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What do you have to do with me? This man should not look much older than her. I wonder what Dad arranged him to do next to her?

My man blushed and touched his head awkwardly. This question is really hard to answer.

Well, what about you? You two must be twins. Qin leran turns to ask another man.

Another man hurriedly stepped forward and replied respectfully: Miss, my name is Chang Lei, and I will work beside miss in the future. Chang Li and I are twin brothers. He also pointed to the woman beside him. This is our mother.

Ah, thank you so much. But Qin lelan looks at Qin Yue, Dad, but I don't need it.

She came to find brother lie, not to fight. Why do so many people help her.

There are three of them in Linhai City. You can find them when you need them. The three members of the family are very trusted by Qinyue. When he is not around his daughter, he can rest assured that they can take care of him here.

Qin Le ran did not want to bother others, and always felt that these people were beside him like father's eyeliner, and things were not so convenient: Dad

, however, listen to your father, you are not at home alone, and when someone needs help, he always helps. Jane looked at the third member of the family, Chang ma'am. I'll trouble you later.

Madam, you're welcome. It's our honor to stay in Linhai City and take care of our young lady. The woman said.

Without Qin Yue, their mother and son would not have lived to this day.

After waiting for so many years, I finally got a chance to repay Qin Yue for saving their mother and son. They were too happy to be bothered.

Well, I've met you. You can go back first. You can do whatever you need. You don't need to hang on to this child. Even if the three men were subordinates, Qin Yue was still polite to them.

Yes, President Qin. The three of them, like when they came, retreated quietly again.

Dad, you really don't have to arrange so much for me. The house and the car are all available. Now she has arranged for her subordinates to work for her, as if her parents are going to help her set up a home here.

However, your father doesn't arrange the affairs here properly. Do you think he will be relieved to leave you here alone? Jian ran helps Qin Yue out again, worrying that he is soft to his daughter and can't stand her delay.

Qin lelan didn't like to let people follow her, but in order to reassure her father, she couldn't refuse.

To help her daughter get everything done, Qin Yue returned to New York with his wife and children. The two children who stayed in Linhai naturally wanted to take them to the airport.

Looking at her parents' special plane flying away, Qin leran was also sad. She waved to the sky and murmured: "Dad, mom, you can rest assured, but you will take good care of yourself, and you will not worry about it.".

Come on, go back. Qin Yinze's voice came from behind her.

You go your way, I go my way. I'll tell you, don't worry about me in the future. Our two wells don't make water. She danced far away to talk to him.

When I just sent my parents on the plane, this man didn't say a word. She thought that he had left. Now he jumped out to frighten someone.

If it wasn't for my parents to take care of you, do you think I would be in charge of you? Qin Yinze snorted coldly.

I have my brother to take care of me. I don't need your care. Qin lelan stared at him, turned around and left.

However, as soon as she took a step, Qin Yinze pulled her back. Her center of gravity was not stable, and the whole person bumped into his thick chest.

She immediately wanted to quit, but Qin Yinze took the opportunity to hold her, his breath almost immediately surrounded her.

Qin leran pushes him hard, but he is a boy after all. He practices martial arts all the year round. His physical strength is much better than her. She can't move him at all.

Qin leran could not push him away. He raised his foot and stepped on it hard. He just raised his foot slightly to avoid her attack.

Qin Yinze, let me go at once, or I will be rude to you. Qin leiran bit his teeth and warned in a cold voice.

Are you rude to me? Qin Yinze released her and smiled bitterly. When did you treat me politely?

From childhood, she felt that he was a foreign child, because he came to the family later than her, so she rejected him.

I want you to let go of me. She let him go, but he hugged her more tightly, pressed her head on her chest, hugging Qin lelan's breathing was blocked.

Qin Yinze, are you deaf? Or are you crazy? This man is terrible, really terrible. As soon as his parents left, he showed his original face.

Qin lelan Qin Yinze releases her, grabs her shoulder instead, approaches her and says, "I tell you, if I go mad one day, you are the culprit that drives me crazy.

Looking at her running back, she can't wait to be far away from him. She hates him so much. She hates him so much. She raises a bitter smile on his lips, reaches out to her back and mumbles to herself: Well, do you know how much I like you?

She certainly did not know that she would only think that he was an outsider and a madman. She never looked back at him standing behind her.

Running out of the airport, Qin leran got into a taxi and asked the driver to drive quickly.

The car ran far away, her heart still thumped, especially thinking of Qin Yinze's appearance just now, just like a cannibal vampire.

Buzzing -

the mobile phone suddenly vibrated, which made Qin Lele almost lose it.

When was she so timid?

Today will be like this, is really scared by Qin Yinze's appearance.

Seeing the three words of brother lie on the screen of the mobile phone, Qin lelan's heart suddenly became stable, as if brother lie was beside him.

Just like when she was a child, brother lie always showed up by her side in time to drive away all the bad people who tried to bully her.

Brother lie adjusted her breath, and then she answered it.

But look to the left. The sound of Quan Nan Zhai's own bass bubble effect was transmitted from the handset to Qin lelan's ear.

Ah? Qin lelan doesn't know why brother lie suddenly asked her to look at the left side, or she turned her head obediently.

On one side of her head, she saw a car on the left that was always parallel to the taxi she was taking. The window of the back seat of the car was half open. Brother lie's disguised appearance appeared in front of her without any sign.

Brother lie is really the hero that God sent to her. Brother lie must be her hero, so he will appear in front of her every time she needs him most.

Brother lie, when you call out brother lie's three words again, Qin leran's nose suddenly becomes sour, and two tears fall from her eyes.

Qin lelan's tears are as crystal clear as pearls. They hang around her eyes like that, which makes Quan Nan Zhai's heart tighten and his heart is choking with pain.

! -- AP

! -- end -- / P

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