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Qin Yue, I tried hard for a long time to calm Qin Yue with one reason, but at last she said only five words: I have nothing to say.

It's a fact that she divorced Qin Yue. She can't find any reason to defend herself.

In short, I really want to dig out your heart and see if it's made of stone? Or you don't have a heart at all. Qin Yue's voice is no longer as gentle as it used to be. It's so cold that people are afraid. It's so cold that people feel creepy.

Jane still can't say a word.

Qin Yue's accusation and everything Qin Yue said are facts. She is unable to explain and does not want to explain.

In short, you roll far away and never appear in front of me again. I never want to see you.

Qin Yue's roar surprised Jane from her dream. She instinctively reached for her hand.

In the past, when Qin Yue was around, whenever she had nightmares, he would hold her in time and tell her not to be afraid. He was there.

But today, Jane grabs an empty space and doesn't catch anything. She opens her eyes. In the dim orange light, only xiaoranran and her are there. Where is the thick chest that brings her infinite security.

Heart, suddenly so empty a hole, cool wind gusts, the feeling of fear more and more strong, slowly invaded her whole body.

Dad, but miss Dad, want dad and mom together. Lying beside her, Xiao ran turned over and whispered two words.

Xiao ran grew up with her father. She hardly left Qinyue for such a long time. Now she suddenly left. She must miss her father. Ran Ran, I'm sorry for her mother's fault. She will try her best to make up for her love in the future and never let her suffer any grievance.

Time, but at five o'clock in the morning, it was not bright outside, but Jane had no sleep at all and waited for the dawn with her eyes wide open.

Jianran can't sleep well, but Xiaoran beside her sleeps very well. After a good night's sleep, Xiaoran wakes up and stretches a big waist to open her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, she hadn't thought about who she was for a long time? Where are you?

Ran Ran rubs her face: Ran Ran, wake up.

Mom, did you wake up? But where? Sure enough, she didn't know where she was, but fortunately, she knew who she was.

Jane can't help laughing: but still not wake up?

But I woke up. Little ran reaches for his head. He is confused. His mother is here, but he is here too. Where is his father?

She looked around and saw only her mother, not her father.

Suddenly heard small ran mention of dad, Jane's heart is a tight, she said: ran and mom in the United States.

Oh, but in America. Small ran finally wake up, she promised her father to accompany her mother in the United States, but also not in front of her mother to mention dad.

Just now she forgot. She asked when she thought of her father. After that, she remembered that she could not mention her father in front of her mother.

Simply change the topic: OK, get up quickly. Mom first washed Ranran's face and brushed his teeth. Today, we went out to see if Ranran had anything to buy?

However, I want to accompany my mother and protect her. Always bear in mind her father's orders. She is not here to play, but to take care of her mother.

When she finishes the task, her father will be very happy. When he is happy, he will come to America. She will also be happy.

My natural baby is so sensible, thank you for protecting mom. Jane kissed her, and then she took Xiao ran out of the bed.

I haven't picked up xiaoranan completely yet. Lingfei's phone call comes, and Jianran shoves xiaoranan back into the bed.

She answers, presses hands-free, and the voice like Lingfei's loud loudspeaker rings in the room immediately: big and small, get up quickly and have breakfast. Today, I am a tour guide, taking you to some classic scenic spots in New York.

Jane hasn't spoken yet, but the little one on the side is rushing to answer: Feiyu aunt, but she wants to make a snowman.

Ling Feiyu answered quickly: OK, then get up quickly. Aunt Feiyu prepared breakfast and we'll start after eating.

Lingfeiyu lives in the building next to Jianran. Knowing that Jianran is coming to America, she has made a plan. In the future, the two families will eat together, work together, play together, and never be bored again.

People from such a large family often get together, eat and drink, play and have fun. Just think about it, I think it's a very pleasant day.

But wash your face. This time, she didn't need to be held by her mother, but ran got out of the bed, got off the ground, put on her cotton slippers and went to the bathroom.

Feiyu, I'll wash her face first. See you later. Hang up and Jane quickly follows.

However, you wash yourself. Jianran hands Xiaoran the washcloth and squeezes toothpaste for Xiaoran.

Xiao ran brushes her teeth by herself. Xiao ran stands next to her. They are tall and short, but their movements and expressions are very neat, as if they have been specially trained.

Mom, I did. Little ran opened her mouth and let her mother see that she was very clean. She was a hygienic child.

Well, it's very clean. Mom will reward Ranran with a love later. Jane smiled gently, and took a towel to wipe off the bubbles that were not cleaned at the corners of her mouth.

After washing, Jane takes xiaoranran to her room and asks her to find the clothes she wants to wear. Xiaoranran is interested in a down jacket with the image of an ice snow princess: Mum, she wants to wear this.

Well, after we put it on, we'll have snow princess. Jane helps little Ranran change into pink.

After wearing it, Xiao ran turns a circle in front of the mirror and feels like she is more beautiful than the snow princess.

With a thumbs up, she said with a smile, "our baby is beautiful, so our mother is beautiful. Xiao Ran is a little embarrassed by the praise. She pours on her mother's arms and makes her smile again? Ling Feiyu is an acute child. She didn't wait for them for a long time. She rushed to arrest them.

We have just changed our baby's clothes, OK? Beautiful. Jane said to Ling Feiyu.

But baby, Auntie likes you so much. Lingfei language holds small ran, pinches her face, big ran, this is the son in my stomach. You see, Cheng Xuyang and I are good-looking. Why don't we book Xiao Ranran to my son. /p

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