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Let the Group Match Begin!

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Monster Academy’s group of seven visibly cast their glances at his side when they were on the stage. Their aura expanded immensely when he nodded toward them.

There was hardly any suspense in this match. It only took them a group collision to totally defeat their opponents. The group leader was the fourth prince Dai Yueyan.

“Five soul rings, five soul rings, five soul rings, five soul rings, five soul rings, four soul rings!” Xie Xie was irked upon repeating those words.

All the Monster Academy’s participants had five-ringed cultivation bases except for Her Highness. Moreover, none of their five soul rings were ordinary.

More importantly, none of them had any yellow soul ring on their bodies. Three of them had all five soul rings in purple, while the other three had black soul rings. Dai Yueyan had two black soul rings, whereas Dai Yun’er had three purple and one black soul ring.

Judging by the quality of their soul rings, they completely overwhelmed their opponents. Their powers for this match could not be ascertained because their contenders were defeated in a short time. The only thing that the audience witnessed was their amazing teamwork.

Tang Wulin looked surprised because he least expected the princess of an eccentric yet intellectual nature to be a cultivation genius. She was the same age as him with soul rings of similar colors. Was she really a pampered princess?

Monster Academy’s team was formidable as expected. They had displayed such impressive powers not to mention Long Yue who had entered the arena as well. If they were all one-word battle armor masters, then their overall power far exceeded Tang Wulin’s team.

If Tang Wulin’s team was in a one-against-one battle where they relied on the element of surprise and an instantaneous explosion of power, then they may even defeat a one-word battle armor master. However, in a group match, they would not stand a chance at all.

Besides, how could the one-word battle armor masters who were from the top academy in Star Luo Empire be compared to ordinary one-word battle armor masters?

“Do you still remember the founding motto of the Shrek Academy?” whispered an icy cold voice.

Tang Wulin and his comrades turned around to find Wu Zhangkong behind them.

“Creating miracles,” Wu Zhangkong answered the question.

“Shrek, forever creating miracles. Believe in yourselves.”

Tang Wulin clenched his fist, while his gaze became focused.

Taking on an earnest look, Wu Zhangkong walked to the side of his disciples and stood there as he closed his eyes to meditate.

In fact, his heart was not calm. He was already there waiting when Tang Wulin and his friends came, only that he did not make contact with them. Thus, he had witnessed all that had happened during the encounter between Tang Wulin and Long Yue.

One’s vision was inherently more refined at different progressions of cultivation base. Wu Zhangkong could sense the demeanor of a wild beast in Long Yue’s presence.

He had bumped into a beast when he was at the highest level of the spirit pagoda’s ascension platform. The youth from Monster Academy from earlier was exuding an aura similar to the beast in his body. His reputation of being Monster Academy’s unique, extraordinary talent was not a baseless rumor.

Wu Zhangkong did not feel confident in defeating Long Yue in a one-against-one match.

Of course, he would never tell his disciples.

Tang Wulin and his companions had yet to learn how terrifying their opponent was. No one from the Shrek Academy was capable of causing such stress to Wu Zhangkong at his age.

Meanwhile, the young soul masters in the waiting area split into two teams. The Monster Academy’s team who were dressed in red attire was one of the teams. Long Yue was walking at the forefront. He gazed at Tang Wulin’s body as soon as he entered the door. His serious face turned into a sly smile as he strode over in a haughty manner.

Dai Yun’er initially gave Tang Wulin a thumbs up, but then she slowly turned her thumb downward, pointing to the ground.

“I’m participating in the group match.” The low and deep voice did not reveal much emotion, yet it touched Tang Wulin’s heart. In reflex, he unknowingly clenched his fist.

The group match’s competition stage was much bigger than the previous competition stage. Its diameter was almost three hundred meters. The competition stage had a vast surface with a powerful protective shield.

The third round match was about to begin. Tang Wulin and his companions ascended the stage and found a group of challengers dressed in yellow attire confronting them.

Their opponents were vigilant as they gazed at Tang Wulin and his group. They had witnessed Tang Wulin and Long Yue’s exchange in the waiting area earlier. Tang Wulin’s demeanor apparently did not reflect his unfavorable position. How could they not fear their opponents?

“Let the competition begin!”

The first group match of the Shrek squad commenced upon the judge’s announcement.

Seven people were in the competition. They were Tang Wulin, Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui, Xie Xie, Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi. Gu Yue did not enter the arena as she was a substitute.

The trio, Tang Wulin, Ye Xinglan, and Yuanen Yehui, dashed out as swift as an arrow when the judge announced the start of the competition. Xie Xie’s figure flashed by as he was partially hidden behind Yuanen Yehui’s back.

With his right hand, Xu Lizhi flung the steamed buns toward the figures who were speeding ahead. The figures swiveled around to receive the flying buns before stuffing it into their mouths. Moments later, their movements became more agile, and their swiftness multiplied. Those were the Agile Pork Buns.

The formation of Shrek Academy’s seven appeared adrift when seen from the top.

There was a large gap between the four people in the front and the other three behind. Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi were in the group lagging behind.

Meanwhile, their opponent’s group of seven soul masters had not established their formation. Nevertheless, they soon assembled into a triangle configuration as they went forth. A youth of medium stature was at the forefront leading the formation. Five soul rings arose from underneath his feet; two yellow and three purple.

His martial soul was quite peculiar. It turned out to be a fan. They could only catch a glimpse of the soul ring on his body shimmering radiantly once, as the fan in his hand enlarged rapidly. He flapped the fan at Tang Wulin who was charging toward him.

There was a gush of strong, forceful winds. All at once, the air in the sparring arena became turbulent.

He had a wind attribute martial soul!

At the vanguard of his group, Tang Wulin led the way rushing into the violent winds. Golden light shimmered on his body as the Golden Dragon Body was unleashed. He fought the ferocious winds without losing speed much to everyone’s surprise.

Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui crossed their bodies in rhythm and hid behind Wulin’s back. The four of them including Xie Xie formed a wall to diffuse the force of the lashing winds.

Tang Wulin was in the front, walking in confident strides. The powerful winds continued blowing and swirling all that crossed its path, but Tang Wulin was determinedly edging forward. He was so close to his opponent that he could almost see the whites of his eyes.

The eyes of the youthful leader were fixated for a moment as the fifth soul ring on his body glowed brightly. With neither hesitation nor reservation, he unleashed his most powerful skill.

This was a matter of experience and intellect.

The leader had overheard Long Yue’s praise of Tang Wulin in the waiting area earlier, so he was cautious not to underestimate his challengers on judging them by their ages. Although the Shrek Academy’s squad appeared to be adrift, they had proven that their combat capabilities were equally powerful, and they were confident of themselves.

He did not need to assess his opponents anymore as such. He must use his most powerful skill to subdue his opponent to create an opportunity for his compatriots to attack.

The gigantic fan waved as the fierce howling winds formed into a swirling green tornado, s-----g everything into its vortex, which was heading toward Tang Wulin.

The tornado storm was the youth leader’s most potent soul skill.

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