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Mozhi, here you are. Don't you get off to have a look? The car has been stopped for a long time. Qin Yue still hasn't responded. Zhan Nianbei called him.

Qin Yue looked up and saw Jianran holding xiaoranan in one hand and Xiaoze in the other, smiling softly.

she had just experienced divorce, but she could not see any depression in her face. Qin Yue knows that she is not sad, she just hides the real emotions habitually.

This damned woman would like to rush to take her home and clean her up, pour cold water on her and make her sober.

What can't be said to him? She has to use divorce as a solution. Does she think she can get rid of him after divorce?

Don't say this life, is next life, she also can't want to escape from his palm heart.

Mu Zhi

Qin Yue ignored him, took out his mobile phone and dialed a phone, coldly asked: are you ready for everything?

I don't know what the people at that end of the phone said. After hearing this, Qin Yue hung up without saying anything. He turned to Zhan Nianbei and said, "you are responsible for sending them to board the plane safely.". Your driver sent me back to Shengtian.

Me? Zhan Nianbei points to his nose. He is the commander of Jiangbei military region. When did he do the following work?

And look at the appearance of Qinyue, there is really no chance for him to say no, but forget it, who let him be Qinyue's little uncle.

Get out of the car, throw on the door, and Zhan Nianbei pulls on his military uniform and pursues Jane and others.

At the same time, Qin Yue also ordered the driver to drive away.

If Jane wants to fly, he will let her fly for a while. When she is tired, she will know which place is the harbor where she can really park.

My uncle Zhan Nianbei was just about to say hello to some of them, but Xiao ran found him first.

However, baby, I heard that you are going to America, and my uncle and grandfather specially came to see you off. Zhan Nianbei picks up Xiao Ranran and pinches her pink face.

Uncle and grandpa, however, went to play for a few days and came back soon. In previous years, Xiao ran went to America twice a year to play for about a month. This time, she thought she would come back after a while.

It used to be my father who took her. I'm not used to it this time without my father, but I'm lucky to have my mother this time.

Well, then the baby will have a good time. When you come back, my uncle will prepare a dust washing dinner for you. Zhan Nianbei knows and doesn't tear it down. He should leave the beauty in the world of children.

Uncle and grandpa, when we pull the hook, uncle and grandpa will talk and count, and they will not cheat her if they see her as a child.

OK, just pull the hook. With little ran, Zhan Nianbei, who has never been patient, is also very patient.

Thank you for coming to see us, Mr. Xiao Zhan. When she spoke, she wanted to call her uncle, but realized that she had nothing to do with Qin Yue, so she changed her usual name.

Zhan Nianbei said: it's all from his own family. You're welcome. Although you are divorced from Mu Zhi, you are not from the Qin family, but the baby can always be the blood of the Qin family, which is a fact that no one can change.

Zhan Nianbei, what are you talking about here? My sister-in-law has been a member of our Qin family all her life, which is also a fact that no one can change. Qin Xiaobao hears the news and learns that Jane has come to the airport. She rushes to the airport nonstop and finally arrives before they leave.

Who knows that when she comes, she hears Zhan Nianbei's nonsense here. She wants to kick this man to the sky.

Her wooden brother is impulsive. He doesn't give advice, but he still adds fuel and vinegar. Who is this.

Zhan Nianbei:

today, he put down the military affairs and came to help. Unexpectedly, he didn't even thank you, but was bombarded by Qin family brothers and sisters.

Qin Xiaobao rushes to hold Jianran and cries: sister-in-law, my brother is a piece of wood. Don't be angry with him. Will you go home with ran Baobao?

Xiaobao, I'm sorry for Jane's sorry, not that she can't go back with Qin Xiaobao, but for her father Xiao Yuanfeng.

Although such a heavy injury can not be erased with a word of sorry, there is only so much that Jane can do.

She also wanted to save face for her father, who died miserably, so she didn't want to say anything directly.

Qin Xiaobao said in a hurry: sister in law, what do you say to me, I'm sorry? You don't think about it for yourself, but you have to think about it for the baby. She is only four years old. Do you have the heart that she will not have a father?

Sister in law, you know, my brother has always been a piece of wood. He can't say nice things from childhood. If you leave like this, he will be very sad.

Sister in law, you also don't see how my brother came over in those years after you disappeared. He might not be able to support him if he didn't have a baby around him.

Between you two, so many ups and downs have survived. Now why divorce?

Sister in law, please. I beg you. Will you take ran baby back with me? If you can go back, my brother will be very happy.

Jane shook her head and said, "Xiao Bao, stop talking. It's impossible for me and him.".

Not to mention Qin Yue's attitude towards divorce, she can never go back.

It's because she knows that Qin Yue paid too much for her. He took her to escape from the unmanned island to block the bullets for her. These things she has thought about carefully these days.

It's just that she is too clear and clear. Qin Yue has paid too much for her, so much that she can't bear it. She doesn't want him to block everything in front of her. She hopes she can do a little for him.

If she stays with him, it will bring him endless disaster. For his good, she can leave him.

Even if the heart is very painful, but as long as he is good, she as long as he is alive.

The death of her parents, the arrest of her brother, Qin Yue and Xiao ran have suffered different injuries. Each of them is her closest person.

Every event has something to do with her. Who would believe that she has nothing to do with their death or injury?

She stayed. She didn't know what kind of misfortune it would bring to Qin Yue. So it was the best choice for her to leave. It was good for all of them.

So it was clear that she would hurt Qin Yue if she said those words, but for his sake, she would still do it.

In this life, she didn't ask for much. She only asked Qin Yue to be good and the children to be good, which was enough for her. /p

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