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Quan Nanzhai patted Qin lelan's back and said gently: in these years, brother lie has done the most to think about me.

This is true of him.

Whenever he wants to give up and can't bear it, he just needs to think of the young face, the soft voice she used to call his brother, and the strength to go on when he thinks that she will come to him when she grows up.

He never knew that a little girl could give him so much energy, which was endless and could never be used up.

Me, too. The most I've done in these years is to want to kill you. It's just that I was too small, so small that I can't remember what brother lie looked like. I only remember that brother lie was very kind to me. When I grow up, I can go to him. Maybe until now, Qin leran's feelings for brother lie are all from his childhood persistence.

Whether she loves him or not, I'm afraid her own heart is not clear.

She knows that brother lie is kind to her, will protect her, will take care of her, so she will unconditionally trust him to rely on him.

It turns out that when I think of myself, she also thinks of me. It is said that time is the best medicine for amnesia, but it is not.

In the long time, they not only did not forget each other, but also engraved each other in the deep memory, firmly in the bottom of their hearts.

Of course, how could I just let brother lie think of me alone. Qin leran suddenly thought of something. He got out of Quan Nan Zhai's arms. Brother lie, wait for me. I want to give you a gift.

What gift? He asked.

You'll see later. Qin ran into the room, took out a box with exquisite packaging, opened it neatly and lifted it to Quan Nanzhai's eyes. When he was a strong brother, you can see that I drew you by myself.

This is me? Quan Nan Zhai took a look at the pictures again and again. In Ran's mind, I look like this?

This is a cartoon drawn for brother lie before Qin leran set out to find brother lie in country A. because she did not know what brother lie looked like, she used a very exaggerated technique to draw big head, big face, big eyes and big mouth for brother lie, which looked like a giant doll in a word.

Brother lie, do you think you are cute in the cartoon? This is her favorite caricature character, which is why she drew brother lie like this.

Well, it's lovely. He did it himself. How could it not be cute? It should be the best caricature in the world.

Brother lie, would you like it? She hopes her brother will be satisfied with everything she does. Of course, she also hopes that brother will like the gift she gave him.

How can I not like it. She gave it to him. Why doesn't he like it?

He had just thought that he would make a picture frame and put the cartoon on his desk in his office. He would see it every day.

In a word, this is the first time for him to give gifts seriously. He should treasure them well.

Brother lie, I'll draw a more realistic cartoon for you another day. When big Fang, brother lie, recognized her, she drew a picture of brother lie according to his real appearance.

Well, haoquan Nanzhai looked at the cartoon and nodded, saying again, if only there were more people in the cartoon.

Qin leans close to him and asks: who does brother lie want more? I don't think it's about his fiancee, Miss Shen.

Silly girl, what do you say? Who else but her.

Brother lie, please wait. Qin ran ran into the study again, and then ran out again. He showed a cartoon to Quan Nan Zhai again. Brother lie, is that so?

This is a cartoon with the background of beach and sea. There are two people in the picture, one big and one small.

The old man can only see his back. He is tall and thin. He should be a teenage boy. On the shoulder of the big boy, there is a soft little girl. She looks like she is three or four years old.

The little girl held the big boy's head tightly with two white and tender hands, and followed the big boy to look at the distance of the sea.

Is this Ranran and me? Qin leran may not be impressed with this picture, but Quan Nanzhai remembers.

When Qin leran's parents married in the Aegean Sea, he went to see her. Before she left, she couldn't bear him, so he took her to the seaside.

At that time, it was similar to this cartoon.

She may not remember what happened in those days, but her memory is deep, so she can draw such a cartoon.

-- there's her and he's their comics, too. Of course, brother lie and I are talking. Qin lelan's voice is getting smaller. Brother lie, because he can't remember what you look like, so he didn't let you show your face, can you be surprised?

Silly girl, how can brother lie blame you. She didn't know how well she painted the artistic conception, but the little girl didn't understand. Can she give it to me together?

Well, of course. She just wanted to give it to brother lie. Brother lie would like it. Of course, it would be better.

I got a lot today. Quan Nanzhai put away the two cartoons.

Brother lie's time is running away, and it's getting late. She really can't find the reason for brother lie to stay a little longer, but she can't let him go.

Thinking of his departure, she may have many days to see him. Qin leran's nose is sour, and tears are swirling in his eyes.

Brother lie doesn't leave tonight. I'm here with you. OK? What she thought in her mind, so directly showed how Quan Nanzhai could not understand.

Really? Qin leran immediately broke into tears and smiled. He was so excited that he turned around. Then I'll clean up the guest room.

No need to prepare the room. He'll just lie on the sofa for a night, so don't bother.

My brother Qin leran pursed his lips. He was so nervous that his fingers kept circling. I was not ready.

Silly girl, what are you thinking? He rubbed her head playfully. Your brother is a man, not a beast.

Isn't it a beast?

Qin leran touched her head, but she often heard that men usually turn into beasts at night, which is very fierce.

Silly girl, go take a bath. Brother lie will wait for you. Wait for him to deal with his own affairs, wait for him to recognize her.

At that time, he was qualified to have a pure her.

Then I'll take a bath. Thinking of how much he thought about it, Qin ran blushed with shyness and hurriedly hid in the bathroom. He dared not look at brother lie more.

Watching her flustered into the bathroom, Quan Nan Zhai naohai thought of the tension she had just misunderstood him.

At ordinary times, she always says that he is her strong brother. She wants to be with him forever. Only at the critical moment can she know that her feelings for him may only depend on rather than love.

It's the idea of dependence rather than love that makes Quan Nanzhai's heart rise with an inexplicable upset.

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