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But she was very good and did not cry. Since Wen doesn't want to admit that he is crying, Jane won't tear her down.

Hearing her mother say that she didn't cry, Xiao ran smiled a little embarrassed: Mom, she would be good.

At this time, little Ranran's little head can think normally. I remember that my father told her to be a good and sensible child, to help my father take care of my mother, not to mention my father in front of your mother, not to make my mother sad.

Jianran leans over Xiaoran's face and kisses her: when she is full of sleep, she will get up quickly and go shopping with her mother. In the evening, she will make you delicious food.

Well, get up and start a new life, instead of immersing yourself in the memories of the past and thinking about people and things you shouldn't think about.

OK. But to eat strawberries, to eat jam, to eat a small but a lot of delicious, think about the drool.

OK, all of these can be eaten. Maybe Xiao ran didn't cry, or maybe she had a good look at work so soon, and her mood was finally better.

She took Ozawa and xiaoranran to a nearby supermarket, bought some ingredients, and prepared to cook and entertain Ling Feiyu and his wife in person in the evening.

Xiao ran and Xiao Ze are very sensible. One helps mom Timmy, the other rushes to help mom with the dishes, thinking about taking care of mom.

Then she touched their heads and said, "you two are too small to carry so many things. Now I'll give them to my mother. When you grow up, can you help her?"?

Not good. Xiao Ze and Xiao ran seldom have such a tacit understanding. They both said two words.

Xiao Ze helps her mother with soy sauce and fruit. Jianran gives Xiaoze the soy sauce and fruit, and xiaoranran the rice, but Ranran helps her mother with the rice.

Ask two of them to help her carry some, and she will carry two more bags by herself, which not only satisfies the filial piety of the children who want to help their mother, but also does not tire them.

Just back home, Jane received a call from Xiao Qinghe.

He said to find a good school for Ozawa, and he also reported to Ozawa that he would study English for two hours every day from tomorrow.

Xiao Qinghe has entrusted Xiao Ze to go to school. This is good news again. Jane is in a better mood.

However, when mom goes to cook, you call aunt Feiyu and ask her and uncle Cheng to come to our house for dinner in the evening. Jane put the dishes into the kitchen and asked the little guy to help them.

The weather here is so cold. It's a hot pot prepared specially today. The two sons sit around and eat it together. It's a good feeling.

Soon, lingfeiyu came to help Jianran wash the dishes and scold Jianran: you don't call me when you buy the dishes, so I can call Cheng Xuyang to do the heavy work.

Jianran replied with a smile: you know to bully your family, Cheng Xuyang. You bully him. If you bully others, you should cry.

Cheng Xuyang is cheap. I've been used to bullying him for years. If I don't bully him, he may not be used to it. She dare not say it to others, but Cheng Xuyang and Ling Feiyu of their family are very sure that he is a bitch. If they don't scold him for three days, he will be uncomfortable.

Yes, I am. I'm not used to it if you don't scold me. Then Mrs. Cheng, I'll take care of the dishes, and you can have a rest.

Then Cheng Xuyang, who came to see his wife washing vegetables, felt hurt. When he was at home, he didn't let Ling Feiyu touch anything.

Cheng Xuyang, are you looking for scolding again? They two women are busy in the kitchen. What's a big man coming to join us?

Feiyu, you can go out with Cheng Xuyang. I will come here. Jane took Ling Feiyu's dish, but she didn't want them to fight at her house.

I'm going to wash. What can he do with me? Lingfei doesn't even look at Cheng Xuyang. It's just like this.

In fact, the house they live in is very comfortable. It's snowing outside, but the heating at home is enough, and they can't feel the cold at all.

She usually washes vegetables and doesn't feel cold when she does something else, but Cheng Xuyang's man always makes a fuss.

He won't let her do this, nor let her touch it. If she is pregnant with the bones and flesh of his Cheng family, she should let him serve him.

Hearing this, Lingfei is not happy. She should be served with the bones and flesh of his Cheng family. If she is only Lingfei, will he not serve her?

In short, don't be busy, just leave these things to me. Lingfei's words don't make sense here. Cheng Xuyang starts again from Jianran.

Jane is not only his wife's best friend, but also his boss's most caring person. He doesn't care how to do it.

Jane carefully pushes Ling Feiyu out of the kitchen: Mr. Cheng and Mrs. Cheng, I'm inviting you two to my house, not for your help. Both of you go to the living room and sit well, or I'll be rude to either of you.

These two are really a pair of enemies.

Jane shook her head. In fact, she often envied that two people could quarrel and fight, instead of doing everything for each other.

The day after coming to New York, Jane and her children ended up after a hot pot dinner.

After coaxing xiaoranran to sleep in the evening, she turned on the computer again to do some preparation for the interview tomorrow.

Put your resume and previous works on their online platform to attract customers. After the transaction, the platform charges 10% commission, which is reasonable.

The most important thing is that she can work at home and arrange her time freely. She can take care of Xiaoran and kill two birds with one stone while working.

She is very satisfied with the job and confident that she can do it well, so she must be well prepared. Tomorrow, she can only succeed without failure.

I don't know if she thinks about work in her mind. This night, Jane also dreams about work in her dream. She didn't have any more nightmares. So she fell asleep at daybreak this night, and her spirit was obviously much better.

After breakfast in the morning, Xiao Qinghe takes Xiaoze to school. Jane hands Xiaoran to Ling Feiyu to help her watch. She goes to the company for an interview.

I don't know if it's her luck. The interview went well. The interviewer looked at her information and asked her to draw freely. Without asking more about anything else, she signed the contract happily.

I can't believe the smooth development of things. After that, she was happy and thought that she would be able to take root in this city.

From then on, it snowed more heavily outside, but Jane was in a relaxed mood.

She looked at the white snow falling in the sky, took a deep breath of cool air, and then made herself smile and made a gesture of refueling: simply, what you can do must be OK

she didn't know, her every move had long fallen into the eyes of a man. /p

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