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Man is really a strange creature. She sent him a message to ask Qin Yue not to prepare for her and to cut off all relations with him. But when she heard that it was not for her, she would be sad again.

Jianran claps her face hard, trying to raise a pale smile: Jianran, Jianran, don't think about what doesn't belong to you, try to think about Xiaoran, think about your children, you are not alone, you still have them.

Yes, she's not alone. She thought so much about her children. It's really nice. But the broken heart in her chest seems to start beating again.

President Qin, I've told my wife what you mean. Tang Yi hangs up the phone and wipes the cold sweat on Qin Yue's forehead when he looks at Qin Yue's sinister eyes. Qin Yue doesn't say a word and his face is as cold as usual. He only hangs on his side and holds the mobile phone tightly. His strength is so great that he seems to be able to hold all the mobile phones.

The president didn't say a word. Tang Yi stood up honestly and didn't dare to leave without instructions. The cold sweat on his forehead wiped one after another.

For a long time, Tang Yi thought that their president might have fallen asleep with his eyes open. Finally, the president said, "let Liu Yong roll in.".

OK, I'll go right away. Tang Yi was instructed to run almost immediately.

If he stays any longer, his courage will be greatly frightened by their president. Now he can run faster or not, and when will he stay.

Tang Yi goes out, and Liu Yong quickly pushes the door in: President Qin, you come to me.

Qin Yue said coldly.

Liu Yong immediately said: President Qin, my wife has arrived safely. We have taken the most complete measures to ensure the safety there. There will be no problem. The people who stopped them at the airport have all been caught by our people.

Qin Yue only said such a word, but Liu Yong still knows what he wants to hear. After all, Liu Yong has been with him for so many years, which is not white.

Yeah. Qin Yue gave a light Snort and recovered his cool face. No one could see his emotion.

Their president looks cold, not really cold. Liu Yong understands it, so he goes on: President Qin, yesterday when you were busy with your wife's business, ye Yichen tried to run from Jiangbei to his hometown B city.

So what? His Shengtian is not only dominating Jiangbei, but also the whole business community. The people he wants to deal with are not only in Jiangbei.

Even if he escapes to the ends of the world, he can also drag people out. There must be only one result, such as Gu's, Xu's, and Qin's effortless efforts will make them lose in a mess, and there will be no turning over.

Now ye Yichen's family is better than Gu's and Xu's, and seems to have the ability to fight with him.

However, no matter how powerful the group is in ly, Qin and Yue just seem to have the ability to fight with him.

At first, Shengtian's headquarters was in the United States, and Qinyue spent most of its time working in the United States. In the past few years, Shengtian's headquarters moved to China because Qinyue saw huge business opportunities in China.

Over the past few years, Shengtian has acquired many famous companies that are on the verge of bankruptcy, and injected capital to let them continue to do the industry they are good at.

The ancients have said that in the thirty-six elements, the number one scholar can be found in every element.

Every line, can make money, and every line, there are top people.

Qin and Yue hold this very well.

Therefore, in recent years, Shengtian's commercial territory in China has blossomed everywhere, which has increased its influence in the world.

Now when it comes to Shengtian's loqn, we all know that it's a legend, a man we can only look up to in our life.

Qin Yue added: "pay attention to Ye's every move. We must get all the projects they want.".

President Qin, we will take whatever they want? Liu Yong asked a question tentatively.

Qin Yue's cold eyes came, and Liu Yong nodded quickly: I'll pass it on.

Liu Yong understood that their general manager Qin had been working with Ye family. Sheng Tian wanted all the projects that ye family wanted to compete with. That was not to push Ye family to the brink of extinction step by step. What was it?

This is the usual method of their general manager Qin. They want to kill people, but they never need to use force to drive the enemy into a desperate situation.

As long as ye is forced to die, what is Ye Yichen qualified to fight with them?

He guessed that their Qin always didn't want to see yeyichen die, but wanted yeyichen to become a homeless bereaved dog.

Jiangbei military region.

war Nian North has no business to do today. Qin Xiaobao is filming again. He is very busy and free, so he is very patient to see his players playing the game of confession.

Yesterday he told Qin Xiaobao that even if they were dead, they still had a way to let the dead talk as long as they entered his territory.

There is absolutely no exaggeration in this.

The torture tools he used to extort confessions here were all used to deal with military spies.

Those military spies are all trained in the cruelest ways and choose the best from a large number of people.

The tools of torture here can make military spies talk. How can they not deal with such a few junkies.

They just talked about how to use the tools for a while, and what effects they have. Before they were used, some people were scared to pee their pants.

One after another, he knelt down on the ground and begged for mercy. However, he gave them a chance. They didn't say it. Now all the torture tools have been moved out. How can they do without using them.

Listening to the sound of crying and howling, zhannianbei only felt that the blood was boiling: shout hard and loudly.

Commander Zhan, as we all said, it was Ye Yichen who sent us to catch Mrs. Qin. He wanted to transfer Mrs. Qin to city B. We've told you about our nests in Jiangbei, and the rest of us have caught them. Please give us a good time.

They are not afraid of death. They are afraid of life rather than death. It is obvious that Zhan Nianbei wants them not to live like death. How can people not be afraid.

Go on, say more, maybe I'll let you go if I'm happy. Here he is again a temple, kneeling to beg him, and he lets people go.

We said everything we had to say.

When they have finished, let's do it. This day is too boring. It's really boring. There's no business to do. There's no Qin Xiaobao around. Zhan Nianbei just has to watch these shriveled men crying and Howling here.

At the beginning, he was also excited. At this time, he felt bored and needed more exciting games. /p

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