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Breakthrough! To the Fifth Seal!

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Tang Wulin raised his brows just when Yuanen Yehui’s voice echoed from the back, “I’ll do it.”

Not a moment later, a shadow surged skywards. The shadow expanded rapidly and four soul rings rose upwards with the third and fourth soul rings glowing radiantly.

The yellow-shirt youth leader was fearful of the enormous creature which was over five meters tall descending from the sky and smashing straight into his Tornado. Following the impact, his tornado collapsed and dispersed without a trace.

It was the Diamond Titan and Devil Titan! Yuanen Yehui’s strength and power were formidable regardless of attack or defense.

She threw a right punch and the air reverberated in its wake.

By the time the yellow-shirt youth leader reacted, he barely had time to fend off the blow with his fan.


The smashing blow caused him to be flung back together with his fan. The powerful force had sent him crashing into the people in his camp.

Even Tang Wulin would need to rely on the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens to defend against the Air Cannon enhanced by the Diamond Titan and the Titan Giant Ape, especially when the opponent’s strength was not in facing a frontal attack.

Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Ye Xinglan were akin to three sharp blades. In the chaos, they seized the opportunity to charge into their opponent’s camp. Then, they would slash and crush them!

Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi stopped in the midst of their tracks. The competition had already ended.

The opponents were mainly five soul ring Soul Kings and not One-word Battle Armor Masters so they were barely threatening. In fact, it was not easy for a One-word Battle Armor Master to make an appearance!

Victory to the first round of the group match!

Being victorious was always euphoric. However, Tang Wulin was not on cloud nine. He had always had an acute sense of danger, but Long Yue gave him the most stress today.

As a captain, he would need to be strong to lead his comrades in defeating formidable enemies. Thus, he had come to a decision in his heart.

Tang Wulin returned to the hotel immediately after the competition ended. He had informed his comrades that he would be skipping lunch. He then locked himself in his room.

It was time!

The roar of a dragon echoed softly, and Tang Wulin closed his eyes. His mind directed the reversal of his blood essence, and his soul power fused with the blood essence. It was rising slowly in a steady, resolute manner.

The seal was already full of cracks. When the charging force arose, Tang Wulin felt a loud boom echoing within his body. In an instant, the seal broke. The Golden Dragon King Essence sprung into life and surged into his bloodline wreaking havoc to his body.

After forty-nine days of painstaking cultivation on the brink of life and death, his martial soul evolved twice. Tang Wulin’s cultivation base achieved a breakthrough to the fortieth rank which resulted in a multitude of changes to his body.

This was by far his most effortless episode in achieving a breakthrough to the Golden Dragon King’s Seal. The meridians in his entire body were reeling from intense pain, but it was not overwhelming to the extent of wishing to die from the pain. He needed no spiritual assistance as he could sense every minute change in his body.

The Golden Dragon King Essence that was surging out of the seal had a translucent, bright golden color. Its character was domineering and valiant with a tinge of wildness. It plunged toward the right side and appeared to be searching for a breach.

Tang Wulin mobilized his blood essence to guide the Golden Dragon King Essence into fusing with his bloodline. The Mysterious Heaven Method was flowing at an abnormally fast rate. In the meantime, he was absorbing the energy stored in the continually circulating Golden Dragon King Essence.

He wanted to be stronger. In fact, he must be stronger. Only then could he lead his comrades to blaze a way through all obstacles and fight the formidable enemy.

Win, he must win!

His intense ambition to win had driven his extremely zealous will to fight.

Tang Wulin’s eyes were filled with fervor. His round dilated pupils gradually turn into vertical slits as golden grid patterns spread throughout his entire body. Pieces of golden scales began boring out of his right hand and spread upwards at full speed past his right shoulder, then his chest, until they reached his left shoulder. Then, its speed started to slow as it flowed downwards.

The pain was under control, and Tang Wulin could sense his meridians’ and bones’ color turning brighter and more dazzling with the nourishment of Golden Dragon King Essence. He could also feel the Goldsong of spirit soul and the Overlord Dragon’s cheer. Every time the Golden Dragon King’s Seal achieved a breakthrough, the spirit soul would benefit being a part of Tang Wulin’s body.

Tang Wulin understood that the Overlord Dragon chose to be his spirit soul not because of the charm of his lofty persona, but because it was attracted to his Golden Dragon King Bloodline.

As the golden light circulated, the scales on his left arm had already spread past his elbow and was still spreading slowly downward. Tang Wulin was trying to stay calm, but he was still visibly excited. He could already predict what was about to happen next.

The soul power in his body circulated increasingly fast. The fifth layer seal ensured that the rate of absorbing the Golden Dragon King Essence was equally fast.

The golden color spread downward continuously as pieces of diamond-shaped scales bored through his skin with an itchy and piercing sensation. Tang Wulin had never felt this previously when he achieved a breakthrough of the seal.

Finally, the scales reached his wrist but still continued downward in an unwavering manner. Tang Wulin felt an acute pain radiating from his entire left hand. His bones began making the screeching sound that made his gums hurt. Simultaneously, his palm grew bigger and his meridians were extended. His bones pierced his skin and transformed into sharp claws. It looked golden and tenacious.

The transformation that was taking place hurt Tang Wulin tremendously as his powerful sense of potency at the depth of his spirit was triggered.

The nerves of his fingertips were linked to his heart. The change of palms made Tang Wulin feel as if he was about to be torn apart. However, clenching his teeth, he persisted and survived the ordeal.

He was about to succeed!

The Golden Dragon Claw had been his most incisive weapon. His combat capability would certainly be enhanced when he had two Golden Dragon Claws instead of one.

Even if he did not have the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw on his left hand, the ability of the Golden Dragon Claw to attack and defend would be a substantial enhancement to Tang Wulin. Moreover, Tang Wulin would achieve huge improvements in his strength, speed, and defense ability with an increase in his bloodline power.

Tang Wulin believed that if his entire body was completely covered with dragon scales in the future, then his body’s strength would be on par with a One-word Battle Armor Master’s.

He chose to achieve a breakthrough to the fifth layer seal under immense stress so as to elevate his power. He had made the decision when he heard Long Yue’s wild laughter.

Finally, the intense pain stopped, followed by an agonizing numbness and itchiness of the skin. While the scales were growing, his skin was healing. Tang Wulin could intuitively feel that the Golden Dragon Claw on his left hand was different from the one on his right.

The special effect of his right hand’s Golden Dragon Claw was Smash. Could it be that his left hand’s was not Smash? If not, what else could it be?

Much later, Tang Wulin realized his entire body was covered with sweat. The Golden Dragon King Essence’s energy in his body had finally dissipated.

This was the shortest time ever taken to break through a seal, yet it was also the one that gave Tang Wulin the most profound feeling. Old Tang had once mentioned the energy within the Golden Dragon King’s Seal was a double-edged sword. The elevation of the Golden Dragon King Essence had made Tang Wulin into who he was today.

Tang Wulin was not fearful of this newfound power of his. On the contrary, he was more appreciative. Without the eighteen Golden Dragon King’s Seal in his body, he would not have survived till today.

His future achievement would be impressive so long as he could maintain the pace in removing the seals. As Long Yue had mentioned, Tang Wulin only needed time to develop into a supreme powerhouse!

The sky appeared dark outside. Tang Wulin sprung up from his bed, and in a few quick movements removed his clothes before going into the washroom.

In a hot shower, he washed away the Golden Dragon King Essence’s seal that was expelled. Although he was a little weak spiritually, an indescribable sense of pleasure suffused his body.

He clenched his left hand as an extraordinary sense of power arose spontaneously. The Golden Dragon Claw split into two. It was the most direct and purest elevation for him.

However, what was the forte of the Golden Dragon Claw?

Tang Wulin walked to the side of a wall and began circulating his blood essence. Scales covered his hands as a pair of Golden Dragon Claws appeared simultaneously.

The two Golden Dragon Claws apparently looked similar. Golden radiances pulsated at the tip of his claws. The only difference was when the right hand was urging the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw then his right hand would expand again.

Tang Wulin pressed his left Golden Dragon Claw softly onto the wall.

If this was the right hand’s Golden Dragon Claw, the wall would be pulverized immediately when he touched it.

However, it was equally shocking as the left hand’s Golden Dragon Claw came into contact with the wall. Streaks of fissures spread out rapidly into the surroundings from the spot which he had just touched. In a short while, a large web of fissures appeared on the entire wall.

‘This was…’

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