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I walked to the bathroom and looked at the assasin, then to Fiona’s brother.

“This is beyond us. These guys are everywhere, they’re even the police”. I hastily said and turned to Fiona. “You guys have to go. I have to deal with this myself”.

” How do you plan on doing it?” Fiona asked.

I moved past Fiona towards the telephone. I was about dialing Johnbull’s number when a knock came on the door. I paused with the call and looked dreadfully at the door. When I turned to Fiona, she was standing still looking at the door too. Her brother appeared from the bathroom and whispered. “See who is knocking”.

I slowly replaced the receiver and courageously walked to the door. “Who is that?”. I asked.

“Hotel security”.

I turned to Fiona’s brother. He heaved, dusted his body and motioned me out of the way. I quietly moved aside and he walked to the door and opened it confidently.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” Fiona brother asked.

I saw two men in black t shirts tucked into black jeans and a gun hung on their waists. The bigger of the two said with his hands crossed his chest. “We heard gunshots. What’s going on in there?”.

Fiona’s brother took out an ID card from his side pocket and handed it to man. “Sorry for the gunshot; it was a mistake, you can come in and see for yourself”.

The man observed the card critically and handed it to his colleague who did same and then handed it to Fiona’s brother.

“if you don’t mind can you tell what it’s about?”. The man asked.

“This man here…”. Fiona’s brother turned to me behind him. “…Is under security custody. A man came to attack him. Not knowing I was around, I incapacitated the assassin. You can call the state police, they’re aware”.

I was amazed at the confidence Fiona’s brother spoke with. The security men were very convinced.

“If you don’t mind sir, can we take a look at the situation?”. The second man asked.

“Oh, why not?”. Fiona’s brother said and moved out of the way for them.

They walked in looking around the room. Fiona sat innocently on the bed looking at them. The men strolled to the bathroom and let out a loud scream and rushed out pointing their guns at Fiona’s brother and myself.

“What’s that? What’s going on?” Fiona’s brother asked surprisingly.

I too was surprised. I wanted to know what they saw that triggered the reaction. The first man took out his walkie talkie. “A murder case in room with the noise. Yes, I’m there with Oscar. Okay, hurry up!”.

“What’s going on?”. Fiona asked moving to the bathroom.

“Stop right there lady!”. The second man commanded pointing a gun at her.

Fiona pretended not to hear him, walked past him, opened the bathroom door wide and let out a louder scream. I peeped into the bathroom and saw the assasin bleeding from his throat; his eyes looking blankly in the ceiling, his tongue out of his mouth and his body jerking.

“That wasn’t me! That wasn’t me!” Fiona’s brother barked looking frightfully at the dead man in the bathtub.

“move! Everyone move or I shoot!”. The first man said wielding his gun at the three of us.

Just then Johnbull walked in with three other police men and Gabriel lurking behind. I felt so relieved seeing that face. Johnbull showed his ID card and quickly added pointing at me “He’s under police protective custody”. Then he spotted the man in the bathroom and walked briskly into the bathroom. Gabriel wanted to join him but the security men stopped him. ” who are you?”

Gabriel looked lost, then muttered. “I’m a friend of the family”

“You’re not allowed in here, leave!”. The first man said wielding the gun at him.

Gabriel slowly walked out of the room and stood beside the door looking with interest what was happening.

Johnbull came out of the bathroom and gave me a ‘what happened here?’ Look. I nodded and took a glance at Fiona’s brother. Johnbull walked to Fiona’s brother. “May I speak to you outside?”


They both walked out.

I turned to Fiona who seemed really troubled and walked to her. “It’s okay, Johnbull will take care of the situation. This is the second death since the attack”.

She gave me a frightened stare, then whispered. “Remember what he said, ‘blood for blood”.

That word struck me like lightening. Another death. Who knows how long I was to live? Who knows about my family safety?

Johnbull strolled in with Fiona’s brother and went to meet the huge security man. “We will take it from here. Thank you so much for your assistance”.

The man hesitated, then heaved and nodded. Turned to Oscar and they both walked out.

Johnbull turned to me. “Mike, this is getting pretty serious. We need to take you somewhere safe, like a safe house”. He turned to the bathroom. “If that man hadn’t killed himself, we would have had something on ground”. Then he turned to me and Fiona. “For him to kill himself, you are really in a deeper shit than I thought”.

I felt my limps growing weak. I moved to a bed and sat on it, Fiona joined me and crossed her hand around my neck. “It’s okay, we are getting out of it, i promise”.

I turned to her beautiful face and felt reassured, then smiled.

Fiona’s brother announced his departure and called Fiona to come with him. She hugged me tightly and stood up still looking at me.

“Fi! Come lets go!” Her brother called again. She turned to him and they both left.

Gabriel slowly walked in and sat beside me . “I knew something was amiss”. Gabriel quietly said

I turned to him, he wasn’t looking at me, his attention was on Johnbull and the cops who were investigating the corpse. I wanted to say something when Daniela strolled in. She was looking beautiful and captivating even though she had worries plastered on her face.

Immediately she saw me, she moved over and sat beside me. “Another attack?”

I nodded.

“I think he killed another assassin with the help of a guy and a girl”. Gabriel pointed out.

I looked disapprovingly at him. He wasn’t even paying attention on me, he was focused on what Johnbull was doing.

Daniela held my arm and said with deep concern. “We have to do something about this, i can’t lose you. No I can’t!”

I turned to her and instantly felt like kissing her. Her deep blue eyes were laden with genuine concern, I could see she meant every word she said. I then dropped my palm on top of hers and said with a smile. “Not until I take you out”.

She was startled. “You still remember?”.

I nodded with a smile. “I remember everything now”.

Gabriel turned to me in surprise. “You are back brov?”

I nodded smiling.

He moved backwards and stared at me suspiciously. “Tell me about the initiation”.

“You mean the naked party?”. I said grinning.

He exposed a wide grin showing his beautiful set of teeth and shouted calling Johnbull and other cops attention. “He is back!” And hugged me.

I pretentiously pushed him away from me smiling because he was pressing my face too tight to chest and turned to Daniela whose eyes were beaming with joy, but she just kept her cool with a simple smile.

” Mike”. Johnbull called. We all turned our attention to him. ” You need to do away with phones for now. Be incommunicado”. Johnbull’s countenance was robed with seriousness.

I nodded. He turned to the police men with him. ” Call the ambulance “. Then he walked out of the room.

“Mike. This is serious. Another attempt on your life”. Daniela said with hint of concern in her tone.

I moved away from them, blankly walking towards the window, my mind was busy, I knew I had no time left, any moment could be my last.

” I have a suggestion!” Gabriel said walking towards me.

I spun and turned to him hopefully. He walked up to me with Daniela following from behind.

” I know a good plastic surgeon. He can change your look and you will look totally like anybody you so desire”. Gabriel whispered cautiously.

That sounded like a brilliant idea. I turned to Daniela, she seemed to buy the idea. I had something else in mind, I felt it was time for me to execute it and let go of fear.

” I think I have a better idea”. I said.

They both turn curiously at me.

” I want to go to them!” I finally dropped after a brief uncomfortable silence.

Gabriel scoffed and said in a ridiculous tone. ” You want to hand your life over to them in platter of gold?”.

” Mike! That’s a dumb idea! “. Daniela said.

I was going to buttress my point when Johnbull walked in.

” Mike, we got to go, the ambulance is here!”

I turned to Daniela and Gabriel, they were not entirely startled. I gave them a reassuring nod and smiled before joining Johnbull out.


I sat in the small room painted in white in the two bedroom apartment I was confinded in. One room was mine and the other for the police men.

In my room, two small windows were adjacent each other, a small reading table where and a chair, a 14″ caple television with over 100 channels hung on the wall. A very cheap blue flowered curtain suspended with a rope covering the small door and two adjacent windows. A small bed with a pillow, a ceiling fan that produced loud sound when it swung; the floor was covered with titles and a small bathroom and toilet behind a small door somewhere at the corner.

This was the forteenth day of my confinement. No one was allowed to see me, no one even knew where I was, I wasn’t allowed to call anybody nor even send an email. I was only allowed to to sport in the small high fenced compound surrounded with monsterious dogs and armed police men. It was more like a prison house than a safe house.

I was tired of staying there and I couldn’t wait for Johnbull to come around so I would tell him more emphatically this time. Twice I told him he kept telling me to be patient that they were investigating the case. But this time, I had to let him know how serious I was.

It was time for sport routine. Every 4pm I was escorted by three armed men to walk around and do whatsoever I desired under their supervision, by then the dogs were in chains behind the house. They could joke with me and talk about anything but get serious when it comes to their duty.

I sat on a swing smoking a cigarette. A thought came to my mind. “You’re a prisoner. How do you think those amateurs will unravel this case? Those guys can’t solve it. You need to consider surgery or tackling this case your way. Look around you, isn’t this what prison looks like?”. I looked around the high fence and nodded my head thoughtfully. “You need to talk to Johnbull! You’re not a prisoner! You’re a free man! They don’t have the right to keep you here against your wish. Sue him if he refuces!”

I tossed the last of the cigarette away and turned to officer Shaggi, a tall, light skin friendly fellow.

“When is Johnbull coming today?”

“I don’t know sir”. Shaggi replied.

I wanted to attempt begging him for his phone but I refrained because I had tried three times before, even promised him 100 thousand for just a call, he politely declined.

It was time for me to return to my cell. I slowly stood up and dragged my feet into the flat.

While I was about dosing off, I heard Johnbull’s voice. Immediately, the sleep left my eyes and I jumped into full consciousness.

The door opened and Johnbull walked in with a very dark fat angry looking bald man in white stacked brocade. I fought back the urge to jump into the issue bugging me and allowed them settle in.

” How are you doing?” Johnbull asked.

“Fine”. I said.

Johnbull turned to the man and said. “Meet Agent Ibrahim. He is a special agent for cases like this, he is here to ask you some personal questions”.

Ibrahim moved to the bed and stood in front of me. His bulky stomach protruded from his big gown. I began to wonder what could the fat belly man possibly do.

His eyes were deep in thought, his cheeks were fat and so were his lips. He folded his small hands on his chest and his hands rested on top of his stomach.

“You said they have three dots tattoos?”. Ibrahim asked.

I nodded. He nodded thoughtfully and continued. “Now tell me everything. How it all started”.

I turned to Johnbull, Johnbull blinked at me and I heaved and then narrated the whole story, starting from my encounter with John and the assassin, and how the seminarians were killed. How the assassin died, several attacks I had afterwards.

When I was done, Ibrahim turned to Johnbull. “We have to pay a visit to John”.

I was very happy to hear that. He actually was with me, going after them.

“Okay. But that means traveling abroad”. Johnbull said.

“Exactly. This case will cost money”. Ibrahim added while looking at me.

“Can I come?” I asked hopefully.

“No, no. He’s not going anywhere for now”. Johnbull said immediately.

” why not? I know the town like the back of my hand”. I argued.

“You’re under protective covering. We can’t afford to expose you”. Johnbull pointed out emphatically.

I jumped on my feet angrily. “You mean prison? This is a d--n f-----g prison! I am not staying a day here! I want out right now!”.

Ibrahim gently moved away to give Johnbull the floor.

“Mr. Mike”. Johnbull said in a soft tone. ” You have to trust us we…”

“Trust what!” I barked. “You mean that I should be confinded in this prison until when!”

“Mr. Mike”. Johnbull’s voice had become stiff. “I’m not going to debate this with you, if you don’t want it, sign the paper work and we are taking our hands off the case entirely”.

I paused a while and reasoned it through. I can’t afford to be left on my own, it was a death sentence on it’s own. So I gently sat on my bed and kept quiet.

“You need to understand, this is for your own good”. Johnbull’s voice softened again. ” I’m sorry you have to go through this, it’s just a way of preventing anything from happening to you”.

Ibrahim’s phone rang and he gave Johnbull an eye signal, Johnbull quickly added. “Just give us a little time, okay?” And then hurried off with his colleague.

As I slept I heard sound of crawling insects. I quickly put on the light switch and scanned through the floor while on the bed. There was nothing in view. I slowly stepped down from the bed and checked under, it was empty. I went to the bathroom, opened the door, it was clear, then checked the wade-robe, nothing was there too.

I later wandered back to the bed and put off the light switch. Just as I was about dozing off, the sound came again, it was as if the crawling thing was under the bed. I jumped up and put on the light, checked swiftly but found nothing. This was strange! I refused to put off the light anymore and laid on my back looking at the ceiling with my mind at alert.

I began to feel sleepy after awhile and as I was about dozing off I thought I saw the strange old man from the forest and I slowly woke up and he was seated on the edge on the bed looking at me with a smile on his wrinkled face.

Immediately, I jumped off the bed and dashed for the door only for me to find out that the door was locked. I tried with all my strength to open it yet the wooden door remained still. When I gave it a very strong yank, the handle pulled off and the door remained locked. I turned and saw the old man walking toward me with his hands folded across his chest and a wide grin on his face. This time I began banging on the door and screaming like a man who just met with death face-to-face.

” They can’t hear you “. His ghostly tone whispered.

I turned frantically towards him in fright and placed my back on the door looking for another means of escape.

” I’m not going to harm you Mike Junior. Just listen to me “. He said as he stood two steps away from me”

I had to say something, so I forced out of my mouth. ” who… Who are you and wha… What do you want?”

” I want you to meet someone. I’m only a messager”.

I was even more confused now. ” who?” I asked.

” Just follow me “. He said.

” Follow you to where?”

” I can’t tell. But you need to come with me”

I looked around the eerie room and then at the dry bony hand stretched towards me. I knew I had no option but to yield to the man or whosoever he was. If he wanted me dead I would have been dead already. So I held his hand, his hand felt so cold and bony. Suddenly, the door opened, we walked out and passed the hallway to the sitting room. Two police men were snoring heavily on the couch. Then we got to the exit door, the old man opened it and we were out in the dark of the night. I spotted three armed police men sleeping by the door with their butts on the floor and their guns in-between their legs.

As we were about heading for the gate four heavily fed German shepherds started barking at us making attempts to attack. I ran behind the man looking around for where to escape the dogs but to my surprise, the man shush them and they obeyed and sat in front of him, not even the barking woke the police men up from their sleep.

He turned to me and held out his hand, I handed mine to him like an hypnotized man and we walked to the gate, to my surprise the padlocks were opened. We passed the gate and was out of the prison house I had been for two weeks and counting. Though it felt relieving, yet I was scared. I had no idea where we were going to.

“Close your eyes”. The ghostly voice whispered.

I turned to him surprisingly. He repeated himself. I swallowed hard and did as he instructed. After a brief silence he said to me.

” Open your eyes”.

When I did, we were somewhere else that didn’t look like planet earth.

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