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but OK, Qin lelan doesn't want to embarrass brother lie. He asks her to go back first, and she will go back.

As the president of a country, brother lie is guarded by so many people. He will not be busy. She can't help if she stays here. It's better to leave early and not let him worry about her again.

Miss Qin, I asked Pei xuanzhi to step back and make a gesture, respectfully.

Qin leran takes a look at Quan Nanzhai and wants to say something else, but swallows it back and turns to follow Pei xuanzhi.


just walked to the door, there was a voice of brother lie behind him. Qin Yueran was very happy and looked back at him and smiled: brother lie, don't you want to let go?

Brother lie will never let himself have any problems. Don't worry about Quan Nanzhai.

Before she left, he began to think about her. He wanted her to stay by his side, but his side was too dangerous.

Well, I see. Qin leran still smiles brilliantly, but there is a lost dark awn in his eyes.

Miss Qin, you know who I am. Out of the hospital, Pei xuanzhi looks at the first sentence of Qin leran.

Just say what you want to say. Qin Le ran looks up at the sky. It's gloomy and looks like it's going to rain.

Pei xuanzhi said with a smile: it's easy to talk to smart people. Since Miss Qin knows that I have something to say to you, I will go straight.

Qin leran takes back his eyes and looks at Pei xuanzhi. Tiantian says: Mr. Pei, if you want to say let me leave brother lie, I advise you not to think about it, because it is absolutely impossible.

Her voice is clear and melodious, and it sounds childish, but it's a tough attitude.

Miss Qin is really smart. I haven't said it yet. You have guessed what I want to say. Pei xuanzhi is also a talent who has been fighting for many years in the officialdom. It's not like listening to Qin lelan's words can make him quit.

He smiled and said, "I know that with such a smart person as Miss Qin, I must know your brother's real identity.".

How do you know? What if I don't know? Qin Le ran pursed his lips and smiled more lovingly, brilliantly and innocently. Even if he was the president of a country, even if he had a fiancee, as long as he didn't let me leave, I would never leave.

Without giving Pei xuanzhi a chance to speak, Qin lelan continued: "Mr. Pei, maybe you will say that it's dangerous to stay by his side, and there is a risk of life at any time.". For example, things like today may happen again at any time.

This girl is really smart. Before he said it, she said all his lines first. This is the first time for him to meet such a smart and bold young girl who has been an official for many years.

Yes, she is a smart, bold and general girl. He appreciates this kind of women very much, but he can't allow their president to leave fatal weakness to his opponents.

Pei xuanzhi added: then you must also know that the reason why Mr. President is injured is because of you. If you are not by your side, he will be unharmed if he meets today's situation.

Qin lelan smiled and said firmly: Yes, I admit it. But please don't waste your saliva, my mind has been decided, nothing can change my decision.

This wench once again blocked his words, Pei xuanzhi couldn't help but look her up and down again.

This girl looks like a beautiful and lovely girl. She looks like a soft and weak girl, but in her bones, she exudes the hardness that can't be ignored.

Qin leran looked up to the sky again and said: Mr. Pei, it's going to rain. If you have time to talk with me, it's better to go back to collect clothes earlier.

Pei xuanzhi is a little annoyed: you

Mr. Pei, I'll go back by myself, you don't need to send it. Goodbye, Qin leran shows a big and lovely smile and waves at him. Oh, next time, it's better not to let me see you. I hate hypocrites.

Not only this matter, but also the last time they tricked her into mistaking Quan Dongming for her strong brother's matter, which she did not forget.

Pei xuanzhi shook his fist subconsciously: Miss Qin, I'm saying these words to you today for your good. When you get home, think about it.

Mr. Pei, I can be obedient in my life. Except for my family, my brother is the only one. Leaving the words behind, Qin Yueran turned around and left.

Pei xuanzhi yells: little girl, you will regret it.

Pei xuanzhi's voice came from behind. Qin leran turned a deaf ear to it.


No, this road is her choice. Brother lie is also her choice. No matter what the future may be, she will never regret it.

Yes, today's brother lie is injured because of her. Is that how she will leave brother lie?

No, it's the wrong idea.

The right way is that she must make herself stronger. If she encounters such a thing in the future, she will not protect her brother, at least she will not protect her brother.

In front of her family and under the protection of her family, she is still like a child who hasn't grown up, but once she goes out of the house and has to face the ups and downs on her own life, her growth is even greater than she thought.

Sure enough, Qin lelan could see the weather very well. Before he stopped the taxi, the sky was drizzling.

She doesn't like the rainy weather, which makes people feel depressed and makes people feel bad.

She didn't want to go home either.

Mom and dad and little cute are home. The house that Dad prepared for her is empty. Why don't we try to find out who moved brother lie's car today and see what the purpose of those people is?

North Palace, office of the president.

Lin Jiacheng hands one of his hands to the president: Mr. President, the cause of the flat tire has been found. There are indeed artificial traces.

Find out the people by tomorrow afternoon. Neither the implementer nor the behind the scenes guide can let go. Quan Nan Zhai Wei narrowed his eyes, in a light tone, which made people shudder.

Yes. Lin Jiacheng nodded and said, "Mr. President, would you like to go out or transfer more bodyguards in the future, in case that I am killed by those people?"? Quan Nan Zhai smiles gently. Let's have a try. Who killed who? Those people have been hiding behind for decades, and it's time to finish with them.

Lin Jiacheng is worried: Mr. President, those people are all undead. They wave and interrupt him: send more people to protect Qin's little girl, and she must not be hurt.

Mr. President, her father secretly arranged for many people to protect her. According to the information I received, no one in Linhai asked Chang's mother and son, who could not leave the mountain, to be among them.

They? Quan Nanzhai asked.

Chang's mother and son are well-known in a certain circle near the sea, but because they seldom show up, few people really know them.

Many people want to ask them to do things, but they don't know where to find them. There are still some people who know them, but no one can touch their mother and son.

Qin and Yue were able to arrange for them to protect Qin lelan, which made Quan Nanzhai impressed once again.

It seems that Shengtian is far from dealing with the political and business circles, and the water depth is only understood by the person in charge of Shengtian.

! -- AP

! -- end -- / P

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