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Xiaoxi, back.

Just stepped into the yard, an old but still spiritual voice called Shen Lingxi.

She looked to the right side of the voice and saw that grandpa was coming to her from his bodyguard. She hurried to meet him: Grandpa, it's so late, why haven't you had a rest?

Nanzhai sent you back? Old man Shen didn't answer questions. His sharp eyes fell on Shen Lingxi's face and looked at her carefully.

Yes. Shen Lingxi replied softly, not daring to look at the old man's eyes, and slightly lowered his head.

You have a baby with him. The old man of Shen family suddenly said such a sentence, and Shen Lingxi's heart was shaking.

Shen Lingxi opens her mouth and makes a sound after several times: Grandpa, do you know what you are talking about?

She's just holding the title of Quan Nanzhai's fiancee. Can't wait for them to use their children to bind them?

There are still three months to go. The year is over. I hope to hear from you before the end of this year. Old man Shen gives orders directly.

Grandpa, Nanzhai and I are not married. Are you in a hurry for me to have a baby for him? Is this our Shen family rule? Or do you think I'm just a tool to help the Shen family prosper? With that, Shen Lingxi bit her lips. Only in this way can she let herself know that she is still alive.

With a long sigh, Mr. Shen reached out and stroked her head: silly boy, do you know that grandpa did this for you.

Ha ha, is this for my good? Forgive her stupidity and ignorance, she doesn't know where he is here for her.

Her parents died early and she grew up with her grandfather. She always thought that grandpa had some feelings for her.

Until two years ago, when her aunts and uncles offered to marry her to a man she didn't love at all, Grandpa agreed.

At that time, she knew that in the eyes of Shen's family, there was no kinship at all. In their eyes, there was only interest.

In their eyes, if they raised her without father or mother, she should listen to them and obey them.

But I never thought that she refused, she resisted, she was not willing to listen to their arrangements.

When she refused to marry the man they had appointed for her to marry, the Shen family looked at her all the way at that time and wished she had been swallowed alive.

But fortunately, the old man in front of her thought that she should deserve a better man, so he stopped them and let her escape for a while.

Not long later, they planned to do it again. Fortunately, Nanzhai had the right to protect her this time, so that she could once again escape.

Quan Nanzhai said that he would keep filial piety for his mother for three years. If he can't marry you in three years, then you can always help his husband's children. Old man Shen grabs Shen Lingxi's hand and says with all his heart, son, Grandpa hasn't had many days. If you don't have grandpa to protect you, and you lose the right to rely on Nanzhai, how will you live in the future?

Grandpa, Nanzhai won't be able to. How dare you say he loves you? Old man Shen interrupts Shen Lingxi, excites way, child, grandfather is also a man, very understand what man's heart is thinking. He is engaged to you just to borrow the power of our Shen family.

What did Quan Nanzhai think? Shen Lingxi was very clear. At the beginning, they both said everything clearly.

In his heart, there is a girl he likes, and in her heart, there are people he likes. None of them would expect the other side to fall in love with him.

Shen said: once he is independent, once you have no use for him, he may kick you at any time. Child, you want to stay with him, only to give him a child, otherwise, Grandpa, don't force me, OK? Please, let me choose for myself. She once had a child, but the child died in her abdomen. No one knows about it except her, including the father of the child.

Grandpa is for you, you want to think about it, and give me an answer tomorrow. With that, the old man covered his chest and coughed violently.

Shen Lingxi wants to support him, but is waved away by him: go back to the room early to have a rest and think about what grandpa told you.

Grandpa Shen Lingxi watched as Grandpa was helped away by the bodyguard. He was so numb that he didn't know the pain.

A man who has nothing to do with food always doesn't know how much he weighs. Knowing grandpa's health is not good, he always makes his old man angry. Shen Lingxi, what's your heart?

There was a strange voice behind her. Shen Lingxi looked back and saw the eldest son of Shen family standing not far behind her.

She took a look at him and didn't want to pay attention to him. She turned around and left. She also heard him say, Shen Lingxi, no matter who you climb, don't forget that your mother's family is your real backer.

Is the Shen family her backer?

Hum, that's ridiculous. I'm afraid it's the funniest joke Shen Lingxi has ever heard in her life.

Which Shen family is not in a hurry to push her into the fire pit, who will be willing to be her backer?

She raised her beautiful lips, smiled and swallowed the bitterness alone.

Before he came back to find her, she had to bear all of it alone.

After sending Shen Lingxi back to Shen's house, Quan Nanzhai returned to the North Palace, and then quietly changed into a private car and drove straight to the Moon Bay.

When the driver arrived at Yuepan Bay, it was two and a half hours after Quan Nanzhai and Qin leran ended their conversation.

Two and a half hours, such a long time, it's estimated that the dishes fried by that girl are cold, she's also in a hurry waiting for him.

Thinking of the little girl waiting for her, she got out of the car and ran straight to the elevator to see her as fast as she could.

Arriving at the 28th floor, as soon as the elevator door opened, Quan Nanzhai ran into a man, who could not be said to have been there for a long time.

Mr. President, it's a great surprise to meet you here. Qin Yinze is standing at the elevator door on the only way to Qin's house. When he sees the people waiting for a long time to appear, he says something that is not painful.

You're waiting for me here. What's up? Quan Nan Zhai was not surprised that Qin Yinze saw his disguised face and still knew his real identity. He picked up his eyebrow and asked him back.

Great Mr. President, I just want to send you a message for my father. He said that you'd better be honest and don't touch our house before you deal with your bad things. Qin Yinze glanced sideways at Qin lelan's door. If you dare to touch her, not only my father won't forgive you, but I will kill you for my father.

Thank you for your warning. I remember Quan Nanzhai, but the expression on his face didn't take Qin Yinze's warning seriously at all.

He won't touch Qin lelan easily, just because he wants to protect her, love her, not be threatened by others, can let him do nothing.

Quan Nanzhai, she's not someone you can easily touch. You'd better remember Qin Yinze's blocking Quan Nanzhai's way, cold voice warned.

Qin Yinze, I also tell you that Qin lelan will only be the woman of Quan Nanzhai. No one can think of her idea. You'd better remember what I said. Quan Nanzhai looks at Qin Yinze directly. Two people, four sharp eyes collide and the fire is everywhere.

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