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Encouraged by Defeat

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As Dai Yueyan sat in the waiting area and watched Xie Xie on the competition stage, he could not help nodding his head in secret. Xie Xie was still capable of concentrating his power as he resisted Lin Sin’s Wind Dragon Blade in an attempt to fight for his last chance. He had proven himself to be a Shrek Academy student through a display of sheer courage.

If Xie Xie had also reached twenty years of age, perhaps this would have been a fierce fight between two equally matched forces.

Dai Yueyan sighed deeply in his heart when he thought about this. He was even feeling a little ashamed. The fight with Shrek Academy was entirely lopsided.

He refused to be involved in this. If he was given a choice, he would have liked to fight against Shrek Academy’s students from the same generation and age. Even if he were to lose in the end, he would do so willingly. At least he would have a goal. He was truly unwilling to participate in the bullying of children!

The golden radiance started to shape itself into a new form. As the fourth soul ring on his body began to glow, the light took on the form of a dragon. It solidified into a golden dragon and raised its head to look toward the sky. The Light Dragon Seven in his hand suddenly transformed into a shining stream before it vanished.

Xie Xie’s golden dragon was different from Tang Wulin’s. Its entire body was filled with light. Hence, it was more accurately described as a light dragon.

It was his fourth soul skill the Light Illusion Dragon!

Xie Xie’s eyes were undergoing a peculiar transformation. His right eye turned a golden color while his left had become translucent like crystal. The Light Illusion Dragon’s aura continuously grew, while his body was getting increasingly larger as his stored power was released.

Lin San did not use the Wind Dragon Blade immediately after it had taken form, but he remained still in midair as if he was waiting for Xie Xie to elevate his combat capabilities to the highest level.

Yes, he wanted to face Xie Xie at his strongest.

He would have a true sense of achievement if he could actually subdue his opponent during his most powerful attack.

Lin San was the most hardworking and the proudest among the Eight Heavenly Kings. He had not planned to use his battle armor at all during the match. This was because it was truly shameful in his point of view. He would rather lose than use his battle armor when fighting against an opponent who was five years younger than himself.

The Light Illusion Dragon had finally taken form. It spread out its wings as it looked up to the sky and roared. A thick, intense aura of light seemed to be absorbing the sun’s rays until golden flames arose around Xie Xie’s body. The contrast against the blood color on his body was somewhat horrifying.

“Boom!” The Wind Dragon Blade dropped down from the sky. It spiraled downward in a conical shape as it descended. The terrifying pressure cracked the ground in a split second and spread outwards from the spot beneath Xie Xie’s feet.

The Light Illusion Dragon broke away from Xie Xie’s body and transformed into a stream of golden light that intercepted the Wind Dragon Blade.

The two parties collided in the air and produced a violent explosion. Green and golden light burst out. However, the Light Illusion Dragon was pushed back to the spot near to Xie Xie’s head almost in a split second.

“I told you that you don’t stand a chance! Huh!” Lin San’s voice echoed from the Wind Dragon Blade.

Just then, a change suddenly occurred.

A phantom-like shadow appeared above the Wind Dragon Blade. Through the Wind Dragon Blade’s coil of green light, one could see that there was the vague shape of a giant dragon descending from the sky to join the Light Illusion Dragon’s attack. The two enormous dragon spirits advanced in unison, seemingly resonating with each other. The Wind Blades that formed the Light Dragon Blades disintegrated at a shocking speed. One could already see the indistinct shape of Lin San on the inside.

“So it turns out that you’re very good at biding your time!” Lin San spoke in astonishment.

Yes, Xie Xie had been waiting for this opportunity since the beginning. He understood very well that he was no match for Lin San’s speed after a few collisions earlier. Thus, he released his third soul skill to produce a clone during a momentary pause in the battle.

The clone had been hiding by his side all along awaiting the right time. Even when Xie Xie was bathed in blood, he had not allowed the clone to join the battle. Yes, he was waiting for the arrival of this opportune moment.

Xie Xie was completely outmatched by Lin San. His only chance was to use his twin martial soul which Lin San did not know about.

The Shadow Dragon Dagger was key to turning the tide of battle. Thus, he did not use the Shadow Dragon Dagger earlier in the fight, no matter the difficulty, in order to launch a fatal strike at Lin San with the Light Illusion Dragon at this final moment.

The facts proved that his patience had paid off. Even though the Wind Dragon Blade was powerful, it rapidly shattered when it was caught off guard and assaulted by the Light Illusion Dragon. Lin San’s only choice at this moment was to release his one-word battle armor. Only then could he possibly withstand such an attack.

The Wind Dragon Blade was gradually smashed into pieces. Lin San’s body too started to reform. As the Light Illusion Dragon was about to close up around him, the fifth soul ring on his body shimmered with radiance. Then, to everyone’s surprise, his entire body suddenly disintegrated…

It was as though he was a gust of wind that dispersed breathlessly. He bore out from a breach during the split second before the Light Illusion Dragon’s converging attack. Xie Xie lost track of Lin San’s location.

Did he run away?

Streams of black and white light coiled around Xie Xie’s right arm. The two pieces of white battle armor with black striations rapidly covered his right forearm, palm and shoulder. He had the same amount of battle armor as Tang Wulin, which was the least among their companions.

A green light flashed past as Lin San appeared behind his back silently. It was as if Xie Xie had already sensed him earlier. He did not even turn his head around as he threw the Light and Shadow Dragon Daggers backward simultaneously. At the same time, his body split into two shadows that charged at Lin San.

There was the addition of another pair of Wind Blades in Lin San’s hands. His speed was still as terrifying as before, but he did not release his one-word battle armor. The match seemed to have returned to the situation before, but only Xie Xie’s speed was apparently faster this time. Moreover, with the attack of his two shadows, he was at less of a disadvantage now.

Even so, a sharp-eyed person could tell that the outcome of this duel had already been determined. When Xie Xie was unable to use the Light Illusion Dragon’s joint attack to utterly defeat Lin San, he had already thrown his card on the table and lost his chance.

His two clones were controlled in a magnificent manner. He kept his mind on two things at the same time. Although he could create even more clones, this was the best state for him to exercise control over them.

Lin San’s expression was much more somber than before. The Wind Blades in his hands were constantly changing while the soul skills were continuously released from his body. The fight was much more intense than before.

“Poof!” One of Xie Xie’s clones was ground into pieces by the Wind Dragon Blade. A stream of golden light slashed at him from the front. The twin Dragon Daggers shielded him, but he was still blown away by the impact.

With great effort, he maneuvered to the ground, but he still stumbled for another seven or eight steps before he managed to stabilize himself.

Fresh blood was pouring out of the wounds covering his entire body. He had already been injured earlier in the match. There was no opportunity for his wounds to heal due to him devoting all his energy to the battle. The ground was stained with his blood. He could not take any more damage due to the severe blood loss. His legs lost their footing as he sat onto the ground.

“You’re rather impressive.” Lin San nodded his head at Xie Xie in all seriousness before he turned around and walked down the stage.

A soul master tasked with medical treatment immediately dashed onto the stage to heal Xie Xie. To a soul master, it was not a big problem as long as the blood loss was treated in time. After all, a soul master’s bodily processes and blood generation rate always exceeded an ordinary person’s.

The match lasted for a quite a long while, entirely different from the battle between ordinary agility-type soul masters that ended rather quickly.

Xie Xie had truly exhausted all of his power, but it was all to no avail against the formidable Lin San. Lin San immersed himself completely into the wind, fusing his attack and defense into his body in addition to the high speed. His speed and soul power had completely overwhelmed Xie Xie. His understanding of the Ghost Perplexing Track was far deeper than Xie Xie’s.

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