My neighbor’s wife

1 month ago

My Neighbor's Wife


Bayo ….Bayo… Bayo …

Baba called me

How many times did I call you. ..

Three times baba. ..

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Be a good boy oh,don’t join bad gang oh, don’t sleep with somebody’s wife

oh, desist for every form of evil oh..see all the small small boys driving

big cars, don’t follow them oh….

What do they call them nowadays… he asked

Yahoo boys baba

Eehen. ….yes you’re right

your time will come oh.

God will make everything perfect in his own time oh..

Shoo gbo. ..(Did you hear )

Don’t forget to visit anytime you are free, don’t wait for me to call you

first oh.

Greet your mother for me oh..

Oh Your father should have seen the fine boy you have become. ..Baba boost

into tears.

Baba Ayo and my dad were close friends.

Its ok…

Baba don’t cry I won’t disappoint you.

Ok my son.

Where is Tunde??is he hiding from me…

I am here baba Tunde answered.

Tunde please take care of him oh..don’t spoil oh because I know you too

like women.

Tunde smiled.

Written By: Onomi aka Princess Joanna✍️

My neighbor’s wife - S01

My neighbor’s wife - S01

1 month ago