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the relationship between the two of them, more accurately, is that Shen Lingxi occupies the position of Quan Nanzhai's fiancee. Quan Nanzhai can protect her from being used by the family, so that she has enough time to wait for her beloved man to come back to pick her up.

However, while Quan Nanzhai protects her from being used by the family, this identity will also bring some risks to her.

At present, two other forces are playing tricks on Fu QUANNAN Zhai, but they have no way to take power over Nan Zhai. Shen Lingxi, as his fiancee, is naturally the second target of those people.

That is to say, Quan Nanzhai helped Shen Lingxi and at the same time put her on the cusp of the storm. Quan Nan Zhai Mingming knows the situation, and the reason why he still does this is that he believes that he has the ability to protect Shen Lingxi.

If Qin leran is put in this position, his mood will change greatly, and he will be more worried, so he cannot be sure that Qin leran is 100% safe.

Because Qin lelan's safety can't be guaranteed 100%, Quan Nanzhai thinks that the best protection for her is not to recognize Qin lelan as her real identity.

Shen Lingxi used to understand these principles, but what she saw recently was that Quan Nanzhai couldn't be with her beloved girl in a big way, so she ignored them. She just thought that it was because of her relationship that two lovers couldn't be together.

Because she has loved someone and experienced the pain of not being able to be with her loved one, she knows.

Quan Nanzhai said: Lingxi, now many eyes are staring at us. Once we take the wrong step, what we did before is wasted. Do you understand?

Shen Lingxi nodded and took a deep breath: I see. Next, I will continue to play the role of Mr. President's fiancee. No one can catch us.

Well, that's what you think. Quan Nanzhai got up and walked to her side, helped her to stand up. It's not long. Go back early. Don't let those who are worried about you worry.

Good Shen Lingxi nodded, and suddenly thought of something. He grabbed his wrist in a hurry. Nanzhai, I told a man about this.

Who is it? Hearing this news, Quan Nan Zhai was shocked.

Qin Yinze. He was sending someone to check the real relationship between us the other day. I wanted to let him know and reassure Qin lelan's family, so I asked him. Shen Lingxi told Qin Yinze the truth that day.

Qin Yinze? Quan Nanzhai repeated the name.

As for Qin Yinze, Quan Nanzhai is also clear. The man was an orphan adopted by the Qin family after he left the Qin family.

These years in the Qin family, Qin Yinze plays a very qualified eldest son identity, filial piety parents, love younger brothers and sisters.

Will he have a problem? Shen Lingxi worried.

It's hard to say. Try not to tell him these things in the future. According to the knowledge of Yiquan Nanzhai about Qin Yinze, he is the child of Qin family. He will be loyal to Qin family and love Qin lelan, but Qin Yinze doesn't have to keep secrets for two strangers.

Then I'll talk to him. Shen Lingxi is in a hurry.

You don't have to go to him, you don't have to do anything, you just have to play the role of my fiancee. Now don't think about anything else. Go home. QUANNAN zhainai said.

OK. Shen Lingxi nodded, then walked away. After two steps, she suddenly turned back and pursed her lips. After a long time, she asked, Nanzhai, do you know how he is?

This he, they all know who it is.

Hearing that she asked him, Quan Nan Zhai's face suddenly darkened and shook his head: I don't know.

When that happened a year ago, the man disappeared. For more than a year, he had no news and did not know if he was still living in the world.

Can I wait for him? Shen Lingxi asked with red eyes.

She didn't want to ask, but she couldn't help it. At the thought that he might not be in the world, she couldn't eat and sleep well, and the whole person was about to collapse.

She has been waiting for him for a long time, but she hasn't waited for his news. If she can't wait for him again, she may not be able to hold on.

As long as he is alive, he will come back to you. Quan Nan Zhai didn't know how to comfort a woman, so he had to tell the truth.

As long as that person is still alive, she will come back to find Shen Lingxi, but that man hasn't heard from her for more than a year. Does that prove that

SHEN Lingxi shakes her head and doesn't dare to think about it again? She should believe him, believe that he is still alive, and believe that he will come back to her one day.

She walked away again, but because of her weak body, her feet were unsteady. One of them stumbled and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Quan Nan Zhai was quick in eyes and hands, and reached out to hold her: what's wrong with you?

I'm fine. Shen Lingxi shakes her head and wants to stand up, but her body seems to be evacuated. She has no strength. She has to lean against Quan Nanzhai's chest and ask him to lend her some strength.

She doesn't want to be so vulnerable, but when she thinks of that person, she can't control her emotions.

Don't move any more. I'll take you back. Seeing that she was struggling with her inner pain, Quan Nan Zhai was not well.

No, I can go back myself. Don't delay your business. Quan Nanzhai takes care of her enough. She doesn't want to give her any more trouble, not at all.

How can I rest assured that you are going back alone? Quan Nanzhai said a simple word and helped her go out.

Shen family is a famous aristocratic family of state a.

The Shen family's status in country a is only inferior to that of the Quan family. Even though no one in their family now holds a post in the central core department, their influence in society is no less than that of the previous year.

In particular, Shen Lingxi's grandfather, marshal Shen, was one of the founders of state a in the early days of its founding.

Sometimes, his words can drive the direction of public opinion.

Quan Nanzhai was able to clear the last obstacle and ascend the position of country a's top leader. It seems to many people that he can't do without what Mr. Shen said in front of the media a few days ago.

What the Shen family father said was nothing more than to give his granddaughter to Quan Nanzhai for care. He hoped that they would live a good life in the future.

As soon as Mr. Shen spoke, that is to say, the two families of Quan and Shen formally reached a marriage relationship.

Quan Nanzhai's power was unpredictable. Now, with another Shen family, those who swayed from side to side quickly came to his side, reducing some resistance.

About half an hour's drive, Quan Nanzhai's president arrived at Shen's mansion.

He gets off first, opens the door to help Shen Lingxi get off, looks at the lost Shen Lingxi, he hugs her, says: go back to take a bath, have a rest earlier, don't think about anything, and wait for him to come back to you.

OK. Shen Lingxi nodded, and you had a rest earlier. No matter how important the state affairs are, you should take good care of your body and not be tired.

Well, it's late. Go back. Quan Nanzhai hugged her again and let her go.

Shen Lingxi takes two steps and looks back at him. He waits until Shen Lingxi enters the house safely before getting on and leaving.

In other people's eyes, this scene will feel that they are two people who are willing to give up, but they don't know that this is what they deliberately do to stare at their eyes.

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