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When Jane picked up the memory of the past, she found that the most close relatives around her were her enemies who killed her mother.

Not only that, she also learned that in the time when she lost three years of memory, the man had been feeding her poison.

It was the only one she could trust in three years since she lost her memory. She always treated her as her own father, but in the end, she found that everything was false.

Fortunately, Qin Yue didn't give up on her. Qin Yue was looking for her all the time. It was Qin Yue who gave her a great sense of security and made her feel that she could live like many ordinary people.

But slowly, Jane found that she was different from ordinary people.

Qin Yue dotes on her and takes care of her. Everything helps her to make a stable arrangement, just like taking care of an innocent child.

He often said to her - in short, I am your husband, someone you can rely on for a lifetime.

What she wanted to do had just come to her mind, and Qin Yue had already done it for her.

Slowly, she found that she did less and less. Qin Yue did more and more for her. Leaving Qin Yue, she was like a waste.

She became a burden to him. Everything was dragging Qin and Yue back.

This kind of cognition makes her worry, makes her afraid.

For a long time, she wanted to be with Qin Yue as his wife. She wanted to be a man who could compete with him, not a burden to him.

When her father was killed and Xiao Qinghe was caught, just when she thought that she was a disaster star and that people around her would be hurt in different degrees because of her, ye Yichen's people sent her a video.

Ye Yichen threatened her to leave Qinyue, or he would send out the news and let Qinyue fall into disrepute.

There are many uncertainties in her heart. Ye Yichen's making such a fuss makes her deeply believe that people around her will be hurt because of her.

After thinking for a few days, she finally decided to leave Qinyue.

Because she felt that only in this way could Qin Yue not be hurt by her.

In fact, in the final analysis, she is skeptical of herself and extremely distrustful of herself, so she will choose such a path.

People can't see these things that Jane hides in her heart, but Ling Feiyu, as her best friend, can see them.

She said nothing more and gave Jane a big hug: however, I believe you. You will become the best simplicity.

To be a real simplicity worthy of Qin and Yue.

Feiyu, thank you for your smile, and said, you go back first, I'll sleep with Xiaoran here for a while.

Ling Feiyu said: I'll go back first. If you need to call me.

Yeah. Jane nodded and stood up to send Ling Feiyu to the door.

Back to the room, Jane saw that Xiao ran slept uneasily, because she had just cried so sad that she had a smoke.

Jianran bowed her head and kissed Xiaoran on her forehead. She said, "well, mom doesn't know why dad doesn't want your custody, but mom believes that he won't want you.". After a few days, he figured it out, he would definitely come to see our Ranran.

I can't hear what my mother said when I fell asleep. When I fell asleep, my mouth was still flat, as if I could cry at any time.

Seeing xiaoranan's appearance, Jianran could not think of any other way except for her heartache.

She gently patted the quilt covered by Xiaoran's illness, hummed a sleep song, and at the same time opened the web page with her mobile phone to browse some design websites.

Today is the second day of their arrival in New York. She has to find a job as soon as possible to make money, so as to better guarantee the children and her life.

She thought that as long as she kept busy, she would not think too much, and soon she would be able to take Ozawa and Xiaoran together into the right path of life, and everything would be better.

Jane ran ran a design website and saw an advertisement for a designer, but once again, she gave up on the condition that she had to have a well-known design work in the world.

Over the course of most days, a design website called "private customization" has attracted the attention of simplicity.

She opened it and found that there were many designers listed on the website.

Each designer's resume and works are displayed on the website, which is convenient for the buyer in need to find the right designer.

Now people's living standard is good, and there are more and more rich people.

After everyone pays attention to eating well, dressing is almost the most expensive.

Many celebrities and rich people have private designers, so that they can wear different clothes and can't run into people's clothes.

For example, like the Qin family, the clothes they wear are all designed by special designers, and then all hand-made. Every detail is very exquisite.

But there are many people in the world who are not very rich. They want to have their own private designers, but because private designers are too expensive to afford, they have derived this kind of website.

This kind of website enters the designer certainly not to be too big brand, everybody has the heart which loves the design, to the design persistence.

They are not famous, and the fees are not too expensive. So many ordinary working people want a suitable dress, and they can also find someone to help them design it.

In this way, designers and customers have both, so are you still worried about not making money?

Jane thought she could try it.

With this idea in mind, Jane immediately turned on the computer to find her resume, attached two hand-painted design drafts, and then sent it to the email of the website responsible for Designer Recruitment.

After the news is sent out, Jane begins to prepare. If her resume can pass the test, she must go for an interview tomorrow. She must prepare for the interview in advance.

Shortly after the news was sent, Jane received a reply from the other side. The person in charge asked her to meet with the company at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning.

As long as after the interview, Jane will also enter the website as a designer. If someone likes her design style and the price is acceptable, she will get the order soon.

As long as the first order is completed beautifully and the customer is satisfied, then she will not worry about no one looking for her design.

Anyway, it's a new start, and Jane has to go all out.

Jianran is happily preparing. Xiaoran wakes up, gets up and rubs two red and swollen eyes: Mom.

But I woke up. Jane looked back and saw what the little guy looked like. It was so pitiful and lovely.

Mom, did you cry? Xiao ran vaguely remembers that she cried and cried too much, but she doesn't want to admit that she cried because it's so humiliating. /p

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