take this opportunity to think calmly about what she should do next.

Yaya said: you don't ask me, what should I do to go to the disaster area?

Qin leran: since sister Yaya found me, it must be a job I can do. What else can I ask?

Ya ya: you are smart. No wonder everyone talks about you every day when they come back, saying they want to make friends with you.

Thank you for missing me so much. I'm very happy. Call Xiao Xiao and them to have a meal sometime. For those who have a good impression, Qin leran is willing to make friends with everyone.

OK, that's settled. I'll send you the details and collection address to your mobile phone later. You can check them and give me a reply.

Well, good. Qin leran hung up the phone and soon received the information about the reconstruction work in the disaster area from Yaya.

The country has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the reconstruction of the disaster area, but the most urgent problem is education.

In this earthquake, many schools fell down, teachers died, injured and wounded, but children's learning could not fall down, so Yaya and others automatically formed a teaching team.

After Qin leran read it, he returned the information to Yaya and did not hesitate to join in the post disaster reconstruction work.

After separating from Lin Xiaoxiao, Qin leran didn't delay for a moment. He went home immediately and cleaned up. He went out with the necessary equipment.

Just after opening the door, Qin Yinze leaned against his door and stared at her?

Qin lelan didn't look him in the eye. He turned around and left: where am I going? What does it have to do with you?

Qin Yinze catches up in two steps: I'll drive you.

Qin ran ran two steps: no need to send. I can take a taxi myself.

Qin Yinze picks up her eyebrows, grabs the small suitcase in her hand, takes the lead to step into the elevator, a picture that you don't let me deliver, and I won't let you go.

Qin Yinze and Qin leiran are so angry that they bite their teeth. This person is really more and more nosy. Why follow her every day? Is he not busy with the company?

Before, when he was in New York, he was not too busy to see people every day. How could he go to Linhai City to preside over the work alone and still be so idle?

Was it all for mom and dad?

Do you want to go? Qin Yinze lost three words.

Why don't I go? Is the elevator yours? She can't beat him, but she can't rob him. If you think about it, you can save the taxi fare if you have him as a driver. If you have someone to help you with your luggage, there's nothing wrong.

After getting on the bus, Qin Yinze directly adjusted the navigation, and the destination was the long-distance station where Qin lelan was going to gather.

How do you know where I'm going?

Qin Yinze adjusts the navigation and starts the car: not only do I know, but also the brother you read day and night.

I don't want him to know. Qin said dully.

Is it because her every move is under the control of brother lie that he thinks he can eat her, and then he can treat her cold and hot?

She always knew that he had someone to follow her, and she pretended not to know that he was also for her safety.

Qin Yinze asked: really don't want to?

Qin lelan said angrily: is there a fake?

OK, then sit down. I promise he won't find you in a short time. Qin Yinze chuckled and stepped on the accelerator. The car rushed out like an arrow.

Qin leran just tied up his seat belt: where do you take me?

Qin Yinze: airport.

Who said I was going back to New York? She was just angry, but she didn't really want to leave country a.

If she left now, brother lie would be sad, and he would be disappointed with her, so she and brother lie may not have a chance at all.

She is still waiting for her brother to recognize her one day and announce to people all over the world that she is his girl in front of the camera.

Qin Yinze: who said I would send you back to New York?

Qin lelan: then what do you take me to the airport for?

Qin Yinze: you don't mean that those with surname Quan can't find you. Let me help you.

Qin lelan: Well, thanks a lot. She knows that Qin Yinze has the ability to make those who follow him think that she has gone back to New York.

Don't thank Quan. He can't find you. That's exactly what I want. I'm not helping you. Yes, he admitted that it was selfish for Quan Nanzhai not to find Qin lelan.

That kid, what qualification to take away their treasure held in the hands of the Qin family.

Take away not to say, also dare to let her sad, let alone their parents do not agree, he Qin Yinze first do not agree.

Mr. President, I'm following Miss Qin's staff. Miss Qin has just returned to New York. Lin Jiacheng came to report in a hurry. He was so nervous that he broke into a cold sweat.

What? Right south Zhai Li glances at it, almost gnashing his teeth and says, you say again.

Miss Qin has gone back to New York. Lin Jiacheng said again bravely, and handed over the evidence from the airport to Quan Nanzhai. This is the record of departure and boarding. It's true.

She went back to New York, and Quan Nanzhai held the piece tightly in his hand, his fist clenched to white.

All of a sudden, his chest seemed to be pressed by a big stone, which made him gasp for a few times, but she gave up him so easily?

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