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16 hours flight time, the plane arrived at Kennedy Airport in New York at 3:30 p.m. New York time. //258z

the weather in New York is much colder than that in Jiangbei. When I got off the plane, it was the stinging air-conditioning flow. It was so cold that I shivered.

But she didn't take care of herself. She zipped Xiaoran's down jacket and helped him put on his hat. Xiaoze, however, this place is much colder than Jiangbei. We should pay attention not to catch a cold. And here we are not familiar with, a moment must hold her mother's hand, do not go away.

Mom, however, will be obedient, will take care of brother, will not run around. Seeing that Ozawa wants to talk, Xiaoran rushes to tell his mother before him.

After that, she also gave Ozawa a proud look, as if to say, hum hum hum, I am the mother's most intimate little cotton padded jacket, want to rob me, small sample you can't.

Ozawa opened his mouth and didn't speak. Anyway, his sister said all the pleasant things.

Touch their heads: Well, you are both mothers' good children. Let's go. Let's go and pick up the luggage with my uncle.

To be honest, Jane doesn't know what their luggage is. It's estimated that Qin Yue asked people to pack her things and take them away. If they didn't, he would also ask people to clean them up.

Xiao Qinghe said: Jane, I'll go to pick up the luggage and pick it up. Just wait for me at exit a with the children.

Xiaoze and Xiaoran can't help at present. They still need to be taken care of. It's not helpful for them to pick up their luggage. It's better to let Xiaoqinghe go alone.

Mom, go to the bathroom. Xiao ran put forward his opinions in time.

Brother, I'll take Ranran to the bathroom. Look at Ozawa. Give Xiaoze to Xiaoqinghe and take Xiaoran to the nearest bathroom.

Kennedy Airport has a lot of traffic and people. This toilet is close to the baggage claim area, and there are many people queuing up in the toilet.

Jianran and Xiaoran are at the end of the crowd. At this time, two more people are in line, closely behind them.

Because the people in the back are too close to each other, Jane takes two small steps forward with ran. She just moved, and the people in the back are close to each other.

When people line up, they always keep a polite distance. This person posts it again and again, which makes Jane feel strange.

She looked back at the man, but found nothing unusual.

However, in the moment when Jane looked back, the woman's hand suddenly added a sharp blade like magic.

The woman's hand quietly extended to Jane ran, trying to control Jane ran. Unexpectedly, the man behind her was faster than her. Before the woman met Jane, she was held by a gun at her waist.

Damn, she was so annoyed that she made a silent low curse. She had just found the target character and was caught by the enemy.

The man touched her hard, and the woman never dared to act rashly again.

The man with the gun came to the man's ear and whispered in English, "follow me, or you will be responsible for the consequences.".

The woman looked at Jane unwillingly, but there was nothing she could do.

Soon, the man with the gun took the man who wanted to fight Jane.

Before she left, she gave a look to the people who were closely behind Jane ran, indicating that she would take away the enemy first and let them continue to protect the hostess.

There are enemies in the restroom and luggage area. There are enemies everywhere they arrive. However, these enemies are taken away before they meet a hair of Jane and others.

So much so that Jane and others did not know that when they got off the plane and waited for their luggage for nearly half an hour, it seemed like calm, in fact, a lot of things happened.

Of course, she would not know that these things were settled by Qin Yue.

Walk out of the airport, then know what is really cold, floating rain, blowing wind, as if a moment to another world.

Jane ran helped little ran wear a hat and said: brother, I just heard that it's cold in New York, but I didn't expect it to be so cold. It seems colder than Kyoto.

You have been in Jiangbei for too long. You are used to the climate in Jiangbei. It must be cold when you arrive here. Xiao Qinghe holds Mian to Xiao ran and says, "I'm in charge of lugging, you're in charge of looking after the two children and Mian.".

Yeah. Jane nodded and looked around. Let's find a hotel first. Can't freeze the children.

Jane felt that when she came to a strange place, she always had to get familiar with the environment first, and then she could decide what to rent.

Xiao Qinghe drags on two big boxes and walks behind Jianran and her two children: I spent several years in this city in college, and I am relatively familiar with it. Let's find a hotel first. I'll rent the house. I can also ask my former classmates for help.

Mr. Xiao, Miss Jane, I'm the driver who takes you to your place. They were worried about the bad weather when another driver came to take the initiative.

Sorry, we didn't call. They have just arrived at this place. They didn't call for a car or have a place to live. Suddenly, people come out. They think it's better to be on guard.

The driver said: Miss Jane, I'm arranged by Mr. Tang. The accommodation is also arranged by Mr. Tang. If you don't believe me, you can call him.

Which Mr. Tang? Jane doesn't remember what Tang she knew.

The driver said: General Qin's special help, Mr. Tang Yi.

Speaking of this name, Jane knows who it is. Qin Yue's special help has always been so neat.

But she shook her head: Thank you for your kindness. We don't need it.

She has some savings of her own, and with her design reputation now, her salary will not be too low. She can support her children with her own hands, without the help of Qin Yue.

Now that they have been divorced, they should be completely separated and do not have any further contact, which is not good for any of them.

Let's get on the bus first. It's arranged by Qin Yue. What's the matter. You have three children. Shouldn't he give you some compensation? Xiao Qinghe picked up Xiao ran, and if he didn't get on the bus again, his face would be frozen.

Jane had no choice but to get on the bus first.

After the car left for a long time, Xiao Qinghe was still talking about: you divorced, you didn't ask Qin Yue for a cent. I think he was upset and wanted to compensate you. He's such a rich man. He can't take back the things he delivers. You can't make others cheap if you don't want them. He may have to make it up to you next time. Then you and he will be really confused. /p

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