Tears of a child

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Tears Of A Child.


My first day at aunty Amara’s house , I was filled with joy as grandma had said aunty Amara will take good care of me .

Aunty Amara’s house was well furnished everywhere was kept clean and well arrange . Ac, everywhere . I could see her big flat screen television that was hanged on the wall .

” I think I will love it here ” I whispered to Grandma .

” I told you , you will ” she whispered back , before aunty Amara walked in.

” Haah, Mama you are welcome ” she spoke in a respectful manner going down to her knees .

” Thank you my daughter . You have changed like seriously ” grandma replied .

As a child I was shy cause I have never visited a big house in my life and haven’t gotten used to people yet.

” Greet your Aunty Amara ” grandma whispered aloud to my ears .

“Good evening aunty Amara ” I greeted her stammering.

“Oh, sweet boy , good evening” she replied as she played with my hands giving me a smiles look.

” He is a shy kid ” grandma added .

” What’s his name ” aunty Amara asked grandma.

” His is old enough ask him his name he will tell you ” Grandma replied .

Aunty Amara laughed . I became uncomfortable as my stomach started making those thunderious sound ” chroo, chroo” they sound .

” What’s your name ? ” Aunty Amara asked gazing straight to my eyes .

” My name is Bernard Patrick ” I replied with shyness in my eyes .

” Nice name you got , you took your father’s name ” she spoke and asked us to go and take our bath then come over for dinner.

I went in to the bathroom oh, my God it was a shower. I have never in my life taken a bath with a shower before , as a child, I cherished every new thing in my life , so that evening I spent hours taking my bath like never before on a shower.

Tears of a child - S01

Tears of a child - S01

2 weeks ago