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Qin leiran hummed a little song and thought happily that since brother lie believed her so much, she must perform well and make a dish with good color, fragrance and flavor for brother lie to taste, so that he knew that she was no longer the child who didn't understand anything at the beginning.

However, Qin lelan's enthusiasm and self-confidence were extinguished when she saw that the ingredients of a refrigerator in the refrigerator could not be used.

Mom, what am I going to do? It seems to be a very simple and easy thing to see my mother cooking. However, when it's my turn, why is it so difficult?

Qin lelan stood in front of the refrigerator, wondering where to start.

Qin leran has already hung up the phone, but Quan Nanzhai still hasn't put down his mobile phone and pasted it on his ear. It seems that she can still hear her voice.

This movement, he continued for a long time did not change.

Mr. President, this is the article of the new tourism law discussed in today's meeting. Have a look. If there is no problem, we need your permission and seal. After you sign and seal, the new law will be implemented on January 1st next year. Lin Jiacheng printed out the final results of today's meeting and gave them to Mr. President.

Quan Nanzhai took over the document. At a glance, he saw that the title of the document was "presidential decree", and the following was the final result of the discussion at today's meeting.

Quan Nanzhai has a good look at the scene. He will soon finish reading one piece, sign and stamp it quickly, and then give it to Lin Jiacheng: it's here today. You can go back to have a rest as soon as possible.

Lin Jiacheng nodded: Mr. President, tomorrow you will also attend an important economic forum. Please have a rest early in the evening.

This economic forum is the first large-scale Forum on economic development between countries since Quan Nanzhai came to power. Leaders of several countries will attend it together.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day.

Yeah. Quan Nan Zhai nodded, turned to his personal assistant and asked the makeup artist to prepare.

Yes. The personal assistant learned cleverness this time. He dared not talk more. He took the order and went to work immediately.

It's rare that after finishing the work, Quan Nanzhai can't wait to change his make-up and get off work, because someone is waiting for him in the evening and he has to cook for him.

How long has it been since he didn't have a meal made by his family?

Think about it, it's too long, too long for him to remember clearly.

Nanzhai. Shen Xixi's voice suddenly sounded behind him.

Quan Nan Zhai looks up slightly and looks at her standing behind him from the mirror: it's so late and hasn't been back. What's the matter?

Nanzhai, I have two words for you. Do you have time? Shen Lingxi asked carefully.

Quan Nanzhai raised his hand and looked at the time. It has been half an hour since the end of the conversation with Qin lelan. It will take a while for him to make up. It will take more than half an hour for him to drive to Yuepan Bay.

In this way, when he finished dressing, he left. When he arrived at Yuepan Bay, Qin leran might have prepared a meal and waited for him. If he delayed, he might have let her wait for a long time.

He didn't want Qin lelan to wait more, so he said: Lingxi, I have something to do in the evening. What can I say tomorrow.

Nanzhai, I only need a few minutes. I won't delay you too long. Shen Lingxi's voice was very light, so she was afraid that he would refuse her.

The two of them are bound in the same boat. There is no love between men and women between them, but they get along with each other for so long, which is more or less friendship.

Shen Lingxi said to Quan Nanzhai that, more importantly, she is the only woman who is a good friend and brother of Quan Nanzhai.

Before the accident, Quan Nanzhai was asked to take good care of Shen Lingxi and not let the Shen family regard her as a victim of their rights.

When he saw Shen Lingxi, Quan Nanzhai often thought of his own good brother. He should not let Shen Lingxi grieve, whether it's for a good brother or because Shen Lingxi still has the identity of his fiancee.

Quan Nanzhai said: you sit first, my side is almost ready.

Shen Lingxi smiles: Thank you.

Quan Nanzhai didn't say a word again. He thought of a scene one night a year ago, the sound of guns, knives, shouting and killing. It was more than a year ago, but the bloody picture still lingered in his mind for a long time. It wasn't a movie or a dream, but it was a real thing that happened that night One of the protagonists of.

Mr. President, the voice of the makeup artist interrupted Quan Nanzhai's thoughts.

Quan Nanzhai takes back his thoughts and looks at himself in the mirror.

After putting on makeup, the face in the mirror is no longer his original appearance, but the familiar one.

Think about it. In this life, the person he is most sorry for is Qin lelan.

When Qin leran was very young, he said he would grow up with her.

However, he did not say for a long time, but he left her, returned to his country, and shouldered the responsibility that he should have shouldered.

Now, she came all the way to find him. After finding him, he didn't even dare to tell her the real identity or face her.

You go down first. He waved and let everyone out of the dressing room except Shen Lingxi.

Yes. The make-up artists rushed out.

Quan Nanzhai looks at Shen Lingxi, who is sitting beside him, and asks: what do you want to say?

Shen Lingxi sipped her lips and said: Nanzhai, I accidentally ran into Qin lelan today and had lunch with her.

Quan Nanzhai nodded: I know.

You know? Shen Lingxi was surprised, but soon understood that he had a set of eyeliner in the whole country. He was sure what the girl who most valued was there.

Shen Lingxi added: "Nanzhai, I knew her existence before. She didn't find her. I could pretend that I didn't know anything and occupied your fiancee's position.". Now that she's here, you feel sorry because I can't recognize her generously.

Before, she was upset about occupying the position of Quan Nan Zhai's fiancee. Today, after meeting Qin leran, her guilt became stronger.

Quan Nan Zhai frowned and said: it's not the time to make this clear to her.

Shen Lingxi is a little excited: Nanzhai, at the beginning, my father wanted to use me. You helped me. Now I can't make you stay with the girl you like. You know, when I think about it, I can't help killing myself.

Shen Lingxi knows the origin of Quan Nanzhai and Qin lelan.

She knew that Quan Nanzhai had been thinking about the little girl all these years. She also knew that Lin Xiaoxiao was specially arranged by Quan Nanzhai to Qin lelan. She also knew that Quan Nanzhai loved the girl very much.

When Shen Lingxi knew that the girl had flown more than ten hours from New York to find her brother in country a, she couldn't sleep at night, and always felt that she was the third person who destroyed other people's feelings.

Listen to Shen Lingxi. Quan Nanzhai squints and looks at her. Lingxi, you should understand that you occupy the position of my fiancee. Not only do I protect you, but you also bear a lot of risks.

Nowadays, there are many people who oppose the power of Quan Nan Zhai. They play tricks in the dark. Quan Nan Zhai may encounter danger at any time. Shen Lingxi, his fiancee, is no exception.

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