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The lady turned towards Johnbull. “They’re called the ghost. They attempted to kill him once but ended up killing a client’s driver”. She turned to me. ” do you remember our plane crash?”

I began wondering if I had been on a plane crash. Like she sensed the puzzled look and added. “The bush carnivorous men?”

“Oh, where you guys on that crash? I saw it on CNN”. Johnbull excitedly asked.

“Yeah, we were. Mike was the hero of the day, he saved everyone”. She said.

I couldn’t understand why everything she was saying sounded strange. She began narrating the event that took place during the plane crash and painted me as a kind of hero in her story, how I saved her life and killed a bear. Then she began explaining how good I was with my job, the English guy confirming everything she had said.

“Why was I attacked after I finished talking with you?”. I asked the only thing bothering me.

“They must have placed a bug on my phone, I don’t know. You know, that is very possible these days”. She explained.

Then a brief summary of my job history with her company and my relationship with some persons we shared same mutuality was brought to light by the two foreigners, Johnbull took a lengthy note and walked out leaving I alone with them.

“Please Mike, tell them I have nothing to do with your attack. We have a meeting with a very important prospect tomorrow”. The Italian lady said.

I shook my head feeling unsettled. “My life was almost called short. We have to get to the bottom of this issue”.

“Look here Mike”. The English guy angrily said. “We got nothing to do with whatsoever attack you’ve got entangled in. You need to get your memory in shape buddy, I need to have a beauty sleep and prepare for my adventure tomorrow”.

Johnbull walked in and took his seat. “You guys can go”.

I turned startlingly at him. “What?”.

“But I have to hold your passports. Just incase”. Johnbull continued ignoring me.

“I’m so grateful. Thank you so much sir”. The Italian lady was overly glad as she immediately stood up.

Johnbull stood up and shook hands with them, then the English guy said to me. “Come on Mike, we’ve got catching up to do”.

I and the two foreigners went to grab a snack and soft drink at the police canteen. While we ate, the lady Daniella said. “I can’t believe we just lost one of our best staff”.

“That’s not a good news”. Gabriel said biting into a meatpie.

Daniella looked at me uneasily. “Mike, you have to remember something, anything. We need you, I need you”.

Gabriel surprisingly turned to her and then focused on me. “Look, we can help you coz we more family to you than these folks here. You need to come with us, perhaps we could help strike back some of your memories”.

“No. I can’t. I’m a moving time bomb. Those guys are on me like leech. I can’t get you guys in harms way. Twice they attached me yesterday killing a cop and four civilians”. I said looking at their keen faces.

“This is serious”. George sounded overwhelmed.

“Tell me about all that money in my account”. I asked Daniella.

She explained in detail how the company pays some percentage into my account from every income my clients brings to the company, she also threw more lights on what the company was all about and took me through a brief summary.

I finished with my snack silently listening to her and when she was done, she signalled my attention with a finger in the air. “Can we talk outside?”.

George turned to her astonishingly and she smiled and nodded at him. I gently stood up and followed her towards the door.

As we were about stepping out, I saw the strange old man I once saw in the forest few yards away at the exit gate of the police station looking at me. I stopped abruptly and wondered how it or he got there. He pointed a finger at me and motioned me over with his slim finger; like one hypnotized, I began walking towards him, past Daniella who seemed startled at my action.

“Hello…Hey!”. Daniella called. I could hear her faintly enough not to call full my attention.

In that hypnotism, I was almost run down by car, but it stopped just in time. The driver shot his head from his window screaming at me, but I wasn’t listening. I couldn’t stop myself, I couldn’t even take my eyes off the old ghostly man. I only knew my legs were moving and my full attention was on that slim finger beckoning me over.

I noticed someone stopped in front of me and with hands on my shoulder trying to stop me, I could hear voices but they were faint noises. I pushed the person away from me and continued.

Then I reached where he was and stood in front of the old man.

“Danger is lurking! You are in danger!” His eerie voice said. “You need to follow me!”. Then he began walking. I found myself following him. It felt like I was in a dream that I had no control over. We were about stepping out of the gate when he stopped, turned to me and stretched forth his hand for me to hold. I was going to reach for it when someone called my name and slapped me across the face very hard. Like one woken from a deep sleep I jerked backwards and saw Daniella looking at me frightfully. When I turned around, I saw a crowd boring holes on me with their eyes’.

“Mike! What’s wrong with you!” Daniella said cautiously, still panting.

I turned behind me and saw inspector Johnbull rushing out of the police station. There were a kind of frenzy in the station as I was the center of attraction.

” You were sleep walking in the day light. What was that?”. Daniella asked.

Gabriel soon appeared. “Heard the noises and found it was coming from you guys. What’s happening?”.

Daniella couldn’t explain, she was just looking at me and I was so embarrassed.

Later that day, I dropped by at the hospital to check on Mary, she was still asleep, then I checked into an hotel.

I sat on my bed trying to place a finger on what happened between I and the old man. Was it that I was the only one who saw him? Daniella said I was sleep walking, meaning my eyes were closed. I actually thought I was dreaming.

I tried to reach for my phone, but remembered i left it with the computer guy at the police station but I have the list of important calls I needed make scribbled on a sheet of paper in my pocket. First, I called granny to let her know I was fine, then Fiona. She was really worried and wanted to see me urgently, I had no choice from how she persisted but to tell her where I was. I thought of calling Jude but left his troubles for another day.

Someone knocked on the door. I thought it was very fast of Fiona to have gotten to my room that soon. So I asked. “Who’s that”.

“Mike, it’s Daniella”.

“Daniella?”. What was she doing here? I curiously went to the door and asked again. “Who?”


I then slowly opened up. She stood at the door way. For the first time I took a close look at her; she was in blue jean pant that emphatically revealed her voluptuous curves, she had on a red t shirt that showed she had no bra on with her firm breasts pushing her nipples against the shirt. Her face was something to look at; beautiful, charming and sexy even for her age.

“Won’t you invite me in?”. She asked looking at with a smile on her face. I guess she must have noticed my eyes on her chest.

I then realized I must have been standing there for awhile. With a nervous smile I moved away and she walked in. She moved to the bed and sat on it.

“I wanna know what’s going on Mike?” She asked and crossed her legs.

I walked in and sat on a sofa beside the bed. “What do you mean?”

“That shit you pulled at the police station, what does that mean?”

“I saw someone…”. A knock startled me and I turned to the door and back to Daniella.

“Are you expecting someone?” She asked.


“Be careful”

I nodded and went to get the door. “Who?” No one answered. I turned to Daniella, she stood up looking at me completely droopy. I turned to the door again and with a shaky voice. “Who?”

There was no response. I then slowly moved backwards. The knock came on the door again and a familiar male voice exploded. “It’s George!”. And then followed with with a loud laughter.

Daniella’s face turned into fury. She walked to the door, opened it in full force. “You jerk! How dare you joke with stuff like that? You bastard!”

George was surprised to see her in my room. His countenance gradually changed, he must have felt insulted with the attitude she spoke to him. In the anger, he retorted. “I didn’t know you were here! Mike is my buddy, I can joke with him however I chose!”

“You bastard! How dare you raise your voice at me!”

George suddenly realized his mistake and looked away.

“Now get out of here if you still love your job!”. The words came through a cold menacing tone.

George looked at her ominously and then turned to me where I stood looking at how a lady was bullying a man. “Dude, I’ll be back”. Then he walked away.

She banged the door and turned towards me, was about walking back to the bed when someone knocked again. In that anger, she spun and pushed the door open only to see Fiona standing. After a momentary long silence, she asked.”Who are you?”.

I quickly intercepted the ladies before the confused and surprised Fiona could reply. “She’s a friend”. Then I quickly introduced the ladies to clear the tension in the air. “Fiona. Fiona, Daniella. Daniella is my boss overseas and Fiona is a friend”.

Daniella immediately effected her bossy demeanor and said. “Nice meeting you”. She turned to me. “We will talk later”. Then she walked away with her head high.

“She’s so stiff”. Fiona said as she walked in.

I let out a weary smile walking behind her. She took a seat on the bed scanning through the large executive suite I picked out of impulse.

“Such a nice place you got here”. Fiona complemented still looking around.

“Thanks”. I said opening the refrigerator hoping to find a drink, but it was empty. In the frustration I threw my hands up. “Why is there no drink in the refrigerator?!”.

“Easy, that’s how it is around here. Let me help you”. Fiona said with a smile and reached for the landline by the bed, dailed a three digit number on a paper beside the phone.”Hello, please get me a bottle of beer, Room 210″. She turned to me. ” do you want any?” I nodded. “Four bottles”.

I sat on the sofa and Fiona dropped the receiver, then moved to where I was and sat on the arm rest of the chair. She was on a yellow handles jumpsuit that hugged well on her body. She had no makeup on yet she was as captivating and as charming as something from my sexual fantasy.

“What’s going on Mike? I know something is amiss that’s why I came”. Her comforting voice asked.

I turned to her face and my heart skipped a beat. I wanted to hug and kiss her two bold attractive pink lips but I reminded myself that she was married and quickly I looked away shoving aside the thought. “Got some guys abroad I pissed off, they followed me here and have been wanting me dead”.

“These guys; who are they?”.

“They call themselves the ghost”.

She turned away and heaved silently. Then turned to me almost immediately. “You know what? I’ll inform my brother, he’s a lieutenant. He knows what to do. Don’t worry, we are going to get to the root of this whole thing”.

I smiled wondering if she really knew the set of guys she wants to get herself entangled with. Just then a knock came on the door. I hissed and wanted to get it, but she placed a gentle hand on my shoulder. “Please, I ordered for the drinks”. I sat back and watched her walked towards the door with her two soft round buttocks bouncing, my full attention drawn to them. I felt my heart racing fast as I watched them, my rod was beginning to harden, all I wanted to do was to rip off her jumpsuit and penetrate her in a hurry from behind, feeling the softness of those ass cheeks bouncing off my mid region as I bleeped her.

I was still fantasizing when she opened the door and immediately jumped on the person. I abruptly stood up wondering if the ghost men had returned. My suspicion was right when an heavily built dark man with a 9MM in his hand pushed her back against the door and pinned her neck to it, but she clinged to the man’s gun in the air as they struggled.

In that instant, i picked up the stool and was rushing to assist her, but before I could reach her, she hit the man with her knee on his penis, swiftly retrieved the gun from his hand simultaneously. As he bent over grabbing on his penis, she hit the back of the man’s neck with the butt of the gun sending him to the ground unconscious.

I got to where the big man laid on the floor with the stool in my hand and turned to Fiona dazed, she wasn’t looking like someone who could hurt a fly let alone knocking down a man two times my size with a single blow as she stood looking at me.

She quickly rushed to the door and shut it, looked around the room frantically and asked. “Is there anything like a rope here?”

“Rope?” I asked wondering what she needed it for.

She critically roamed about the room in search for something. She found a ribbon in the wardrobe, returned to the man in a haste, tied his hands behind his back. “Help me”. She said pulling him up on one side of his arm. I quickly helped her and we dragged him with great difficulty and sat him on a wooden chair.

“We need to tie him up here”. Fiona said catching her breath.

I looked around the room and my eyes fell on the bedsheet. I quickly tore it into bits and handed Fiona some sizable pieces, she took it in haste and tied the man’s legs and hands to the chair, then took her phone from the table.

“Who are you calling?”. I asked.

“My brother”. She said and placed the phone on her ear. After pacing blankly for awhile, her eyes came alive. “Hello. Please I need your help. Nothing, I’m fine. Can you come to North West Hotel? Nothing serious, just that I want you to meet a friend of mine. Yes, it’s urgent. Please when coming don’t forget your sex tool, I want that friend of mine to sing and dance. Thank you. Please don’t tell anyone yet, it’s between both of us. Thank you, expecting you”. Her voice was as calm as if nothing serious happened.

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