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Ding Dong -

thinking about Qin Yinze, the doorbell rang, Qin lelan saw Qin Yinze from the visual doorbell and stood outside the door.

He was dressed in a suit, clothes and hair. He looked like a successful businessman, but Qin lelan thought that he had put on all these things.

Ding Dong -

Qin lelan does not open the door, Qin Yinze continues to press the doorbell, Qin lelan simply covers his ears and pretends to hear nothing.

But Qin Yinze is not so easy to give up. She doesn't open the door when she rings the doorbell. Instead, he slaps the doorknob: Qin lelan, I know you wake up and open the door?

Qin lelan was very reluctant to open the door, dissatisfied: early in the morning to ring the doorbell, do not want to let people sleep?

I've got breakfast prepared, and I've got one for you. Qin Yinze gives her the bento box in her hand. You can't eat breakfast without it, or it's bad for your health.

He was kind enough to send her breakfast in the early morning, but when she opened the door, she yelled at him that Qin lelan was a little upset, but she was embarrassed to admit his mistake in front of Qin Yinze, so she didn't reach for the lunch box either: I can make breakfast myself, don't bother you.

You make breakfast? Qin Yinze picked the eyebrows and said again, do you want to blow up the whole building?

He has lived with her for 14 years. She is good at anything and nothing. As her brother, he knows very well.

Qin Yinze, can you speak well? Look, look, she doesn't want to fight with him. He just wants to make her angry.

Take your breakfast, what do you want to do when you are full? No one will stop you. Qin Yinze put the bag in her hand, turned around and left.

Qin Yinze, do you think you will forgive me for burning your brother's photos? You don't want to, I won't, so you don't do these useless work in the future. She didn't need him to be too nice to her and didn't want to owe him.

People often say that they owe money to pay off debts, but the people they owe are not clear in their whole lives. Since they know that Qin Yinze may have other thoughts about her, she can't give him a little hope, so that he can understand that there is only one brother in her heart.

Qin Yinze stops, turns back slowly, looks at her and smiles: Qin leran, where is your confidence coming from? I tell you, if you are not the daughter of your parents, you think I will be good to you?

I'm your parents' child. If you want to be filial to them, you'd better be filial to them. I don't need your care. She still doesn't want to be soft in front of him. She must win.

So you mean you don't want me to take care of you by the way. Do you want my parents to sit for more than ten hours and fly over to take care of you?

If you say that you are a big kid, you should think about everything comprehensively. Don't think that your brother is your whole world.

After all, you just can't stand me with brother lie. She knew it from the only picture his brother had left.

Not only do I dislike him, but I want to kill him. Qin Yinze did not hide it, bit his teeth and said fiercely.

If he could, if he had a chance, he would break Quan Nanzhai into a place where he would never be able to turn over.

You -

I went to work. In the blink of an eye, Qin Yinze regained his composure and left with a faint remark.

Qin leran stood at the door with a bento box in his hand. He watched Qin Yinze enter the elevator, and then he came back to his senses. Just now, the man's expression was too frightening.

In retrospect, Qin leran shivered again and almost dropped his lunch box on the ground.

Looking at the bento box, she opened it and looked at it. It was all made according to her taste. It has to be said that Qin Yinze is actually a good brother, if he has no other ideas about her.

After breakfast, Qin lelan went out. To help brother lie, she had to first understand the city and the thoughts and opinions of the people of the country.

If you want to do these things, you can't run into them like a headless fly. You have to find a person who is familiar with the local area to accompany you. So Lin Xiao is the best choice.

Seeing Qin Yueran, who hasn't been seen for a few days, Lin Xiaoxiao is so excited that she dances: it's so nice to see you in Linhai.

Little, today you accompany me to go out for a walk.

Good. Which scenic spot do you want to go to? I promise I'll let you have a good time.

I want to go to the most common civilian area here and feel their life. The first step is to help brother lie understand the basic situation of the people.

Lelan, are you not sick? Or is the eldest lady tired of doing it, and wants to have another kind of birth test? Lin Xiaoxiao said he didn't understand Qin lelan's idea.

Even so. Qin leran doesn't want to explain too much, nor can she explain too much to Lin Xiaoxiao.

Well, I'll take you out for a walk. Although Lin Xiaoxiao doesn't understand why Qin leran did this, he brings Qin leran to the famous civilian area of Linhai City.

Civilian areas, as the name implies, are the areas where ordinary people live. They are the majority of the country's total population. A large part of their satisfaction with Mr. President can improve his position in the people's mind and help consolidate his position.

It's just a coincidence that they meet a person here who they know but don't necessarily know -- Shen Lingxi, the fiancee of the president.

Qin lelan never thought that she would meet Shen Lingxi, the fiancee in the name of brother lie. For a while, she was stunned.

Sister Lingxi? Lin Xiaoxiao also didn't believe what she saw. She tentatively called out a woman in ordinary clothes, but her temperament was still elegant.

Hearing the call, the woman who is talking with ordinary people looks back and sees Lin Xiaoxiao and Qin lelan beside her at a glance.

When she saw Qin lelan, Shen Lingxi trembled slightly in her heart. She didn't know what kind of attitude to face the little girl.

She can recognize the little girl at a glance because she is the one Quan Nan Zhai has been thinking about.

Many years ago, she knew the existence of this girl, but did not expect that they would meet for the first time in this way.

When she was looking at Qin leran, Qin leran was also looking at her.

Shen Lingxi looks better than on TV. Just standing there can make a beautiful scenery.

Qin leran thinks such a girl deserves to be with brother lie and the title of president's wife.

Thinking of these, Qin lelan's heart is a little bitter. Such a beautiful woman is standing in front of her eyes, smiling at them, but she secretly wants to rob her fiance. It's really

small, how can you also come here? Shen Lingxi looked at Qin Yueran again, and said softly, little, is this your friend?

On the surface, Shen Lingxi didn't know Qin lelan, so he definitely wanted Lin Xiaoxiao to introduce him.

Yes, sister Lingxi. She is my friend Qin lelan. She came to Haishi to play with me. Lin Xiaoxiao looks at Qin lelan again. Lelan, this is Mr. President's fiancee. We saw her on TV last time. You should recognize her.

Hello, Miss Shen. I'm a little friend Qin lelan. Qin lelan smiled and introduced himself.

In front of outsiders, especially in front of brother lie's unmarried life, Qin leran tries to be more generous, secretly competing.

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