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A silver gray Ferrari car stopped quietly on the side of the road because it had been there for a while and the roof had been covered with snow. //258z

there is a man sitting in the driver's seat of the car. The man's eyes fall on Jane and move with her every action.

He looked at her, eyes with too much emotion, eyes, as if stuck in the simple body.

But in just over three days, she looked thin again.

Even in a thick down jacket, she couldn't hide the fact that she was thinner.

Does this damned woman know how to take good care of herself?

Why can't we raise ourselves to be fat and white? Let him see and don't worry so much.

Looking at Jianran standing on the side of the road, Qin Yue's fist shook again and again. After several times of control, he managed not to rush out of the car and drag her back.

If he showed up at this time, the cruel woman would not know what to do.

Just like now, let her live in the place he arranged.

Even if she is not by his side, it is better for her to go out and live and completely separate from him.

But Jane didn't know someone was looking at her. She looked at the snow falling more and more. She pulled her coat and hurried to the bus stop nearby.

She promised xiaoranran that she must go home before lunch, so she must do it and never let xiaoranran down.

I don't know if it's because of the sudden heavy snow. There are fewer and fewer people shopping in the street. People waiting for the bus are in a long line.

Looking at the long line in front of her, it's estimated that it will take at least half an hour to get to her. Jane would like to grow a pair of wings and fly home to her baby. Vv258z

but, let alone long wings, even if she wants to take a taxi, she needs a long line at this time, waiting for a person in front to be picked up, and it is estimated that it will be almost noon by her time.

It's getting closer and closer to lunch time. Jane is still waiting in place. The taxi can't wait. The bus can't be crowded. It's a dilemma.

At this time, small Ran's phone call, Jane said apologetically: however, mom is not finished, you can't go back until later. Would you like to have dinner with aunt Feiyu first?

Little ran over the phone didn't answer in time. It seems that she was lost, but she didn't want her mother to be unhappy. She said sweetly: but she would eat well, and mom should not worry.

Yeah. But have a good meal, mom will go back soon. After hanging up, Jane looked up and saw that there were still many people in front of her.

Jane shook her head. For a long time, she was not only used to walking tools, but also to drivers. Suddenly, she was not used to such days.

Before, when she didn't meet Qin Yue, her daily life was like this. She believed that if she could give her a few days, she would be able to get used to it.

When she saw a boutique beside Jianran, she immediately decided to go into the shop and choose a gift for her baby.

There are many articles in the boutique, including dolls and trinkets. They are dazzled by the simple sight, but they don't see satisfactory articles.

However, their baby's taste is very picky. If they buy anything to go back, they will not be able to see it.

Small ran this interest, Jane can be sure, she must be inherited to her father's genes, do not like absolutely.

Suddenly I thought of Qin Yue again, and Jane smiled bitterly with her lips. I don't know what he was doing at this time?

There is a time difference of 12 hours between New York and Jiangbei. It's noon in New York and midnight in Jiangbei.

What else can Qin Yue do?

It must be sleeping at home.

Suddenly thought of Qin Yue, Jane also no longer stroll interest, is going to leave, but was blocked by a clerk.

The shop assistant is a very sweet looking white man. He said in pure American English: "Miss, you are the third lucky star selected in our shop today. Whether you buy or not, but as long as you step into our shop, you are our most honored guest. Today, it's snowy and cold, we will give you a warm article, and the shop will arrange a special car to take you home.

Jane can't get a taxi or get on the bus. She goes to the shop next to her and buys nothing, but she is chosen as the lucky star.

It's not that Jane doesn't want to believe her good luck, but that the chance of giving gifts and taking her home by car is too good to believe.

The city of New York, however, is not familiar with the place of life. All of a sudden, it's such a good thing for her not to believe in pies.

Thank you for your kindness. I don't need to say thank you politely. I turn around to go. But as soon as I step forward, the clerk reaches for her in a hurry.

Looking back at the shop assistant, Jane smiled apologetically and said, "Miss, this is a traditional activity of our store in the past 100 years.". We hold an activity after Christmas every year. You are the star of happiness chosen by us. If you don't accept our gifts, our shop will be

the shop assistant hasn't finished his words, but his tone is sincere and sincere, and there are many worries. It seems that if they simply don't accept, their shop will bear much misfortune.

Jane is trying to say no to her for the second time. A conversation between a man and a woman is heard in her ear: I can't believe that we will be the last lucky star in your store this year. When you are doing activities, we come here every year, only this year has the best luck.

Hearing the conversation from the people next to her and looking at such a big shop, I should not cheat her. When looking at the clerk again, she nodded and agreed.

When sitting in the car arranged by the boutique, Jane finally knew what they said was lucky.

I'm afraid it can only be done by a century old shop that can drive customers home in a super luxury car like Ferrari.

Jane also realized that the marketing method is very important to make money.

For example, the website she listed just put designers on to attract customers, and its influence is far from enough.

The website also has to find a way for packaging designers, without exaggeration, at least to dig out the advantages of designers, so that every customer can see the flash point of their designer works, so as to attract more customers and maximize the benefits.

Thoughts, the car has sent her home, the car stopped, the driver immediately get off for Jane to open the door: Miss Jane, I will take you here. The gift will be delivered to the door later.

Well, thank you for your polite thanks. She walked home after seeing the car go.

Just a few steps away, Jane suddenly thought of something, but when she thought about it seriously again, she couldn't remember what she just thought. /p

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