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If Lin San was willing to use his One-word Battle Armor, Xie Xie would have been defeated earlier.

Tang Wulin supported Xie Xie back to the waiting area and assisted him in changing his clothes.

Xie Xie was slightly pale at the moment. Tang Wulin was surprised to find that there was no dejection in his eyes, on the contrary, there was excitement.

“Are you okay?” Tang Wulin placed Xie Xie’s arm over his shoulder to support most of his body weight.

Xie Xie spoke, “Of course I’m okay. That fellow is so incisive. As it turns out, speed should’ve been comprehended in such a manner. Many questions that puzzled me earlier are now easily solved. This is awesome!”

Tang Wulin was stunned. Did this fellow regard the earlier match as a lesson? However, Tang Wulin felt relieved that Xie Xie was not discouraged by his loss in the match.

Xie Xie returned to the waiting area and took a seat. He closed his eyes to rest. His eyeballs were rolling gently in its sockets upon closer inspection. Apparently, he was pondering about something.

Tang Wulin took a glance at Lin San who had similarly returned to his seat. Tan Wulin was slightly disturbed. Lin San’s battle attainment was more powerful than the Heavenly King he had fought before. They were both agility-type soul masters and both had five soul rings each, but Teng Teng was apparently weaker than Lin San. This was not just a disparity of powers, but a disparity in their comprehension of the agility system as mentioned by Xie Xie.

There was no doubt that the Wind King Lin San had mastered the agility system’s true essence. Such an opponent was not easy to handle!

Lin San returned to his previous calm and tranquil appearance. Everything appeared to be as usual.

Tang Wulin sensed the gaze of someone observing him. It was Dai Yueyan. Their gazes met. Dai Yueyan’s eyes seemed to be shimmering with radiance, while Tang Wulin’s mouth showed a slight smile.

He was only qualified to challenge that fellow if he could defeat Dai Yueyan!

Anyone could afford to lose but not Tang Wulin himself!

The final sixteen matches continued. Lin San’s victory in suppressing Xie Xie from the beginning till the end made the audience ecstatic. There was finally a brilliant victory for Monster Academy against Shrek Academy. Moreover, it was a battle between two similar types of soul masters.

The Wind King was the Wind King absolutely!

Lin San entered the final eight officially. This signified that he had gained the nobility rank of at least a baron.

Xie Xie was eliminated. He was not destined to be one of the final eight powerhouses.

The competition continued. Every match was outstanding when the competition entered the final sixteen to the final eight stage. Both contestants were fighting desperately. Many of them were using soul devices. The contestants were allowed to use mecha in the competition except the permanent installation of soul devices.

There was a pair of contestants who were both defeated and wounded in a match. Both were severely injured that they could not participate in the next match. At the end, the judging panel had to choose one of them to enter the final eight.

Yuanen Yehui was the third person to enter the arena. She was in better luck. Even though her opponent was powerful, he was not as powerful as Teng Teng. The opponent finally failed after resisting the powerful suppression of Yuanen Yehui’s martial soul Titan Giant Ape for ten minutes.

The competition’s atmosphere was growing more intense. However, the audience’s attention was more toward the waiting area. The name list of the contestants in today’s matches was already announced.

Shrek Academy’s squad captain Tang Wulin versus Dai Yueyan who was ranked second among Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings was undoubtedly the most captivating match for today.

Dai Yueyan was the Second Heavenly King preceded only by Long Yue. At the same time, he was also Star Luo Empire’s Fourth Prince. His dual positions were the main concern of the laity. Moreover, some of the people who had a better knowledge of the royals knew that this Fourth Prince would be the crown prince soon.

Dai Yueyan was taking a big risk by participating in this competition. As a future crown prince, if he failed to achieve good results in this competition, it would make a dent in his prestige.

Nonetheless, it was also his duty to represent the academy as one of Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings.

Even Fang’er who was sitting in the audience platform constantly had her gaze on Dai Yueyan. Everything would be fine if Dai Yueyan was capable of defeating Tang Wulin. It was also the ideal situation whereby Shrek Academy would be considered completely wiped out without the Dragon King’s participation. In the meantime, Dai Yueyan’s status in the common people’s hearts would gain esteem. It would be of great advantage to him when he inherited the crown in the future.

However, was Dai Yueyan capable of defeating Tang Wulin? No one dared to confirm this. After all, Tang Wulin had already defeated Su Mu, Hua Lantang, and Ye Zhi, not to mention Dai Yun’er.

He had fought against four out of the Eight Heavenly Kings, and they had all lost. Su Mu was even ranked third among the Heavenly Kings. So, was Dai Yueyan capable of defeating him for certain?

No one could be certain. It would have to wait until the match had officially begun, only then would the answer be known.

Dai Tianling was seated on the main seat of the audience platform, accompanied by Monster Academy’s President En Ci at his side. Today’s match was so important to warrant the attendance of these two eminent leaders.

“Teacher, what do you think is the winning percentage of the match between Yueyan and Tang Wulin?” Dai Tianling asked En Ci softly.

En Ci smiled. “There’s no need for Your Highness to be worried. The percentage is over seventy under ordinary circumstances. Yueyan not only has good natural endowments, he also has a steady, wise, and farsighted disposition. An ordinary soul master’s mentality would undergo some changes after he has achieved a certain level of cultivation base, but he has never been affected adversely. He has proven himself worthy as a royal disciple. The chances of him making a mistake during the battle with Tang Wulin is slim. Albeit, Tang Wulin’s ability is peculiar, but Yueyan is at an advantage when it comes to his cultivation base. His winning percentage can be considered very high.”

“Very well then!” Dai Tianling nodded. There were two matters for the royal household to attend to after the competition. The first task was to decide on a husband for the princess, while the other was to announce the inauguration of the crown prince.

The daughter was already a headache for him. He had hoped that Dai Yueyan would be a shoo-in for the crown prince’s position. If Dai Yueyan defeated Tang Wulin, then even if he failed to become the competition’s champion, he could still seize the opportunity to announce Dai Yueyan as the crown prince and receive the approval of all the parties concerned. A crown prince who was versed in civil and martial virtues would be easily recognized and accepted by all parties.

“The next match is the highlight of today’s competition. The contestant Tang Wulin from Shrek Academy versus the contestant Dai Yueyan from Monster Academy.”

It was obvious that Fang’er’s voice had a higher pitch than usual which revealed her restless mind. She could not help gazing at Dai Yueyan. Her hands were tightly fisted on her knees. Dai Yueyan must make greater effort to defeat his opponent!

“Your highness, your highness, your highness!” The shouts from the audience sounding like howling winds and tidal waves echoed from the grandstand.

Dai Yueyan stood up in the waiting area and immediately felt the warm blood surging in his body. As the future crown prince, he could hardly describe the feeling he had when he heard his citizens supporting him in his fight with such wild enthusiasm.

“Hah-hah, ah-hah-hah-hah!” Just as Dai Yueyan was filled with a fighting spirit and prepared to represent Monster Academy to fight Tang Wulin, the sound of discordant laughter suddenly echoed from the waiting area. Everyone looked toward the direction where the laughter came from.

It was Xie Xie who was laughing aloud as he waved his arms and legs about. He was standing and staggering forward and back from laughter.

The muscles on Dai Yueyan’s face twitched. It was intentional, he was certainly doing this intentionally!

“I understand now, I have finally understood! Ah-hah-hah, hah-hah-hah-hah!” Xie Xie’s loud laughter was incessant.

Tang Wulin was standing by his side as he sensed the hostile gaze from the surrounding. He asked impatiently, “What have you understood?”

Xie Xie laughed and spoke, “I understand now that an agility-type soul master cannot be too serious if he wishes to succeed. I was too serious, that’s why I didn’t manage to cultivate properly!”

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