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however, first get on the train with me. Seeing his daughter's tears, Qin Yue's heart seemed to be held tightly by others, which made him suffocate.

Dad, I know you do it because you love Ranran and don't want Ranran to be hurt. But I'm 18 years old. I'm an adult. I know what I'm doing. Qin leran bit his lips. Then, brother lie is the one I choose. I believe him, and please believe me, OK?

Qin leran's tone was light and light, as if he was praying for his father, and there were many grievances and stubbornness in his prayer.

Brother lie is the person she chooses to like and believe in. She also hopes that her family can believe him as she does.

Just now, she overheard their conversation, heard that brother lie changed the name of Uncle Qin to Mr Qin, and saw that brother lie's face was satirized when he walked out of the room.

Of course, he was able to become the leader of a country and listened to all kinds of speeches about him, but this time it was different.

Because the people who said those words to him were not those who had nothing to do with him, but her own father whom he cared about.

Brother lie must have been very sad at that time.

Seeing his lonely back, she wanted to rush out to hold him and tell him not to be sad, but she couldn't.

He didn't know that she already knew his identity, so she had to pretend that she didn't know, so that he could deal with his affairs well.

However, dad doesn't want you to be hurt. I didn't forbid you to be with him. Qin Yue explains.

Dad, you and mom told me. It's you who tell me that no one's life is smooth, and everyone's life has different degrees of twists and turns. I know that I may encounter setbacks in such a way, but please let go and let me go. Maybe you will see a different daughter.

This road, this ignorant feeling, is her own choice. Maybe the result is not as she wishes, but she will never regret it.

Qin lelan knows dad's worries, but if he doesn't break through, he will hide under his parents' wings all his life and be a child who can't stand little wind and rain under their protection. Is that what they want to see?

She believed that her father didn't want her to be such a weak and incompetent child. Only in these years can she learn all kinds of knowledge, develop morally, intellectually and physically.

OK. Qin Yue said in a deep voice.

She said that she wanted to break in and didn't want to hide under her parents' wings, so he let her go. He just wanted to let her know that no matter how it was outside, she still had a home, and her family loved her.

Dad, thank you. I don't know why. After Dad promised her, her tears were even worse.

Silly child, you are my daughter. Qin Yue holds the little girl in her arms and taps her back. He wants to see her happy more than anyone else.

Mr. President, what the Qin family said today, you must not take it to heart. Driving QUANNAN Zhai to the house on Tongda Road, Lin Jiacheng put up with it for a long time. Finally, he spoke again.

Are the meeting materials ready for tomorrow morning? Lin Jiacheng said that while Quan Nanzhai was talking about something else, he didn't plan to talk about the evening at all.

Qin Yue loves his daughter and it's normal to talk to him. If they change their identities, he will do the same.

Mr. President, I'm asking you something.

Ready. Lin Jiacheng dare not talk more.

Go back earlier. Quan Nan Zhai added, and then turned into the yard.

The house is still the same as before. He used to come here occasionally for a night, but this evening makes him feel that it is very empty.

The room is empty, so is the heart.

Maybe it's just because a person came here last night. There are more happy laughter and lively figure here.

Today, I came here again. The girl who lived here for one night last night disappeared. What happened last night was like a dream he used to have, so he felt very lonely.

Just thinking of the man on the tip of his heart, Quan Nanzhai's private mobile phone buzzed twice. He picked up the phone and saw the news from Qin leran.

Brother lie, my father has come to Haishi. He picked me up this morning. Don't be sad if you don't see me when you go home. There is also a cooling weather, you remember to add a dress, do not have a cold. If you have a cold, you will be worried.

The girl's information came in such a timely manner as if she knew he was thinking about her.

A long text message, Quan Nanzhai read it over and over again. It seems that the little girl is making a mischievous face to him on her mobile phone.

Silly girl, you should take good care of yourself, and don't let the people who care about you worry. Quan Nanzhai quickly replied to her with a message.

Brother lie, I know you didn't see me when you went home. You will be disappointed. I'll send you a picture to satisfy your appetite. Soon, Quan Nan Zhai received another short message from Qin lelan, along with a self portrait she had just taken.

He couldn't help but reach out and point out the face of her photo in the mobile phone, with a smile on his lips: you are so cute, brother lie really wants to eat you.

These words, he thought in his heart, did not dare to send out, because the girl would surely know that what he said was different from what she said.

It was only a day before he saw her, and he began to miss her more than ever before.

When he thought of her, he dialed her phone number uncontrollably at his fingertips. Almost the first time he dialed, Qin leran got on the phone: brother Li heard her voice, but only heard her voice. Quan Nanzhai felt that the empty heart was filled with her: but brother Li, you are thinking about me. Don't deny it. I know you must be thinking about me. Qin leran's soft voice came to his ears from his mobile phone.

Well, I miss you very much. She was here last night. In his arms, he could touch her and feel her breath.

Brother Qin leran sniffed. In fact, I miss you so much. I want you to hug me and listen to your voice.


brother Liege

they just called each other, no one said a word more, listening to each other's breath quietly is also a kind of happiness.

For a long time, Qin leran broke the silence: brother lie, when you think of me later, let's have a video chat.

It's not convenient to see her in reality. It's good to see him in the video every day.

OK, it's all up to you. Quan Nan Zhai smiled softly. He would be happy to see her a lot, and he would also be happy involuntarily.

Brother lie, it's late today. Let's have a rest earlier. You'll wait for me tomorrow evening.


Brother lie, good night

however, good night

after saying good night to brother lie, Qin leran just hung up the phone. After hanging up, she still tightly pressed her mobile phone to her ear, as if he could still hear his voice.

In the room, Qin leran was on the phone so hot that he didn't know that there was a person standing outside the room and listening for a long time. He didn't leave until she hung up.

! -- AP

! -- end -- / P

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