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In fact, the real thing is to let go of a marriage and a relationship. That's the person right in front of you, but you can treat him like an ordinary person. Instead of what he sent, you don't accept anything.

In short, you and Qin Yue couple have been together for several years, but the real time is very little. You may not have other people to see his feelings for you clearly. What Qin Xiaobao said to you today is true. In the three years when you were missing, without our natural baby, he might not be able to survive.

Later you came back, but you don't remember him. How sad he was, I saw it in my eyes. These things, I am now awake, think very clearly. However, I was confused after my father was killed, and I also dragged you into the water and confused with me.

Xiao Qinghe said a lot in one breath, and she doubted that he was not a psychologist but a lecturer before. How could she not find his eloquence so good before.

In fact, Jianran has always firmly believed that Qin Yue would not be the murderer of her father. When they quarreled that day, she was also in a hurry before she said that.

When Qin Yue angrily admitted it, she regretted it, but there was no regret medicine to buy.

Later, what else did Xiao Qinghe say? She simply couldn't listen.

In her mind, what she thinks is what Xiao Qinghe just said - to really let go of a relationship is to be able to treat each other like an ordinary person when we meet again.

Now just think of Qin Yue two words, let her heartache can not breathe.

In this life, how could she treat Qin and Yue like an ordinary person. Vv258z

miss Dad. Jane was just thinking about it. Suddenly, the little one who was asleep in her arms turned over and murmured.

It's less than twenty-four hours since I left my father. I've been thinking about my father in my dreams. I'm sad to hear that.

She bowed her head and kissed Xiaoran: baby, mom will love you as much as Dad loves you.

No matter how life goes in the future and how the road ahead will go, there are some confusion, but it doesn't matter. As long as her babies are with her, she can insist on it.

Nearly an hour's drive, they arrived at the house.

Looking at a small building in front of us, luxurious exterior decoration, good green environment, and passing pedestrian vehicles, it looks like a moat.

Ask Xiao Qinghe simply: elder brother, what area does this belong to? The house price is very expensive.

Xiao Qinghe said: Qin Yue can deliver, where to go.

In a word, the simple problem is blocked back.

Xiao Qinghe is right. What Qin Yue can give away is not so cheap. What's more, it's where his ex-wife and children live.

Qin Yue did not send a big villa in a very moat, which was enough to restrain himself.

Stinky girl, I haven't slept all night, and finally I look forward to you.

Hearing the voice, Jane looked up and saw Lingfei's words running towards her. Feiyu, how are you here?

Stinky girl, slow down. Seeing Ling Feiyu running so fast, Jane's heart was almost spewed out of her mouth.

It's no wonder that Cheng Xuyang doesn't allow her to go out alone. Because of lingfeiyu's nature, she doesn't know what kind of things will happen when she goes out alone.

Why can't I be here? Ling Feiyu runs over and holds Jane in a big hug. I say, stinky girl, you are getting worse and worse. You don't say a word when you come to America. If Cheng Xuyang didn't hear something from Tang Yi, I didn't know you would come to New York.

Lingfeiyu knows that Jane came to New York because Cheng Xuyang and Tang Yi missed their words when they were talking on the phone, and then asked about the news.

In fact, if they think about it more carefully, they can understand that this matter will never be as simple as Tang Yi's leakage.

The reason why Tang Yi was chosen to be a special assistant of Qinyue, to work beside Qinyue, and to keep his mouth secret must be speechless.

So the reason why he can say that is because their boss needs him to say that.

Jane wants to come to the United States, and Lingfei is just in the United States. If you don't tell her about the leak, who else can you tell?

I'm in such a hurry that I have no time to inform you. When you come to a strange place, you can see your best friend at the first time. Jane is really happy.

After more than ten hours of traveling, she was tired, and her deep mood of divorce was temporarily forgotten by her.

Feiyu, long time no see. Xiao Qinghe said.

Young master Xiao, I haven't seen you for a long time. Lingfei says hello with a smile and looks at Xiaoze beside Jianran. This is Xiaoze. What a lovely child.

Thank you, aunt Feiyu. No one has introduced lingfeiyu to Ozawa, but he has a very careful observation. He just heard that mother's greeting is called Feiyu, so he thought it's right to call aunt Feiyu.

It's a lovely lingfeiyu smile. Today, my aunt didn't prepare a gift for you. I will make it up for you some other day.

Aunt Feiyu, don't you recognize it? Even in the eyes of Auntie Feiyu, I saw brother Ozawa first. However, Xiao ran asked in a sour way.

How can we not recognize our Ran Ran. Big ran and small ran are the most important people of Auntie Feiyu. How can Auntie not remember. With that, Ling Feiyu picked up Xiao ran and startled her.

Feiyu, Xiao Ran is too heavy. Don't hold her. Jane was so worried that she was in a cold sweat.

The child has grown mature, even if the viviparity can be born, nothing Lingfei language is very atmospheric.

Jianran once again deeply realized how tired and worried Cheng Xuyang was. Lingfeiyu, the girl, really didn't take having a baby as one thing. How can people not worry about it.

Xiao ran, I haven't seen you for months. Why are you beautiful again? Ling Fei said and pinched the little Ran's face.

God, God, what should I do?

Little ran, this little girl is growing more and more lovely and attractive. She wants to turn her into her own daughter-in-law, but her son has not yet been born.

Auntie Feiyu, however, eats well every day, so the longer she grows, the more beautiful she is. Listening to people boasting about themselves, Xiao Ran is certainly happy.

Lingfei said what else did he want to ask, and then he thought that everyone was still standing outside the house, and hurriedly hailed like a host: stop standing outside, let's talk in the house. However, I've seen this room for you. The people who clean it are more attentive than the place where I live. I'm sure you'll be satisfied. /p

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