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“I’m sure you want me to seize that phone again. If I do, this time around,

I’ll make sure I destroy it in your presence and still beat the hell out of you!

If you want to try me, let me come back and meet you undressed, stupid


Mom said to me, before leaving my room.

It was Sunday morning and I was supposed to prepare for church, but I was

so engrossed with my phone such that I didn’t know it was morning already.

I quickly dropped my phone on the bed and prepared for church because I

knew that mom meant everything she said.

She could be calm, but when provoked, she could go crazy.

I knew what I passed through the past three weeks without my phone and I didn’t want her

to seize it again.

Few minutes later, I was done. I didn’t have to wait for her to come meet me in my room because that would be another problem, it’s either my cheeks

would burn from her slap or I’d say ‘rest in pieces’ to my precious phone.

We got to the church and I left mom because she was an usher.

I went to my usual seat and was about to sit down when I saw two beautiful girls entering the church.

They looked classy. I was lost, staring at them when I heard “Is your buttocks too big that you can’t sit again on the chair?”

I knew it was only mom that could tell me a thing like that and I wasn’t surprised when I turned and saw her staring at me and giving me a

what-kind-of-child-are-you kind of look.

I sat down but my eyes were on the two girls till the church service ended.

They were my age mates, but their dressing made them look sophisticated and much older.

Truly speaking, I envied and wished to be like them.

To be continued...

Written By:: Ima Udott

Desperate - S01

Desperate - S01

2 weeks ago