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Zhan Nianbei's order just came out. His cell phone beside him rang. It was Qin Xiaobao who called. Vv258z

as soon as he saw Qin Xiaobao's phone number, Zhan Nianbei took his mobile phone and left. He had no time to repair these wimps.

He got on the phone: Qin Xiaobao, I just called you, you've lost your mother's temper. Is it over now?

Zhan Nianbei was just determined to repair those three men. That's because he called Qin Xiaobao. Before he said anything, Qin Xiaobao said he would shoot a movie and hang up the phone.

I can't tell anyone about such a disgraceful thing, so he thought of taking out his anger on those shriveled ones.

At this moment, when Qin Xiaobao called, his mouth didn't sound very good, but the smile on his face and people who knew him all knew that their battle army was just like a male cat in spring, with a particularly lewd smile.

Qin Xiaobao's sweet voice came from his mobile phone: Zhan Nianbei, I know I'm filming. What's your call?

I said Qin Xiaobao, is it important to shoot or me? He is a big living man. Can't he be compared with the dead play?

Of course, it's not as important as you. Ming knows that Zhan Nianbei is a very mean man sometimes. Qin Xiaobao doesn't want to offend him, or she will have a surprise for him tonight. The latest

is that your girl can talk. Zhan Nianbei is smiling silently. His always resolute face is very tender. I'll drive to the production team to pick you up and have dinner with me tonight.

I don't know if this little girl is capable of magic. Now without her to accompany him to eat, he doesn't even have the taste of delicacies.

OK, commander Zhan, I'll wait for you. Hurry up. Vv258z Qin Xiaobao said with a smile.

Qin Xiaobao, wait for me. I have to kill you tonight. This girl, dare to seduce him with that voice, she will be responsible for putting out the fire for him tonight.

Commander Zhan, I'm waiting for you. If you don't kill people tonight, they will never finish with you.

Er, Qin Xiaobao is almost disgusted by her charming voice, but Zhan Nianbei seems to like her voice. It's so fast that she seems to have two fire wheels under her feet.

Zhan Nianbei drives his conspicuous military vehicle to Qin Xiaobao's crew. He thinks very well. First, let her eat with him, and then he eats her at night.

It's been a long time since Zhan Nianbei thought he was in pain. Tonight, he must make up for what she owed recently.

Thinking that there is a big meal to eat in the evening, Zhan Nianbei drives a car and whistles happily at the same time.

Today is Zhan Nianbei's birthday.

Qin Xiaobao knows that Zhan Nianbei must have forgotten, but she remembers, so she specially tunes her two plays to the front shooting today, and will surprise Zhan Nianbei in the evening.

Of course, this surprise is her.

She thinks that any gift given to Zhan Nianbei is not as real as giving it to her. He must miss her very much after he hasn't been with her for so long.

All along, Qin Xiaobao is so shameless and confident.

You say she sleeps with this man and that man one day. Now, all the gossip has been fired on commander Zhan. I think her good life has come to an end.

Hum, that kind of woman, if she doesn't perform, if she doesn't sell her body, why does she play the leading role? Let's wait. There's a play to watch.

Qin Xiaobao sits in her baby sitter's car, happily taking off her make-up, thinking of her Zhan Nianbei. The voice of two women's conversation comes from behind her car and reaches her ears.

Those two women are embarrassed to brag in front of her how good her acting is and how good she has such a thick skin.

At this time, she is biting her tongue here with her back. I don't know if she said it to her intentionally here.

Qin Xiaobao has never been a loser.

If she can pretend that she didn't hear the bad words from others behind, then she is not Qin Xiaobao.

She opened the window, leaned out her head, and watched two biting actresses smile: two aunts.

What? I beg your pardon? When Qin Xiaobao called them auntie, the two women forgot that they had just been caught biting their tongue.

Two aunts, I tell you ha, even if I sold my body for my play, that's my skill. Who makes me young, beautiful, white and beautiful? Big bosses like me. Look at you again. Your skin is too loose to have any luster. You won't like it even if you see it. You have time to discuss my sleeping with others here. Why not go for maintenance? Maybe commander Zhan will like you some day.

You, you two women are too angry to say a complete word.

Auntie, I need to remove my makeup, so I won't chat with you. You are welcome to come to me to talk about how to sleep with men some other day. Smile Mimi said, Qin Xiaobao closed the window, the two actresses half angry.

Hum -

those women are too tender to fight with her.

Because she never cares what others think of her. All she cares about is her family and Zhan Nianbei.

She knows that because of what happened at the airport yesterday, today's entertainment headline is about her news again. In the early morning, someone talked behind her back and said that she was frying gossip for herself again.

It's said that her courage is also very big. The person who borrows to stir up gossip is no longer the person in the entertainment circle, but the war chief of Jiangbei military region.

People who have heard about Zhan Nianbei know that he has a bad temper. If anyone touches him, they don't know how to die.

As for the reputation of the war chief, how to say it? It's a big man that many people want to approach, but dare not.

It is said that once a famous woman tried to get close to him and was frightened by his roar. It was really scared. Later she died.

It's also said that the war chief has a strong demand in some aspects. Ordinary women can't satisfy him. Some women die in his bed.

These rumours are very popular. Zhan Nianbei didn't come out to clarify them, which further confirmed the credibility of the rumours.

As we all don't know, these rumors are all made up by Qin Xiaobao.

Or make more bad news for Zhan Nianbei. What if he is robbed by others?

Qin Xiaobao thought that the news was spread by himself, but he didn't know how to spread it without the tacit consent of Zhan Nianbei.

That's the famous commander of Jiangbei military region. Who dares to spread rumors about him? It must be in addition to his acquiescence. /p

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