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I woke up feeling woozy and completely tired. A pint of blood was being transfused into my artery. I tiredly looked around the empty room and realized I was still in the hospital. I tried to move but was cuffed to the rail of the bed head.

I suddenly remembered Mary and then began trying to break free. The door abruptly flung open and two men in police uniform rushed in.

“Hey! Calm down!” One of them bellowed.

I turned to them viciously and demanded. “Where’s Mary? Is she okay?”.

They both exchanged a glance and the second said in an ominous. “Stay calm or I make you”!

A nurse appeared behind the officers and when she saw I was up, she disappeared before I could call her attention. I knew it would be a waste of energy trying to act heroic. So I gently laid back trying to absorb the pounding in my head.

The doctor strolled in with the earlier nurse and stopped beside me.

“Rambo. Hope you are okay?” The doctor mockingly asked as he walked in.

I tried to listen to the doctor’s thoughts, but heard nothing, not even the two nurse’s with him nor the armed cops.

I raised my head a bit and asked trying to sound dangerous so as to be taken seriously. “Where’s Mary?”.

“The lady he came with?”. One of the two nurse’s whispered to the puzzled doctor.

“Oh, the pretty one. She’s stabilized. She will be up soon”. The doctor said and came closer to me; with two fingers he opened one of my eyes, pointed a torch in it. Then he checked the almost empty pint of blood and turned to the officers. “He is okay. You can take him away as soon as he exhausts this bag”.

“Okay sir”. One of the officers answered.

Few minutes after the doctor had left, I laid with my hands cuffed over my head to the rim of the bed. The door opened and Johnbull walked in. He seemed surprised to see me in that unpleasant state.

“What’s going on here? Why is he in cuffs?”. Johnbull asked walking towards me.

“He held the people hostage here”. One of the officers answered.

“Get that thing off his hands!”. Johnbull commanded.

The officers looked at him as though he didn’t know what he was saying.

” I said get him off those cuffs!” Johnbull loudly bellowed.

One of the officers grudgingly took the cuffs off my hands and I slowly sat up feeling the strains on my wrist.

“How is Mary?”. I asked Johnbull.

“She’s fine. Still asleep”.

A dark bulky man in a faded grey suit walked in and was entirely stunned seeing me free from the cuffs.

“Who set that criminal free?”. The man yelled at the officers.

The officers turned to Johnbull without saying a word. Then the bulky man followed their gaze to Johnbull and his angry face adjusted.” What’s going on here sir?”.

“Follow me, I will explain everything to you”. Johnbull said walking out.

The man looked at the two officers, signaled them to watch me before following Johnbull out.

I searched for my phone in my pocket but it wasn’t there, then turned to the two men who shot a penetrating stare at me; one was a slim with broad shoulders; dark, bald head, smooth face and a thick flat nose. The other was light skin, average height, slightly chubby with fat cheeks like a baby’s, on a low cut hair and few mustache above his upper lip.

” where’s my phone?” I repeated. The men ignored me but didn’t take their eyes off me.”Can I get my phone please?” But they remained the way they were. I then decided to wait for Johnbull to come so I can ask him.

After twenty minutes of dealing with the two dramatic officers, Johnbull came in with the bulky man and the doctor following from behind. The doctor came cautiously towards me with a disapproving look on his face. He checked my eyes again and my heart rate with a stethoscope, then turned to Johnbull and nodded his ‘okay’, then angrily walked away.

“Get up, lets go”. Johnbull said moving out.

“My phone”. I requested.

Johnbull turned to the bulky man. “Give him his phone”.

After I got my phone, I went to check on Mary in her ward, she was still sleeping. She looked peaceful and beautiful, even with the huge bandage around her chest.

Few minutes later, I was in Johnbull’s car driving to the police station. My mind was busy. I couldn’t hear anyone’s thought anymore. I never thought it would be a matter of concern to me, but not after attempts had been made on my life twice it now felt like I was exposed without it.

Back in Johnbull’s office, the computer guy came in and Johnbull turned to him as he stood beside me. “I want you to check how they were able to track him down”.

The computer guy turned to me. “Was it after you received the call they first attacked?”

“Yes”. I nodded.

“Can I have your phone?”.

I handed the phone over to him. He dropped his laptop on the table, took a seat beside me, connected a cord from his laptop to my phone and began punching his fingers on the keypad with his eyes fixed on the screen.

Few minutes later, there was a red blinking indicator on the screen. He went through piles of gibberish arranged in rows and began typing his own gibberish under the one on top. Finally the red light went off and he turned to Johnbull.

“There was a tracker on his phone. As long as the phone was on, they could track him down”.

“Was?” Johnbull pointed out.

“Yes sir. I have disabled the tracker”.

Johnbull heaved a sigh of relief and sat back.

“Does that mean I’m free?”. I asked hoping for a positive feedback.

The guy looked at me and said in a simple tone. “Your number has been Marked. But I have blocked the tracker, not for long though, it activates whenever you take a call”.

“Then I have rid of the SIM card”. I said, trying to open the phone.

“No!” Johnbull said with his eyes pacing blankly in the air. ” We need to track down Daniella, She may know something”.

I agreed to what he said and kept back my phone.

I was escorted to my hotel room with Five heavily armed police men standing in front of my door and yet I couldn’t sleep. I laid looking at the door in the dark expecting some strange looking guy to walk in any second.

The window beside my bed suddenly shattered in pieces. I jumped away from the bed and saw a mighty foot in the air flying through the window and landed on my face before I could dodge it, I found myself rolling over the bed and landed on the floor. Before I could get back on my feet, a charcoal giant like human being; he should be about eight foot tall picked me up like I was some piece of clothe and threw me against the door, the impact of my back on the door fell it down, a sharp pain ran through my whole body, I turned and looked out for the police men that were to guard me and discovered they were mutilated in a gruesome way; heads ripped, limps detached from bodies, eyes plucked out, stomach opened with intestines shooting out.

I jumped up and began running down the stairs. When I got to the ground floor, everyone was dead. The hotel was covered in blood and human parts. I felt nauseous and turned to a flower pot and emptied my stomach in it.

When I turned to leave, I hit my face on the stomach of a man standing behind me. I slowly looked up and met the ugliest gorilla’s face I had ever seen smiling ominously at me. Before I could move a muscle he grabbed me by my neck with a mighty hand and pulled me off the ground with ease to meet his narrow red eyes as I was choking from his grip. Then he took out a big, long sharp knife, swung it over my head and I jumped off my bed with a loud scream. The five police men outside ran into my room, all wore a dangerous look on their faces.

I looked around for the giants holding my neck but the room was perfectly intact. That was when I realized I was only dreaming. Then I turned to the bewildered officers and smiled, feeling embarrassed. “it’s Okay. Nightmare”.

They left grumbling, muttering distasteful words to themselves.

I felt so embarrassed, in that state, I turned to the window, it was already morning. I slowly went to grab my phone and saw five missed calls from grandma, two from Jude and one from Fiona. I tossed the phone on the bed and collapsed on it with my face down.

Few hours later, I was in Johnbull’s office awaiting Daniella’s call. Fiona called twice again and Johnbull looked suspiciously at me the third time she called. Then she dropped a message. HEY. HOPE EVERYTHING IS OKAY? IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE I CAN RENDER MORE THAN ENOUGH. CALL ME.

“What’s it about?”. Johnbull who been sitting silently, looking at me reading the text on my phone asked.

“A friend was just checking on me” I said and looked away.

Grandma called again. I had to borrow Johnbull’s phone to call her back. She was very worried about me and Mary. I assured her that were okay. She wanted to come to the station but I convinced her not to.

Just while we were talking, a strange number called, I quickly rounded grandma’s call and ran back to Johnbull’s office. “Someone’s on the line”. I said handing the phone to the computer guy who quickly connected it to his laptop with a cord and asked me to pick it up. I heaved heavily and answered the call.


A familiar voice came through. “Mike my brother. How are you! Heard how you ruggedly killed a murderfucker! Rugged you!”

“Jude?” I asked feeling irritated.

“Yes bro. It’s I, your rugged brother”.

I turned to the two faces looking at me keenly and shook my head. Johnbull impatiently drew a finger across his neck and I knew what he meant.

“Jude, I’m in a middle of something serious. Please, I’ll call you back”. And I hung up.

The inspector and the computer guy gave me disapproving look and i dropped the phone on the table.

About an hour later, the phone rang again drawing all of our attentions to it. I quickly checked who was calling and found a new number. I turned to the two men staring at me and took the call.


“Hey, Mike”. Daniella speaking. “I’m with George, we are at Tictoc hotel, by Anderson square. How far is it from your place?”

The red light came back on the screen and the computer guy quickly began trying to disable it, while Johnbull looked at me attentively.

“Not far. What’s your room number?” I asked.

“It’s 25”

“I will be there soon”. I said looking at Johnbull who nodded his approval.

Then I hung up and said “Tictoc hotel, room 25”.

“How is it coming”. Johnbull asked the computer boy.

“One minute”. He said with his eyes glued to the screen of his laptop. After five minutes, the computer boy looked up and said with a line of pride across his face. “Done!”

“Lets go! Lets go!”. Johnbull yelled picking up his gun and rushing out of the office.

I sat with Johnbull at the back of a black Toyota Camry with a bulletproof vest on my chest. I tried to hear what was in Johnbull’s mind but couldn’t, this made me scared and felt blind.

The four cars drove into the hotel and packed in the parking lot. Johnbull turned to me and said. “You will stay here!”

I was surprised. I thought I was to go in with them.”Why?”

“It’s dangerous. This officer here will watch over you”. Johnbull said pointing at the very light skin man in front seat. The man turned and revealed his cigarette burnt teeth.

Before I could say another word, Johnbull was out of the car and walked into the hotel with two men, while three other men followed twenty steps from behind.

I sat restless looking towards the hotel entrance Johnbull and the others had gone in. The name Daniella kept giving me an odd emotional feeling. My heart skips a beat each time the name is mentioned and how my body reacts hearing her voice. I sat wondering if I knew her too well, if we were lovers, friends or enemies. Why would she want me dead?

As I sat thinking, someone appeared through the entrance, it was an Italian lady cuffed hands backwards, she seem to be arguing with Johnbull who was leading her out with a hand on her arm . Behind her was an young handsome English man, he too was cuffed backwards with an officer leading him out. They took them into a car in front of us and Johnbull returned to the car I was in.

“Do you recognize them?” Johnbull asked as he settled in.

“No, I have never seen those faces before” I said, still trying to place there faces in the missing gap in my head.

Johnbull gave me a puzzled stare. “Not at all?”

I shook my head. He then heaved a defeated sigh and turned forward as our car drove off following the ones in front.

In the police station, I sat at the hall way waiting for inspector Johnbull to call me in. My hands were moist and my limps unsteady. I couldn’t tell why I was so nervous, my stomach rumbled and my mouth dried.

The door opened and an officer came out of Johnbull’s office. I turned abruptly towards him, he beckoned me over and returned to the office.

I nervously stood up feeling like I was in trouble. With shaky legs I walked towards the door to Johnbull’s office, slowly opened it and saw the lady seated beside the handsome English man, the officer stood adjacent between Johnbull who sat across the table and the suspects.

Johnbull turned towards me.”Come in Mr. Mike”.

The lady and the English man turned to me with disappointments in their faces. She was a pretty one. The hint in her eyes as she was looking at me made me wish I could hear what she was thinking.

” Yeah. This is Mike. Mike, this is Daniella and George”. Johnbull pointed as he introduced us. Then he turned to the suspects. “Like I said earlier, Mike has partial memory lost due to an accident recently. You can go ahead and jug his memory”.

The lady turned to me with a shocked expression; the guy had a smirk on his face as his eyes pierced through me.

“Mike, do you remember me?”. The lady asked still looking at me in same expression.

“This dude’s brain is unshufled”. The English guy said smiling.

I stood looking at them trying with every ounce of my mental strength to fetch a picture of her or the guy with her.

“Mike, do you remember Grace?” The Italian lady asked, looking at me. I shook my head and she continued. “What about George?”.

“Don’t force it, he can’t remember anything. Just repeat what you told me about the assassins and why he came to Africa”. Johnbull said.

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