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In fact, the flash in Jane's mind was that she didn't tell the driver her last name was Jane, but the driver called her Miss Jane.

But the thought appeared and disappeared too fast. However, there were so many things in her mind recently that she didn't realize it.

If you go out to apply for a job, you may encounter such a good thing, as people often say.

When one encounters all the bad things, the luck can never be worse, then the luck will be better.

Mom! The soft voice of Xiaoran completely disrupts the simple thoughts.

However, after lunch, Jane ran catches Xiao ran, rubs her head and asks.

But I'm so full. Small Ran Ran touched his stomach. Look at a picture of his mother. I really had a good meal.

Well, that's good. Jane is very satisfied.

Your daughter, I used to remember that she was very picky about food. Now, if I don't pick any food at all, I'll serve her a meal, and she'll eat well herself, and nobody will worry about it. Ling Feiyu followed Xiao ran with a big stomach.

As a result, I have to eat more to grow up quickly, and I can go to find brother lie when I grow up. Jane didn't answer, but the elf answered first.

But baby, listen to you, do you know how sad Auntie Feiyu is? Think about her daughter-in-law in her heart. She is thinking about others. Lingfeiyu is really sad.

OK, it's so cold outside. Let's talk in the room. Jane shook her head helplessly, and her baby ran hung two people all day long.

One is her father, the other is her brother.

If one day, the hopeful little guy knew that her brother had long disappeared, would she be very sad.

I've left lunch for you. Let's go to my house first. Ling Feiyu leads Xiaoran to the front and asks, how is the work today? I can't believe it. And I went to the boutique of DD mansion to have a round trip. They didn't buy anything and won the lucky prize. They not only wanted to give me gifts, but also arranged a special car to send me back. When it comes to this, Jane still feels lucky.

Successful job application, that is what she expected, she is confident to be able to design the clothing that customers like, the event of winning the prize in the boutique, is a pure surprise.

Ling Feiyu said: maybe you girl started to take shit again.

Just like a few years ago, Jane ran was betrayed by Gu Nanjing and Jane Xin, forced to leave Kyoto, and met Qin Yue after settling down in Jiangbei.

What happened in life, not to the end, no one can say whether it is good or bad.

It seems that good things may turn into bad things in the blink of an eye. Bad things turn into good things in the blink of an eye.

I hope so. Jane also thinks that even though she has done too many abominable things in her last life, her life is enough, and there should be no more big waves in the future.

After lunch at Ling Feiyu's home, Jane is a little sleepy. She wants to take Xiao ran home for a nap.

Mom, but still want to play at Aunt Feiyu's house. Xiao ran got up late in the morning. He was not sleepy at this time, so he didn't want to go home.

In addition to not being sleepy, there is also a very important reason for her to want to stay at Lingfei's home.

Because dad said yesterday that she would be able to chat with her video, she looked forward to it in the early morning and watched the video with dad when it was time.

Well, that can't be noisy, can't cry.

But promise not to cry.

Feiyu, then she will trouble you.

Jane, who am I? What trouble do you have with me? Ling Feiyu glared at Jane discontentedly. If she dared to be polite to her again, she would not know her.

Well, you are my dearest relative. Jianran smiles and gives lingfeiyu a hug. Then she hugs xiaoranan. Baby, mom goes back first. You should be good.

But I'm good and good.

OK. However, Xiaoran is put here in lingfeiyu. She is reluctant to part with her. Step by step, she looks back as if she will never see her again.

Goodbye, mom! Instead of being reluctant, Xiao ran looks excited and sad.

As soon as Jane left, xiaoranran immediately took Ling Feiyu's hand: Feiyu aunt, take Ranran to find dad.

Lingfei rubs her head: but she thinks about her father again. Xiao ran nodded honestly. She really wanted to miss her father.


a gentle and pleasant male voice, which is very familiar to Xiaoran, came from the outside of the house. Before Xiaoran saw anyone, he knew who the speaker was.


she left lingfeiyu and ran to the source of the voice. When she saw that dad was really at the door, she didn't believe it was true.

But ran! Qin Yue smiles and hugs Xiaoran. She kisses and kisses Xiaoran on her pink face, but she doesn't recognize her father. Of course, she knows her father. She confirms that this is the father she misses. Xiaoran stretches out her little hand to hold Qinyue's neck, and goes up to print some saliva marks on her father's face.

After kissing my father, I thought that I haven't seen my father for several days. Suddenly, I tooted my mouth. I was so sad that I wanted to cry for my father to see, so that he could never leave her.

However, Qin Yue is going to perform for her father again. She smiles gently. She has a smile only when she is facing her mother and daughter. However, if she wants to perform, she can perform. Dad is waiting to watch.

How could dad do this? She was so sad that she was about to cry, but Dad asked her to show him how to cry.

She really doesn't want to pay attention to her father!

what to do

thinking that her father bullied her, she doesn't want to pay attention to her father any more, but her two small hands are tightly around his neck, holding tightly, afraid that her father left her.

Mr. Qin, why don't you bring Xiaoran in first? It's cold outside.

Although I have known Qin Yue for many years, I don't know how. Lingfei's glib words are easy to stutter in front of Qin Yue.

Some people are naturally powerful. Even if they don't do anything but go there for one stop, they will make people submit to him involuntarily.

Qin and Yue are typical examples of such people.

In front of lingfeiyu, Qin Yue never put on the airs of boss, but because of the character, it is impossible to make people close. /p

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