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Qin Xiaobao, are you stupid? If he could wait, would he choose to stay in the car?

The space in the car is so narrow. If the action arc is larger, it may hit the roof. I'm sure it won't be enjoyable.

Qin Xiaobao pushes his hands on Zhan Nianbei's chest, and continues to persuade him: Zhan Nianbei, the eldest husband can bend and stretch, let's bear it again, and I promise to make you comfortable in the evening.

Are you ready? Zhan Nianbei Mou son's gradually retreated some, but still pressed Qin Xiaobao not to let go.

Qin Xiaobao laughs at the thief: Zhan Dajun, the chief of the army, the little girl promises to satisfy you. If you are not satisfied, make up for ten times. What do you think?

Ten compensations? This condition is very attractive. Zhan Nianbei has any reason to disagree. For more happiness, he will bear it again.

Before Qin Xiaobao let go, he buried himself in her ear and said: Qin Xiaobao, remember, I just had a reaction.

Qin Xiaobao is usually bold and reckless. After all, she is still a little woman. When she hears the evil words of Zhan Nianbei, her face turns red.

He pressed on her. Did he react? She didn't know.

Secretly glance at him, see him endure so hard, Qin Xiaobao secretly decided, hard he once, she must make up for him in the evening.

Zhan Nianbei sits back in the driver's seat, starts the car and rushes out: what would you like for dinner?

Qin Xiaobao smiled badly: I want to eat you.

Zhan Nianbei's hand on the steering wheel tightened: Qin Xiaobao, if you don't want me to kill you in the car, just talk to me.

Qin Xiaobao lies on the back of Zhan Nianbei's chair and looks at his face from the rearview mirror: Zhan Da, can you guess what day it is?

Zhan Nianbei is impatient: what day?

Qin Xiaobao smiles: I let you guess. Zhan Nianbei started to get angry: you women remember this Valentine's day, that Valentine's day, there are several Valentine's day, how can I know what you said?

Zhan Nian, Qin Xiaobao gives a bad look at the man who is not affectionate. Fuck, do you want to fight?

How to know that Zhan Nianbei's anger is even greater: Qin Xiaobao, say it quickly. If I don't say it, I'll find a place to eat.

Go home and order takeout. Qin Xiaobao said angrily.

In order to celebrate Zhan Nianbei's birthday, she asked people to come home ahead of time to make a meal, just to surprise Zhan Nianbei.

Who knows that this man's spermatozoa only wants to eat her. He is not willing to use his brain to think about other things.

What to eat for dinner is really not important for Zhan Nianbei, not at all. What is important is how to eat Qin Xiaobao tonight?

Steamed? Boiled? Or fried?

Every way of eating has its advantages. He wants to eat.

Anyway, it's a long time tonight, so he can use all kinds of eating methods, and must be satisfied.

So when Qin Xiaobao said to go home to eat takeout, Zhan Nianbei had no idea, and even some excitement.

After eating, you don't need to transfer your position. You can then eat fried Qin Xiaobao.

Thinking about this, Zhan Niang uses a little force on his north foot and drives fast.

It used to take nearly an hour to get there. Today, Zhan Nianbei only took half an hour to get there. The most important thing he did in the whole journey was to overtake, overtake, and overtake again. Are you crazy about Zhan Nianbei? As soon as the car stopped, Qin Xiaobao drove and scolded.

She sat in the back seat of the car, the seat belt was tied well, several times, she felt that she was about to be thrown out of the car.

I'm not crazy. I'm hungry. Zhan Nianbei opens the door and directly holds Qin Xiaobao up. She has no patience to walk home.

Zhan Nianbei, what are you worried about? People who don't know think you haven't seen a woman in your life? I'll tell you, don't worry. We have plenty of time in the evening. Qin Xiaobao pretended to push him, but in fact, her interest was also driven by him.

Zhan Nianbei holds Qin Xiaobao in his arms and enters the elevator. He turns around and presses Qin Xiaobao on the wall. He lowers his head and forcibly kisses her.

Qin Xiaobao warmly responded to his kiss. Just when the two people couldn't give up, the elevator door opened with a Ding Dong.

There is a man standing at the door of the elevator. Seeing two people in the elevator kissing me, he grabs his head. He is in a dilemma.

Think about it, the elevator is also a public place, there is nothing can not enter, so step in.

But Qin Xiaobao and Zhan Nianbei are still kissing fiercely, and Zhan Nianbei's hands start to feel uneasy again. They want to take off Qin Xiaobao's clothes.

Suddenly his body was attacked by coolness. Qin Xiaobao thought that it was in the elevator. When he opened his eyes and saw that there was another person in the elevator, she was so scared that she hurriedly got behind Zhan Nianbei and hid: Zhan Nianbei, there are ghosts.

Qin Xiaobao is brave, but she has a fatal weakness, that is, she is afraid of ghosts. She knows that she is not, but she is afraid.

Just now they kissed so intensely and selflessly that they didn't find anyone who had just come in after the elevator door had opened. She thought there was really another ghost.

You're the ghost. Take an elevator, but also be regarded as a ghost, who is not satisfied, that person stare at Qin Xiaobao.

Zhan Nianbei puts Qin Xiaobao's head on his chest, stares at the man, raises his hand and presses the nearest floor: get out

as soon as the elevator door is opened, the man is really obedient and rolls out.

How can there be such a blind person? Obviously, they do very personal things in public places. He and the chief of the army still think that they are not sensible enough to come in and disturb them.

As soon as the man left, Zhan Nianbei wanted to continue. Qin Xiaobao was totally lost in interest. He pushed him to stay away.

Zhan Nianbei is a little angry: Qin Xiaobao, what's the mess in your mind? Where the hell is that?

Qin Xiaobao whispered: Yes. I have one by my side.

Zhan Nianbei looks around: where?

Qin Xiaobao's cunning smile: lustful ghost

Zhan Nianbei: lustful ghost will lust you well tonight.

Finally, the elevator reached their floor.

Out of the elevator, Qin Xiaobao pulls Zhan Nianbei: Zhan Nianbei, close your eyes.

What do you sell? Zhan Nianbei thought that Qin Xiaobao might trick him, but he closed his eyes.

Once in a while, let her bully and make her happy. What's the point.

Qin Xiaobao said: you close your eyes tightly, and don't peep. When I let you open your eyes, you open them again.

Zhan Nianbei: don't worry, don't peek.

What does this girl god want to do mysteriously?

He suddenly had some expectations.

Qin Xiaobao opens the room lock with his fingerprint, turns on the light at home, and then comes back to lead Zhan Nianbei: Zhan Nianbei, you can open your eyes. /p

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