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however, let the driver stop in front. Seeing her shed tears, Quan Nan Zhai could have stretched out his hand to wipe her tears, but he could see her clearly, but he could not touch her, which was very bad.

Uncle driver, please pull over in front of you. I'll get off here. Qin Yueran can't wait to say.

She wants to throw herself into brother lie's arms. She really wants to. She can't wait for a moment.

The driver quickly pulled over and stopped. Qin leran got out of the car and brother lie's car arrived. She quickly got into his car and threw herself into his arms: brother lie is very nice to have brother lie. The panic just faced by Qin Yinze disappeared completely at this moment. She always knew that her brother can bring her a strong sense of security.

However, don't be afraid that Quan Nanzhai is patting her on the back and comforting her in a low voice just like before.

Brother lie, why are you here? She asked softly, rubbing in his arms.

I happened to see you when I passed by. In fact, he heard that Qin lelan's father was coming back to New York and came here specially.

But because her father didn't want to see him so much, he didn't show up. Seeing her run out of the airport, he kept up.

Hey, brother lie, you must be sent by heaven to protect me. You always appear at my side when I need it most. He said it was a coincidence, so Qin lelan would not doubt it.

Yeah. Quan Nan Zhai slightly increased the strength of holding her.

Bang -

suddenly, there is a loud noise, the car tires explode, and the car bumps violently, and then crashes to the right.

Qin leran hasn't figured out how it is. Almost at the first time, Quan Nanzhai clasps her tightly in his arms. He presses her between him and the car seat with his whole body.

Her whole body was protected by him. She couldn't struggle or see clearly what happened. She could only feel that the car was like a runaway wild horse, running in and out of the way. Several times, it seemed that her body was falling apart.

She was so protected by her brother, can feel a strong impact, so protect her brother?

How is he?

Because of this serious relationship, Qin lelan wanted to turn over and protect brother lie. But she knew that she could not help brother lie if she moved around at this time, and would hurt two people together.

So she couldn't move, she had to bite her teeth and hold her breath, praying to brother lie that nothing could happen.

It took a long time for the car to stop slowly, but Qin leran's chest was still tightly attached to her.

Several seconds later, it was probably after confirming that the car would never happen again, the chest pressed on her left slowly.

Brother lie, what's the matter with you? Qin leran wants to sit up, but is tightly hugged by Quan Nanzhai. He says, "but, it's OK, don't be afraid.".

Brother lie, I'm not afraid. What's the matter with you? Maybe because there is brother lie around, she is not afraid at all when such a dangerous thing happens. No, she is not afraid. She is afraid of brother lie's injury.

I'm fine. He said that the voice was still as pleasant as usual, but there was a strong smell of blood running into Qin lelan's nose.

In the dark of brother lie, Qin leran remembers what happened before Xiaohao. When brother lie rescued her from the bad guys, she was not hurt at all, but his body was hurt a lot.

At that time, she seemed to tell her the same way, saying that he had nothing to do and that he was clearly bleeding. How could he have nothing to do?

Brother lie, can't you keep it from me? I will not be afraid, but I will be worried about you. She said pitifully.

I am a big man, even if I am hurt and shed some blood, what does that matter? Quan Nanzhai stroked her head and said.

Is a man made of iron? Big men don't hurt? This man, how can be so stubborn, let her see what happened to his injury?

QUANNAN Zhai refused to admit that he was hurt. Qin leran took off his clothes by himself. As soon as he reached out, he felt his back wet and sticky.

When she took back her hand, it was all blood on her palm. It was his blood. A little wound. I'll go to the hospital to deal with it later. Quan Nanzhai grabs her hand and forbids her to move again.

How come it's all right? Do you still think I'm a four-year-old? I'm really pissed off by this man.

How are you, Mr. lie? Driving is the most trusted personal bodyguard of Quan Nanzhai, spade. He also has a color on his body and his legs are still bleeding. However, he doesn't take care of himself. After slowing down, he immediately gets out of the car to check the master's condition.

It's OK. Quan said.

What do you mean nothing? Qin leran glares at Quan Nanzhai. We'll change our cars and go to the hospital. You two have a good look.


this little girl dares to shout at their Mr. President. She is really brave.

OK, go to the private hospital first. Today, if she doesn't go to the hospital and don't let this girl see that he's OK, she won't rest assured.

Private hospitals.

A bloody wound, 10 cm long from the carved bone on Zhai's back to his ribs, has not stopped after the doctor applied the medicine.

Looking at the doctor treating the wound for Quan Nanzhai, Qin leran was numb with heartache. If he didn't protect him at that time, he would not have been hit with such a big wound on his back.

She turned her back and quietly wiped away the tears.

Quan Nanzhai: it's OK.

Qin lelan said fiercely: shut up and say it's OK. Try to see if he dare to talk nonsense again, she promised not to talk to him again.

Right south Zhai obediently shut his mouth, his lovely but when the baby becomes so fierce, it is indeed the 18th female university.

Doctor, you should be light. Don't let him hurt any more. But Qin lelan's attitude towards doctors is very good.

Don't worry, Miss Qin. It will be OK. The doctor is Quan Nanzhai's man, and of course he helps him speak.

Please take good care of the wound. What else can Qin leran say when doctors say that?

At this time, Pei xuanzhi rushes to see Qin leran is also there. He unconsciously frowns, and then looks to Quan Nanzhai: Mr. lie, what just happened has been found out.

It's just a tire explosion. This kind of small thing needs to be said now? In fact, Quan Nanzhai also understood that this incident would never be as simple as a tire explosion, but he didn't want Qin lelan to know how dangerous it was.

This car is his private car. Except for his close relatives, others don't know about it. So when he does private affairs, he usually asks spades to drive with him.

There was an accident today, which he didn't expect. OK, do you need me to send Miss Qin back? Pei xuanzhi offered to send Qin lelan back, apparently not wanting her to stay with Quan Nanzhai again.

Today, Qin leran met with such a dangerous thing around him. Quan Nanzhai was worried that she would be in danger if he walked too close to her, so he nodded: you escort her back.

Brother lie, I don't want to go back. Qin leran said that he was still hurt. How can she leave at ease.

Shh, don't talk. I'll send you back first. Quan Nanzhai interrupts Qin lelan and smiles at her. Don't worry, silly girl. Your brother wants to accompany you for life.

! -- AP

! -- end -- / P

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