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Qin Yingu:

in his elder sister's mind, is she kissing his saliva all over his face, and he should thank her?

Little cute, don't face cold, sister kiss you, shouldn't you be moved? It seems to see the idea of Qin Yin Jian, Qin said with a twinkling of an eye.

Qin Yingu:

his elder sister really thinks so. His little aunt is a very proud and arrogant woman, so does his elder sister.

Is it the soil and water of their Qin family that brought up such women.

Qin lelan approaches him and asks: xiaocute, you are also the first time to come to Haishi. Today, my sister will take you out to play, OK?

Bad Qin Yin refused directly.

Little cute, my sister is kind enough to take you out to play. Why don't you go? Qin lelan will never give up if he doesn't take xiaocute out for a walk.

Qin Yin said seriously: I want to learn.

Qin leran pinches his face again: I say xiaocute, other people only go to primary school when they are eight years old. You are five years old. Can you live the life you should live at this age?

Qin Yinjian is still serious: I like learning.

Little cute, please sit down and have a good talk with your sister. She let little cute sit, hold his face, let him look at her, little cute, learning is a lifetime thing, but if you play, in addition to this age, the next age has the next age of play, do you understand?

Qin Yinjian's expression is unchanged, not moved: sister, for me, learning is the happiest thing.

Well, I can't tell you. I give up. Her brother seems to be cold and dull, but his thinking is very clear. Qin leran has confused himself a lot of times, and he still understands.

Just then, Yu guangpiao from the corner of Qin lelan's eye came to the door and stood a tall figure. Without turning her head to see clearly, she knew who he was.

Because the eyes that fall on her are different from those that Dad looks at her.

Brother, you are back. Qin Yinjian is trying to get rid of his sister's claw. The Savior is coming.

Yeah. Come back. Qin Yinze steps in, caresses the little cute head, Xiao Jian. I have two words to say to my sister, you go out for a while.

What do you want to say? I have nothing to say to you. Qin leran didn't want to be alone with him, not at all.

Qin Yinjian looks at his elder brother and elder sister. He still chooses to listen to his elder brother's words. He goes out and takes the door with him.

However, Qin Yinze approaches to Qin lelan.

If you have something to say. Qin leran doesn't want to start. He doesn't want to look at him.

Qin Yinze suddenly reaches out his hand, grabs Qin leran's shoulder and says in a deep voice: since you already know the real identity of your brother lie, you should know that he has a fiancee.

Qin leran takes off him: so what?

So what? Qin Yinze repeated her words in a deep voice. Don't forget who you are. Don't you want to be a junior who destroys people's feelings.

Yes, I just want to be a junior who destroys people's feelings. What does it have to do with you? Qin leiran bit his teeth and said fiercely.

Brother lie has a fiancee. It's like a thorn stuck in Qin leran's throat. She can't swallow it and spit it out. She can't flinch no matter how hard she feels.

If she flinches, what will brother lie do?

Still let him stand alone on the top, alone to bear the terrible loneliness?

She can't do

Qin lelan, are you so promising? Qin Yinze's mood is very excited, almost with roar. Yes, it doesn't matter if you go to be someone else's junior, but have you ever thought about mom and dad? Do you want to one day, when they go out, people point to them and say their daughter is going to rob other people's men?

Qin Yinze, what's your heart? Qin lelan retorts, you just can't see me, can you? If you hadn't burned the photo of brother lie, would I come to him now?

Maybe she came earlier. Brother lie is just brother lie. He is not a president. He will not have his fiancee Shen next to him.

But she came late, because she didn't know where brother lie was. She forgot what brother lie looked like. There were too few things for her to remember.

I'm your brother. I'm for you. Qin Yinze's tone is also very heavy. It's the first time for him to send such a big fire to her in so many years.

Do you really only treat me as your sister? Qin asked.

It's true that she's young, but she's not stupid. Qin Yinze has something in mind. She doesn't know.

What do you think I'll think of you? Do you think I look at you doing something wrong and pretend not to see it? Speaking of this, Qin Yinze is suddenly silent. With cold and fierce eyes, Qin leyran looks at it again and again. Do you want me to watch you go to other men's houses to stay at a young age and pretend not to see it?

Qin Yinze, I know what I'm doing. Besides, my father agreed with brother lie and me. Why do you mind me? What happened when she went to brother lie's house? Nothing happened between them.

Qin Yinze said again: does father agree with you and surname Quan? Do you know how painful his heart is? Because you are his daughter, he loves you, so he follows you, but have you ever thought about them, have you ever considered their feelings, even just once?

I Qin lelan's words are blocked.

Qin Yinze said nothing wrong. When she went ahead, she only wanted to find brother lie, and only wanted to be with brother lie. She never thought about the real feelings of her parents standing behind her.

Maybe dad really doesn't want her to be with brother lie, just because Dad loves her, so follow her.

Before you were young, you may not think about them, but please think about them when you do anything in the future. Our parents are the people who love you the most in the world, not the man who conceals your true identity. Leaving the cruel words behind, Qin Yinze turns around and leaves, leaving Qin lelan alone in the room.

Looking at the closed door, thinking of what Qin Yinze just said, thinking of her father and mother, Qin leran was heartbroken and couldn't breathe.

Of course, she knows that her favorite person is mom and Dad, but she can't live with mom and dad all her life. She has her own life and her own way to go.

Is it really wrong that she is so stubborn and so determined?

No, she's not wrong.

She will tell her parents with practical actions that she has chosen the right way, and her brother is the most correct choice for her generation.

Yes, she firmly believes that brother lie will never fail her.

But did you wash your face? It's time for dinner. Mother's soft voice comes. She has pushed the door in.

Seeing that Qin leran's expression is not right, Jane ran hurried forward, touched her head, and worried: baby, tell mom, is it uncomfortable?

Mom, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Qin lelan hugged her. He took a breath and said, "I know my choice may make you worry about me, but please believe me, brother lie, OK?"?

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! -- end -- / P

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