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it rained very little, but there was no sign of stopping after a whole day.

When night falls, the city's lights illuminate the city. With the continuous drizzle, the city is decorated with a layer of mysterious veil.

Qin leran is sitting in the sofa in front of the floor to ceiling window with a notebook computer. He is focusing on the background of Linhai City, the background information of successive presidents of state a, and who was his biggest competitor before his brother took office.

This morning, brother lie's tire exploded. She thought it might not be an ordinary tire explosion, but an artificial one.

After she left the hospital, she wanted to check the tire explosion, but she alone could not find anything.

At the critical moment, Qin leran thought of the three people her father had arranged for her - Chang's mother and son.

Since the father asked their mother and son to help her in Linhai City, these three people must not be ordinary people. It should be easier to find out the reason by looking them up.

When thinking of their mother and son, Qin leran called them at the first time and asked them to help her to check whether someone had touched brother lie's car.

They promised to give her news this evening, so while waiting for the news, she browsed some information about Linhai City on the Internet.

Linhai is a very strange city for Qin leran, but it is the place where brother lie was born and lived from small to large.

It is with this relationship that Qin lelan has lived here for less than a month, and he will feel like he has been here for a long time.

Maybe when she was very young, brother lie often told her stories, including his hometown, so her deep memory would feel that it was similar here.

Hum -

the mobile phone on the side suddenly rings. Qin leran takes a look at it. It's Changhuan's phone number. She answers immediately: Auntie Chang, have you found it?

Chang Huan said: Miss, I'm sorry that we went a little late. The people from the president's side cleaned up the scene a little earlier, and the car was wiped out by them.

Why should they erase the traces themselves? Qin leran thought about it, but didn't think it through.

Is it a man sent by the man who made the tyre explosion and brother lie to find out?

It's also unlikely.

If it's really the same person, the person who goes to find the clue does so clearly is to leave the handle for others to seize.

A man who dares to murder Mr. President will never be so brainless, or he will die.

Miss, it is likely that Mr. President's people already know who did it, so they let his men destroy the evidence. Or people who are too smart to leave any clues for us to check. Chang Huan's voice came to Qin lelan's ear again from his mobile phone, and his attitude was very respectful.

Aunt Chang, which of these two possibilities do you think is more likely? Qin leran has no experience in dealing with such matters, but she knows to listen to her elders' opinions.

Chang Huan said: Miss, in my opinion, it's impossible for a person to leave a trace. People don't always say that if we do it, we can't leave no trace.

Auntie Chang, I see. Qin lran nodded and said politely, thank you for helping me so much today.

Chang Huan added: "Miss, it's the most honored thing for our mother and son to work for you. Please don't be polite to us in the future.".

Aunt Chang, since you asked me not to be polite to you, I will not be polite to you. You don't want to call me long or short. You can call me happy. Qin lelan smiled, and then said, Auntie Chang, it's settled. Goodbye, Chang Huan is the elder. Qin leran talks to her with the attitude of the younger generation. She has always done a very good job in terms of human feelings and sophistication.

Hang up the phone, Qin lelan is no longer interested in looking up information, thinking about today's tire explosion.

After this incident, let her understand the reason why brother lie didn't want to recognize her and meet her in public.

What Pei xuanzhi said to her today is the answer.

Brother lie holds the post of president of state A. his power is very large, but the power is proportional to the personal risk.

It is often said that officials must have risks.

Today's brother lie is in the center of the dangerous vortex. Anyone who comes close to him may be in danger or become a tool for others to deal with him.

Because Pei xuanzhi is loyal to their president, he is afraid that she will become his brother's fatal weakness.

Weak point

this is what Qin leran is very concerned about. She doesn't want to be a weak point for others to deal with brother lie.

If you want to compare her to brother lie's rib, then Qin lelan is willing to be brother lie's hardest rib instead of his soft rib.

Buzzing -

the mobile phone on the other side rings again. Qin leran grabs it and doesn't see who the caller is. He answers: Auntie Chang, what else can I do?

I thought that when I was away, the person I miss most would be me. Who knows that I feel sad.

It's brother lie who brings his own bass bubble effect to Qin lelan's ear from his mobile phone. Listening carefully, his voice still has a little sour taste.

Brother lie, stop thinking. You know, the person I want most is you. Hearing brother lie's voice, Qin lelan's lips involuntarily got a smile and said softly.

Quan Nanzhai asked: how do you think?

Qin lelan: I don't think you can see your call clearly.

Hearing her laughter, Quan Nan Zhai also couldn't help laughing out: you little girl can talk.

Qin leran leaned to his head and said softly: brother lie, maybe you can record a special ring for me with your pleasant voice some other day. In this way, when you call later, I will know it's you when I hear the voice. I will never recognize the wrong person again.

But what kind of special ring tone is needed? Even if it is such a childish thing, Quan Nanzhai is willing to cooperate with her.

As long as it's recorded by brother lie, anything can be done. She is really a little fan of brother lie.

OK. Quan Nan Zhai nodded, thinking how to record a ring tone for his ran Baobao.

Brother lie, are you finished? Qin asked in a murmur.

Well, I'm done. Quan Nan Zhai's voice was very light and gentle, but did he have supper?

I ate a lot in the evening. Qin leran picks up his mobile phone and sticks it to his ear. What's wrong with brother lie?

Brother lie, I just want to call you. I haven't called you for more than ten years. Now I have a chance. Let me call you more.

Well, wait a minute.

Brother lie, are you still busy?

There did not answer her to hang up the phone, Qin lelan looked at the black down mobile screen, feeling a little depressed.

Soon, the phone screen lights up and a voice message is received.

Qin lelan opened it and heard brother lie say in a pleasant voice: but what are you doing? Brother lie has called. Take a call. Take a call. Take a call. Take a call. Take a call. Take a call. Take a call

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