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Quan Nanzhai:

Qin Yue also said: my daughter, from childhood to now, is the treasure held by our family. She has never been wronged. What you have to do is not to live up to her, but to hold her in the palm of your hand as we do.

For the first time in his life, Qin and Yue said so much in front of a stranger about anything other than work.

Although it's hard for an outsider to spoil his daughter like his family, if he can't do this, Qin Yue will never give her away.

Quan Nanzhai understood what Qin Yue wanted very well, but he still couldn't say what he wanted. He just kept silent.

His heart is very clear that what he has to do in this life is not only to live up to Qin lelan, but also to let her continue to be a carefree little princess. He is the mountain behind her, making her as happy as before.

Quan Nan and Zhai are silent. Qin Yue is even more dissatisfied with him. If this man was not chosen by his daughter, he would not have used so much saliva here.

Mr. President, you are the leader of the country. Yes, the Qin family may not have the power without you, but our young lady is also the beloved child of all of us. If you can't be 100% attentive to her, or have ulterior motives, then our Qin will never be polite to you. By the way, who did not know the height of heaven and earth a long time ago, and wanted to win the favor of our Miss, so that Shengtian could fund them, but what happened? Liu Yong speaks for the host again.

Quan Nanzhai is the president of a country, yes, but he has just been in power, and there are many opinions against him. It can be said that he is now in a hot water. If he is a little careless, he may be made a big deal by the opposition.

The Qin family has no such power as Nanzhai, but Sheng Tian, who has been operating in Qinyue for decades, is a solid business kingdom. In the business world, no one is his opponent.

Liu Yong's words seem to be very polite, but the words are just like the point of a knife, which stabs Quan Nanzhai.

What do you mean, Mr. Liu? Liu Yong will speak for his master. Of course, Lin Jiacheng, who is loyal to Quan Nanzhai, will not watch his master be framed.

What do I mean? I think your president knows it very well. Liu Yong added.

Do you mean our president wants to use the help of your Qin family? You fart and think of your master as the president of a country, but he is satirized by the Qin family's followers. The Lin family is very angry.

Lin Jiacheng, quit Quan Nan and Zhai LengSheng scolds him.

Mr. President, I, Lin Jiacheng, still want to say something, but seeing Quan Nan Zhai's fierce eyes, I have to back away.

As soon as Lin Jiacheng left, Quan Nan Zhai looked at Qin Yue and saw that his face was cold. He seemed to be waiting for him to speak.

Mr. Qin, Quan Nanzhai has never thought of getting other help from a girl. I only know, but it's the girl I want to protect in my life. I have something else to do. Excuse me.

Quan Nan Zhai said these words very heavily. His voice fell. He saluted Qin Yue and turned away.

He admitted that he didn't dare to admit that Qin lelan owed her, but he would never let people think that he wanted to use her.

Over the years, he paid attention to her every move and even sent people to her side to approach her, but he just wanted to know her news and that she was growing up healthily.

President Qin, Liu Yong has been with Qin Yue for many years. This is the first person who dare to talk in front of him and take the lead.

Let him go. Qin Yue waved his hand, and a faint smile appeared on his lips. What he wanted to see was such a young man with backbone, blood and the ability to protect his daughter.

Yes. Liu Yong shut up.

Yinze, what do you think of this one called QUANNAN Zhai? Is he worthy of our ran? Qin Yue suddenly turned to Qin Yinze, who was sitting beside him without saying a word.

Qin Yinze, as the adopted son of the Qin family, has won the trust of Qin and Yue for so many years, which is inseparable from his never meddling and careful character.

To be honest, when he heard that Qin Yue was going to give Quan Nanzhai a year, it was like a basin of cold water pouring on his head.

Give Quan Nanzhai time to deal with things, that is to say, Qin Yue gives Quan Nanzhai a chance to be with Qin lelan.

Quan Nan Zhai has a chance. What about Qin Yinze?

Will there never be a chance?

Dad, to be honest, I don't know much about Quan Nanzhai. I don't know if he can match us. But I believe that your father's vision, he can pass you this level, should become. Qin Yinze's words are also equal to no words. He still pushes the problem back to Qin and Yue.

Maybe your mother is right. Children's feelings should be handled by their own. Speaking of this, Qin Yuedun said again, you are Ranran's brother. In the future, you should help her see Quan Nanzhai more, and never let Ranran be wronged by him.

Dad, I will. Qin Yinze nodded.

For other things, he was willing to help Qin lelan. In these years, he did not take care of her as his brother.

Now that she has grown up, she has to ask him to help the observation object. This is the first time that he hates his identity as the adopted son of the Qin family.

If he is not the adopted son of the Qin family, does he have the right to pursue her like other men?

The night is getting deeper, the wind seems to be bigger, and the temperature has dropped a little.

When Qin Yue went out of the guild hall, he did not expect to see his daughter's slim figure.

She was only wearing a thin T-shirt and jeans, standing in the cold wind, looking at him with great grievance.

Why are you here? Qin Yue instinctively wanted to take off his coat and put it on his daughter. When he took it off, he found that he didn't wear it.

Qin leran didn't answer, just looked at him quietly.

Liu Yong, turn on the heating. After telling Liu Yong, Qin Yue wants to take Qin leran to the car, but Qin leran avoids his extended hand.

Qin Le ran took a breath of the cold red nose and said, "Dad, do you remember what you said to me?"?

Of course. Let's get in the car first. Qin Yue already knew why she appeared here. Before he came out, he specially avoided her. How could she come?

Dad, when I was a kid, I can't remember clearly, but I always remember that when I was carried away by bad people, brother lie saved me. With that, Qin leran suddenly burst into tears, wiped his tears and continued. I remember that brother lie said that he would protect me for life. Maybe in your adult's eyes, these are words to cheat children, but these words have sprouted in my heart at a young age.

If brother lie is kind to her with ulterior motives and wants to borrow the power of the Qin family, then why didn't he go to see her before he ran for president?

He ran into so many obstacles before running for president and even was assassinated by the opposition, but he did not go to her.

Even if she found her now, he would see her quietly, unwilling to identify with her with his real identity. She thought that he would not want her to help him with the help of family forces except to protect her.

This is her brother, a brother who protects her in silence and almost loses her life. Why does her dearest father question him?

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! -- end -- / P

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