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That's OK. Vv258z Qin Yue is about to leave with Xiaoran in his arms, but he thinks it's really impolite to do so. I'll take Xiaoran to my home and send her back later.

Listen to him say so, Lingfei instantly understood, immediately said: Well, you take small ran to play, big ran there I will find a way.

Thank you politely and politely said thank you. Qin Yue left with Xiaoran in his arms.

Lingfei stood at the door, watching Qin Yue walk into the right yard where Jianran lives with Xiaoran. It must be Qin Yue's home.

This area is an independent house. It's a middle and high-end villa area developed by Shengtian real estate. It's not possible to buy the house here with Cheng Xuyang's salary.

Cheng Xuyang was transferred to work in the United States this time. The company arranged for them to live in the house here, which must be the instruction of Qin and Yue.

The reason why Qin and Yue let people pay special attention to Cheng Xuyang, Ling Feiyu is very clear, must be because of her relationship with Jane ran.

When Jane came to New York this time, Qin Yue asked her mother and daughter to live here.

One is because it's Shengtian's real estate. The other is because Lingfei is here and someone can accompany Jianran. She won't be so lonely.

All these things came to Qin Yue's mind for Jane, and they were arranged properly.

Ling Feiyu, the onlooker, also saw it, but the Jane trapped in the situation could not see it thoroughly.

Think of these, Ling Feiyu is very worried.

Qin Yue may not know it. In fact, she is very independent. She has to make some achievements in her work with her own efforts and get everyone's approval.

That kind of simplicity is enough to stand beside Qin Yue and be his wife instead of a drag bottle. Vv258z

because she cares too much about him, she cares whether she can match him or not and whether she is qualified to stand beside Qin and Yue.

Lingfei language also thought of the things that Jane went to apply for today. Is it not even the things that Qin Yue arranged?

Qin Yue arranged everything for Jianran everywhere. He should not know that he would put more pressure on her and push her further and further.

Ling Fei thought about it and decided to talk to Qin Yue later.

Although this is a matter between the two of them, she shouldn't cut in and say more, but as a simple party, she doesn't say, who will.

It's a character of swallowing everything in his stomach. Qin Yue probably doesn't understand it, so even if it's annoying, Ling Feiyu thinks he should come out and talk to Qin Yue.

Well, she decided that when Qin Yue sent Xiaoran back, she told Qin Yue that she would never let Qin Yue violate the simple taboo again.

Little ran nestled in Qin Yue's arms and rubbed again, sweet in his heart: Dad came, but he was very happy and happy

Qin Yue gently patted the little guy's back: but tell Dad, but how happy was he?

Small Ran Ran looked up, holding Qin Yue, leaving her unique saliva mark on his face: but it was so happy. Dad should always be with ran, but ran will be happier.

She had only left her father for two or three days, and had already thought of her father badly. She hoped that her father would stay with her forever and never leave her again.

Father promised Ran Ran, will not leave ran. Qin Yue said softly, holding Xiaoran.

Xiao Ran is not around him. Life is like a year.

Especially thinking that the little guy might be sad and sad because of missing him, his heart has long run to their mother and son.

Dad is the best. Xiao ran knew that her father loved her most and would not leave her alone.

Later, dad will come to see Ranran every day, but Ranran must remember that this matter is our little secret and must not be known to mom. Qin Yue told the little guy again.

But it must be kept secret. Small ran also very seriously said.

Xiao Ran is happy and clear-minded at this time, and promises to keep it secret. If he wants to cry when he wants, he doesn't know how to sell his father.

Qin Yue holds Xiaoran at the table and sits down: but look, what did dad prepare for you?

Jam and strawberries are all the things Xiaoran likes to eat. Her eyes are bright when she sees them. But it's dad who really makes her happy.

Xiao ran was happy to eat. Qin Yue took a notebook and sat by to work. He looked up at her from time to time.

Like at home before, he is busy with his work and plays by himself. She was tired of playing and eating, and crawled into her father's arms to sleep.

Today, Xiao ran only ate two strawberries, then climbed into his father's arms, rolled around in his father's arms, and enjoyed the happy time with his father.

Before, when Qin Yue was busy with his work, no one dared to disturb him, but since he had Xiaoran, it has become his daily life to take his children and work at the same time.

But do you want to sleep? Qin Yue can carefully find out that Xiao ran in his arms is sleepy while he is working.

But don't sleep. She doesn't sleep. What if her father is gone?

However, when I am sleepy, I will go to sleep, sleeping in my father's arms, and my father promises not to leave. Seeing Xiao Ran's worry, Qin Yue promised.

Dad can't cheat.

Did dad deceive Ranran?

Xiao ran shakes her head and lies in dad's arms. She is very relieved to sleep, because she knows that dad is by her side. When she wakes up and opens her eyes, she can see Dad.

Qin Yue gently patted Xiao Ran's back and coaxed her to sleep. When she fell asleep, he took a small quilt to cover Xiao Ran's body.

In this way, he let Xiaoran sleep in his arms. No matter how busy he was with his work, he never thought of putting Xiaoran in the bed, because he promised Xiaoran that he would hold her to sleep.

So when xiaoranran woke up, he was still in his father's warm arms, and he could see his father when he opened his eyes.

Dad wakes up, so Dad will take you to Aunt Feiyu's first.

But don't. Thinking of leaving dad, Xiao Ran is going to cry again.

As long as ran keeps it secret, can he stay with dad tomorrow, but shouldn't he be happy?

Small ran slanted small head to think seriously, Dad means to live here in the future, as long as she wants dad to be by his side.

OK. Little ran nodded.

Qin Yue picked up Xiao ran and sent her back to Lingfei.

He just wanted to leave, Ling Feiyu stopped him: Mr. Qin, you arranged the job application today?

Qin Yue looks at her: No.

Lingfei said: her work, please don't interfere.

Qin Yue said: her work, I have never been involved, are her own ability. /p

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