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Qin Yinze, are they really contractual relationships? Looking at Qin Yinze, Qin lelan asked again.

She didn't believe in Qin Yinze, but she didn't dare to believe in the contractual relationship itself.

Today, when we had lunch with Shen Lingxi, Qin lelan thought to himself that if Shen Lingxi and brother lie were engaged, it would be good.

At noon, I had such an idea. In the afternoon, I got the news from Qin Yinze that their engagement was fake. It's not a coincidence. It's unbelievable.

If you want this to be true, then you believe it to be true. If you don't want this to be true, believe it isn't. Qin Yinze sits down beside her, however, you are so smart, don't you want to understand?

Thank you for your kindness. I know what I should do. Qin lelan admits that Qin Yinze's words are reasonable. No matter whether the relationship between brother lie and Shen Lingxi is a contract or not, she will stay with brother lie.

Instead of tormenting myself in my heart every day, I simply believe that this matter is true and do what I want to do.

I said you don't have to thank me. I didn't want to do these things for you, but my father arranged them. What Qin Yinze wants is not her thanks, she should understand.

Then I still want to thank your Qin lelan politely. He moved a little to the left and opened the distance with him. If you don't show me these materials, I can't rest assured to be with brother lie, so I really want to thank you.

Brother Liege is your brother Liege. Besides him, can't you see anyone else in your eyes? He looked at her with fierce eyes. Qin lelan, you are so smart. You don't know what I was thinking.


of course, she knows

precisely because she knows what he is thinking in his heart, so she should stay away from him, and don't let him have a hard time thinking about her.

However, Qin Yinze suddenly told Qin lelan that she was spitting warm breath in her ear. If it wasn't for her father's orders, I would never tell you this. I wish you would never know the truth in your life. I wish Quan Nan Zhai married Shen Lingxi that you would never be with him.

Qin Yinze, do you know your last name? Qin leran retreats again, and once again opens the distance with Qin Yinze. I will tell you what I have to say today. I tell you plainly that even without brother lie, it is impossible for me and you, so please don't have any other ideas about me in the future.

Without your brother, we would not have been able to? Really? Qin Yinze grabbed her hand and said darkly, do you want to get rid of your brother?

If you dare to hurt him, I will never let you go.

Oh, Qin Yinze sneered. Then, Qin lelan, don't be so cruel, or I don't know what I will do.

Qin Yinze's eyes are cold, with a kind of coldness and sternness. It really looks like the light emitted by a wolf when he is hungry for a long time and is not easy to meet his prey - fierce and evil.

This kind of person, had better not provoke, because can't provoke.

Qin leran takes a breath of cool air quietly: OK, then I won't talk hard with you. You're also an adult in your twenties, right? Then you can find a girl you like and like to fall in love with.

Qin Yinze increased the strength of holding her wrist and said severely: because I'm just the adopted son of Qin family, can't you see me? So you want to push me to someone else?

Because your surname is Qin lran, who bit her teeth and spit out every word slowly.

In her heart, she never looked down on Qin Yinze because of his birth and didn't want to be close to him, because when he came to the Qin family, her heart had been occupied by a big brother called brother lie.

What if I don't have Qin? He held her hand tightly, looked into her eyes, and asked slowly, word by word.

You don't have a Qin name? Don't you want to recognize mom and dad? So what's your last name? Qin leiran asked lightly.

Hearing her words, Qin Yinze slowly released Qin lelan's hand and stared at her for half an instant. After all, he slowly looked away and left.

When he got to the door, he suddenly looked back at her. After a long time, he didn't say a word and turned away.

As soon as she left, Qin lelan was greatly relieved. Today, she said clearly enough. I hope Qin Yinze can understand.

Quiet down, Qin lelan looks out of the window again, the sky has gradually darkened down, the time of this day has passed.

Time is really fast. Time is over before the business of the day is done.

Just as she exclaimed, brother lie's phone came. It's convenient to have the special ring tone set for her by brother lie. You don't need to look at the phone, but you can recognize people by listening to the voice.

Brother lie, have you finished the meeting? She asked sweetly.

Well, just came out of the conference room, the pleasant voice of Quan Nan Zhai passed from the handset to Qin lelan's ear.

Call me just after the meeting. Do you miss me? Don't wait for his answer. Brother lie must be thinking about her.

Qin lelan was so happy that she rolled on the sofa. She fell to the ground and cried out.

Quan Nanzhai asked: but what happened?

Because I was so happy to hear from brother lie, I fell off the sofa. Qin leran is honest about the situation.

Silly girl. Listen to his voice, Qin lelan can feel his lips slightly raised, must be laughing at her.

Qin lelan asked: brother lie, have you finished everything today?

Quan Nanzhai: there is another thing to deal with.

Qin lelan: then you should be busy first. When you are finished, can I invite you to dinner in the evening?

Quan Nanzhai: Oh? But would you treat me to dinner?

Qin lelan said excitedly and hurriedly: Yes, yes, I cook and cook myself. Brother lie, would you like to enjoy it?

My mother often told her that if I like a person, I can't help but want to cook for him and cook all kinds of delicacies carefully, so that he can enjoy every meal.

So when mom doesn't work, she will cook for Dad herself. Now I think it's really the same thing.

Qin leran also wants to learn from her mother and dedicate her cooking to her favorite brother for the first time.

Well, I'll have a good taste of Ranran's craft this evening. Even though Qin leran had never cooked a meal, the meal she made might be hard to swallow. Quan Nanzhai agreed.

Then it's settled. I'll prepare for it. Brother lie, when I saw you at night, Qin lelan was about to hang up. Suddenly, she remembered that she didn't know what brother lie liked to eat. She asked quickly, brother lie, wait a minute. You haven't told me what you want to eat yet?

As long as it's made naturally, I like to eat it. Quan said.

OK, I'll hang up. With that, Qin leran hung up.

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