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Su Mu’s Outburst

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Just as Tang Wulin had predicted, it was acceleration that determined how long it would take before an object would be expelled after entering the Reversal Halo. The reversal had its own limits too. In other words, greater acceleration would allow someone to dash further into the halo before he was reversed. If a person’s acceleration was so high that it exceeded the Reversal Halo’s limit, a person could head straight into the center.

Tang Wulin relied on the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth to bore over two meters deep into the Reversal Halo this time, plus he was still pushing himself forward. Even though his vision had already blurred, he could still wave his right Golden Dragon Claw just by depending on his memory and feeling from before.

Five streams of dark golden light turned into sharp blades cutting through the air brazenly. The air was ripped apart and even the Reversal Halo’s reversing effect seemed to be torn asunder as well.

Tang Wulin saw Su Mu’s astonished expression from the breach between the torn halo. It was apparent that he did not expect Tang Wulin to figure out a way to break the Reversal Halo so soon. Additional, Tang Wulin had done so quite boldly.

The enormous golden blades slashed their way until they were right before Su Mu’s face. The Reversal Halo was rendered incapable of completing its reversal when faced with both Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth and Golden Dragon Claw.

Meanwhile, a purple light flashed past Tang Wulin’s eyes. He released the Purple Demon Eyes in the split second when the halo was broken.

Su Mu’s gaze became distracted, and he even drew back by one step. However, the five large tails behind his back suddenly protected him on their own accord and quickly gathered before his body to receive the Golden Dragon Claw’s blow.

“Bang!” The two figures shot out almost simultaneously.

Tang Wulin flew out from the Reversal Halo’s effect. Naturally, the deeper he dashed into the ring, the greater the force of the reversal. This time, he was pushed out of the ring for over twenty meters before he managed to stabilize himself.

On the other side, Su Mu flew out as well. He was blown away by the Golden Dragon Claw. His entire body was tossed aside for dozens of meters and crashed into the protective shield despite being protected by his five tails. Only then did he bounce back onto the ground.

Just then his figure started floating above the ground as if he had no weight at all. His five tails had pushed up his body until he was standing properly once again.

He had endured the Golden Dragon Claw. Tang Wulin expression turned grave. For a Control System soul master to have enough power to resist his own Golden Dragon Claw was utterly unbelievable!

Strands of fur floated down from his five huge tails and scattered before him. Su Mu’s face appeared slightly pale, but the elegance in his gaze had vanished and in its place was rage!

He cherished his five tails most, because they not only appeared when he released his martial soul but were a part of his body. There was nothing more important to a Nine-tailed fox than its tails. Even though the Golden Dragon Claw’s blow earlier had been blocked by his five foxtails, the tails had been injured rather severely.

Meanwhile, in the waiting area…

“His power is so intense. The breakthrough earlier achieved the same goal through a different approach like how Big Brother fought against Su Mu back in those days. He’s not as strong as Big Brother, but he had very good judgment in combat. Moreover, that attack earlier was so strong. Su Mu’s tails are no weaker than ordinary battle armor. It’s surprising that so much fur dropped from them.”

Dai Yueyan’s gaze revealed that he was slightly concerned.

The excitement in Long Yue’s eyes grew. “The raging Nine-tailed Fox is fearsome. Even I feel so. I would like to see how Shrek Academy’s little fellow is going to resist Su Mu’s rage.”

Yes, Su Mu had changed.

When he stabilized himself once again and looked down to the fox fur that covered the ground, his whole aura had undergone a transformation that overturned the heavens and earth. His eyes changed from crystal clear to muddy, and then they quickly began turning red.

To everyone’s astonishment, his eyes had become the color of blood, while the five giant tails on his back expanded rapidly and swayed with the wind. Compared to before, the tails had doubled in length.

Tang Wulin looked at Su Mu. He could feel his chest tighten. The Golden Dragon King Bloodline’s power allowed him to sense the source of Su Mu’s change at the moment more deeply. It was not his soul skill or martial soul, but it originated from his bloodline, and the strength he derived from it!

Enormous pressure radiated from Su Mu as he stood opposite him. The Fox King was no longer polite and elegant, but was now most terrifying!

The five enormous tails behind his back swayed in unison. A frightening scene emerged as he released all five halos at the same time, shooting them toward Tang Wulin.

‘Was he… releasing five soul skills at the same time?’

There was absolutely no such skill even at Shrek Academy. The soul skills that were released were capable of interacting and overlapping with one another. However, there was always a sequence in releasing the soul skills. The process of overlapping soul skills could only be done when one soul skill’s effect had yet to end and the next soul skill’s effect was revealed.

This was the first time Tang Wulin had ever witnessed someone releasing five soul skills simultaneously. The only viable explanation for this was Su Mu’s natural talent—his personal bloodline’s innate gift.

In the waiting area, everyone became anxious wondering whether this was in favor of Shrek Academy or Monster Academy.

The students from Monster Academy’s group could clearly remember that Long Yue and Su Mu had once engaged in a fight. While in such a rampaging state, Su Mu released five great soul skills simultaneously onto Long Yue. Long Yue bore the brunt of it and managed to resist the effect of five simultaneous soul skills. In the end, Su Mu surrendered and relinquished his position.

Could Tang Wulin resist the effect of five soul skills being released in unison?

The first halo was white in color. It was the Debilitating Halo.

The second halo was a combination of seven colors. It was the Soul Power Stripping halo.

The third halo was dark green. It was the Reversal Halo

The fourth halo was black, and it was the Devouring Halo.

The fifth halo was golden, and it was the Destruction Halo.

The five terrible soul skills were released simultaneously into the air. Under normal circumstances, it was utterly impossible for one to dash out of the area that they had covered.

Moreover, these five halos were still adjusting their position at full speed in midair. The five soul rings then overlapped and dropped down from the sky.

Tang Wulin watched as the five glowing rings dropped, and his gaze became solemn. To everyone’s surprise, he did not attempt to dodge or even move. He just stood there as the five halos dropped down from the sky onto his body.

Instantly, Tang Wulin felt as if his body was being torn apart. Even the Golden Dragon Body was incapable of withstanding the agony and pain brought by the force.

The Debilitating Halo’s effect doubled so that everything became slower than ever. The Soul Power Stripping halo’s effect also doubled. The speed at which it could drain his soul power increased exponentially.

The Reversal Halo’s direct effect was completely different compared to when it was used to guard Su Mu. It made Tang Wulin feel as if he was a headless fly. It was as though every fiber of his being had lost all sense of order. Even the soul power and blood essence power in his body had gone chaotic.

The Reversal Halo was only the third in the sequence of five soul skills, but it was undoubtedly Su Mu’s most powerful soul skill that caused the greatest change.

The Devouring Halo devoured a person’s spirit soul and state of mind. Tang Wulin could feel as if his spiritual power was about to be stripped away by force. The pain in his head was so severe that he could not think anymore.

The Destruction Halo brought along an unstoppable shredding force as if there were large hands coming in from all directions and tearing at his body wildly until he was completely ripped apart.

These five soul skills were overlapped such that all the effects doubled. Instantly, Tang Wulin’s body started trembling violently.

Tang Wulin’s top was immediately torn apart revealing his muscular body covered in golden scales. The scales on his body were shimmering with a dazzling array of colors. They were resisting the five overlapped soul rings with all their strength. One could see strands of white soul power being stripped away from his body, and there were even ribbons of blood flowing out as well.

“Captain!” Xie Xie shouted aloud. He was about to dash outside before he was grabbed by Yuanen Yehui.

Xie Xie was frequently quarreling with Tang Wulin, but in reality, they had befriended one another the earliest and had an extremely good relationship.

Gu Yue’s expression was so gloomy it felt as if her face was about to rain. She clenched her fists tightly, but she spoke with a dull voice, “Trust him. He would never withstand a frontal attack without the means to dodge for no reason. I’m sure he has his own ideas.”

On the other side’s waiting area, the atmosphere was completely different.

“It’s over!” Dai Yueyan sighed softly. “It was his own fault for infuriating Su Mu. I wonder if Su Mu is badly injured.’

Dai Yun’er watched the scene before her eyes absentmindedly. For some unknown reason, vengeance brought no joy to her heart. Instead, she felt rather uneasy as she saw Tang Wulin trapped in such an extreme situation.

Long Yue frowned as if he was deep in thought. Everybody else was no longer paying attention to the screen anymore.

The effect of five overlapped soul skills was truly frightening. It was a simultaneous attack on the spirit, soul power, and body. The attack was assaulting Tang Wulin on all fronts.

What else could happen?

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