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If you don't discuss with your family, you can find a woman to flash out of marriage. If you don't notice your family and divorce again, how can you think of such a thing as Zhan Nianbei. //258z

I never thought that Qin Yue, who is a man of great influence in the business world but abides by the rules, would do such a crazy thing.

Although Zhan Nianbei thought his people were overqualified, he was not so angry, but he was curious about what happened between Qin and Yue.

Qin Yue still coldly threw out two words: as you can see, we are divorced.

Jane doesn't want to divorce, so he will complete her.

She said she was going to find the happiness she wanted, so he let her go. As long as she wanted, he would complete her, and her husband like him would not be qualified?

When you are angry, Zhan Nianbei seldom sees Qin Yue angry. To be more precise, when Qin Yue is angry, he can control his emotions very well and never let others find out.

Mu Zhi, you really found something strange in angry and Nianbei. I feel it's worth seeing Qin Yue angry when you are overqualified today.

Qin Yue looks back and stares at him, warning is full.

Zhan Nianbei is in the mood, and the mobile phone ring rings inappropriately. As soon as I hear the ring, I know it's Qin Xiaobao's girl

Listen to Qin Xiaobao's voice, there is a soft color on Zhan Nianbei's always resolute face. Answer: what's the matter?

Zhan Nianbei, I just received the news that my brother is divorced, and my brother's cell phone can't work. You can go back for me to see what's going on? Qin Xiaobao's anxious voice came from the phone. It's really divorced. You don't need to see it. The client sits next to him. He and the client take one of the clients to the airport together. He can say that he has participated in the whole process and does not need to confirm with whom.

Zhan Nianbei, do you want to die? Qin Xiaobao doesn't roar angrily. How can you be so reluctant when I ask you to do something?

If it wasn't for her to leave, she would have gone to nuoyuan to confirm the news. How could this stinky man do things for her.

Qin Xiaobao, didn't clean you up in a day, did your skin itch? This girl is getting more and more arrogant and savage. It seems that it's time to clean up.

Zhan Nianbei, please remember, whose skin we are is itchy is not sure. Qin Xiaobao hangs up.

In the past, the little woman who had been pestering him for a long time hung up his phone, and Zhan Nianbei was so angry that he had to smash his cell phone out, so he remembered that there was another person beside him.

The eldest nephew of his family can really bear it. If he doesn't say a word for a long time, I'm afraid that he will suffer from the disease.

Mozhi, I know you always have your own considerations about what you do, but you'd better call your family. Your parents and sisters, they are your relatives, you don't care how they feel, but they will worry about you.

Besides, you are not the only one in Qinyue, and you are not the only one in Qin family. You should let go of many things and don't let yourself live so tired.

I don't know why you two divorced, but I know you're not feeling well, and I'm sure she won't either.

It is rare for Zhan Nianbei to be a psychological tutor in a similar way, but Qin and Yue still sit upright and look ahead and don't know whether he is listening to him or not.

Zhan Nianbei patted him on the shoulder: Mozhi, it's all about the spectators. Although your two things are only your two things, I may be able to help you.

Although his love experience is rare and he is still unmarried, he still doesn't know how to deal with the relationship.

So he said, Zhan Nianbei himself closed his mouth quietly. Let the two of them solve the problem.

They, including Qin Xiaobao and his parents, want to help, but they really can't help.

Over the years, both Shengtian and Qin family are in charge of the affairs of Qin Yue alone. No matter at home or in the company, he is in good order.

Just then, Qin Xiaobao's phone call came in again. She roared: "Zhan Nianbei, are you with my brother?"?

Zhan Nianbei nods: Yes.

Qin Xiaobao: let my brother answer the phone.

Zhan Nianbei said: girl, you are busy with you. Don't block yourself.

Qin Xiaobao: I asked you to give my brother your cell phone.

Zhan Nian looks north to Qin Yue: does Qin Xiaobao answer the call?

Qin and Yue are still silent, like a lifeless sculpture.

Zhan Nianbei shrugs his shoulders and says: you hear me, he doesn't care about you at all. If you really want to persuade people, just call your sister-in-law.

Qin Xiaobao roars: if I can contact my sister-in-law, I will call you son of a bitch? Zhan Nianbei, did you grow up with tofu dregs? Is bean curd dregs all over your head?

Zhan Nianbei was so angry that he took a puff from the corner of his eyes. This time, he snapped off the phone: fuck, I'm not clean up.

No matter what happens, roar out and deal with it together.

At the same time, the car driven by Xiao Qinghe has passed through the high-speed toll station and paid for the high-speed, followed by the cars of Qinyue and zhannianbei.

The overpass in front of us is Jiangbei Airport. From the beginning of its establishment to today, there are an endless stream of passengers coming and going every day.

Qinyue has come to this airport countless times, which time is not to get to the airport as soon as possible. The plane will take off as soon as possible and go to the next destination city.

Only today, he even hopes that the sudden weather change or air traffic control will make their flight fail to take off on time, so he will stay with her for some more time.

Even he was looking forward childishly, hoping that Jane could figure it out and come back and tell him about the threat.

Thinking about this, Qin Yue also felt funny. When did he laugh, he became so naive.

Even if Jane had thought about telling him about ye Yichen's threat to her, then Jane would never have asked for divorce so easily.

After all these years, she couldn't remember what he said to her.

No matter what happens, don't break up easily. /p

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