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After few minutes of waiting in inspector Johnbull’s office, the tall, huge dark man in his late thirties, handsome oval face in low cut and clean shaven face with broad shoulders and muscular arms visible through his fitted yellow sleeve stop walked in with a young nerdy looking guy putting on a huge reading glass hanging on his fat face followed from behind.

Johnbull took a seat opposite us and beckoned the nerdy guy in a gray hood sleeve top on black skinny jeans and a black backpack hanging on his back over.

” this is the laptop. Get us in “. Johnbull opened the laptop that has been lying on the table and turned it towards the guy who stood adjacent the table.

The boy began punching the keypads with his four eyes beaming into the screen keenly. Then dropped the backpack on the table, retrieved a squared device from it and plugged it to the laptop’s USB outlet, then poured his full attention on the he began working.

Thirty minutes later, he turned the laptop to the officer and said. ” we need internet service to surf through”

Johnbull took a look at the laptop, nodded and punched in the password to his WiFi and turned it back to the boy. The boy took a seat beside Johnbull and both of them focused on the screen.

Few minutes later, Johnbull turned to me and said. ” the mail is from a firm abroad. We checked the your profile and discovered you once worked there. Daniella is the new Director of the company ”

I was startled and so remained still as I tried to scan through my brain archive just incase I stumble on a hint but hit the rock bottom instead. I turned to Johnbull who patiently waited for an answer. ” I can’t remember nothing “.

Johnbull turned to the nerdy guy. ” can you get into all his social media accounts and profile?”.

The boy nodded and began. He soon stumbled on an information, exchanged a glance with Johnbull and pointed on the screen showing something to the inspector. Johnbull nodded and gave the boy his approval.

About twenty-five minutes later, Johnbull looked away from the screen and turned to me. ” from the information here, you lived all your life abroad. I’m not surprised though, it reeks all over you “. He grinned enviously and eyed Mary who had not said a word since we arrived the station, then turned to me. ” we have to wait for the lady Daniella to arrive and then ask her some few questions”.

I nodded and asked. ” can i go through my computer?”

” sure! ” he said and pushed the laptop towards me.

I went through all of my social media accounts, taking notes of names while reading the messages.

” Queen. Can I see you briefly?” Johnbull asked Mary with a finger in the air.

Mary turned to me seeking my approval. I nodded and she followed Johnbull out with the nerdy guy.

I was busy going through all the messages on my mail and looking at their pictures just to know if any would ring a bell when my phone rang. I took a look at the caller it was Fiona. I turned behind me to ensure Mary wasn’t around hearing range.

” hello ” I said in a low tone.

” hey, can I pick you up later today? I want us to have lunch in my place”.

The offer seem enticing. I looked around uneasily at the office reminding me of the situation at hand. ” I’m currently in a shit, I’m sorry. Can we do that some other time?”

There was a momentary silence before her voice came through. ” what kind of shit?”

I didn’t want to tell her what happened so as not to get her worried.

” well, it’s under control”. I said.

” hope it’s not life threatening?” She asked with a concerned tone.

” well, I…well” I stuttered feeling trapped.

” Mike, is everything okay?” Her voice filled with curiosity.

Before I could answer the door opened and I quickly told her goodbye and hungup. Mary and Johnbull strolled in. I turned towards them as Mary took a seat beside me and Johnbull moved across the table opposite me.

” you won’t go back home. Rent a random hotel and check in with a different identity. When she calls, take the call and quickly inform me”. Johnbull said.

I nodded and turned to Mary. ” lets go”.

” one more thing!” Johnbull said.

I stopped on my seat and turned to him.

” you may need an escort. I can assign one of my officers to you, but you will have to pay for the services”.

I agreed and stood up while he sat looking at us.

Johnbull: so this is the dude that is distracting Mary from me. Hmmm…I see why she is head-over-heels with him. I hate to admit it, but I wish he died.

I ignored what I heard and said with a smile on my face. ” thank you so much sir” extending a handshake.

” anytime”. Johnbull said and shook me rigorously.

I checked into an hotel room with Mary and the officer assigned to us took the room opposite ours. I suddenly felt like getting something Into my lungs and I asked Mary.

” do I smoke?”

She looked puzzled and then shook her head. ” never seen you smoke. Why ask?”.

I waved her aside and called the bar. ” I need a bottle of rum, scotch or vodka. Anything hot”. then I sagged on the bed reviewing the incident and wondering who Daniella was.

Mary crawled on to the bed and laid on my chest. ” don’t worry baby, I trust they will apprehend those guys”.

I heaved and turned to her. ” how did he know where I was?”

” that is the job of the police, I assure you, they will get a solution to it. Don’t worry”.

Then she kissed me on the cheek and on my lips. I responded, we were wrapped in each other’s arms kissing passionately then a knock came on the door. We broke the kiss and I turned towards the door. ” that must be the bar man”.

” let me get it”. Mary said moving out of the bed.

I laid back looking at her slim waist as she walked towards the door. I wondered how I got entangled with such a damsel and we aren’t married.

She opened the door and a gunshot followed with Mary’s loud scream. I jumped up and turned to the door with horror and saw Mary sagging on the floor.

An Arabian man stood at the door with a gun and fired towards me. I jumped down behind the bed and crawled under.

The man moved quickly towards me, I could only see his black trouser and black shoes carefully walking towards me.

Suddenly the police officer rushed out from the opposite room and there were gunshots on both sides, the officer fell looking blankly at me where I hid under the bed.

I turned away from the dead officer and looked around briskly for a weapon but found nothing. The man was already on the other side of the bed. Then I heard two gunshots that narrowly missed my head and shoulder.

I knew I had to act fast or the next shot would be my life. So I hurriedly crawled towards the man’s leg and pulled it with all my strength, he fell on his back. I rushed out and climbed on him, hitting as hard as I could. He aimed for my head, but I was quick to push down his hand and I bent over his nose and clapped my teeth on it with all the strength in my jaw muscle.

He screamed, hitting and trying to push me off him but I angrily clapped my teeth harder instead and trying to drag his nose off aggressively. Then suddenly, I pulled off his complete nose and spat it off. The man held his nose screaming in pain with blood all over him. I quickly grabbed the gun from his hand, moved two steps away from him and shot him twice in the chest.

There I stood looking at a nose-less dying man and spitting on his bloody face his blood in my mouth. Then I remembered Mary, I dropped the gun on the bed and ran to her, she was shivering on the floor in pain. The bullet hit her in the chest at her upper right breast. I turned to the officer, he was already dead.

Immediately, I picked her up and rushed out of the room, rushed through the hallway and down the stairs. Everyone who saw me gave way for me dreadfully.

At the down floor, I remembered I left my car keys in my hotel room. I dropped Mary on a seat at the reception, ignoring the awful stairs from everyone I could even barely see and rushed upstairs, retrieved the key and was about leaving when one thought adviced me to go with a gun. I picked up the assassins gun on the bed and rushed down the stairs.

Two men stood in front of Mary and were asking her some questions. I rushed towards them and pushed them away from her and hurriedly made to carry her up when one of the men held my hand and said.

” I’m the chief security officer here, an officer of the law”. Then showed he me the base of a gun shooting out from a buckle hanging around his waist . ” you have to explain all these. What’s going on upstairs?”.

I looked at the gun in a buckle on the man’s waist and then at Mary who was shutting down.

” can’t you see she’s dying? Let’s get her help first”. I said and made to break from his grip when the man took out a handcuff from behind his waist and made to cuff my hand. I got so angry seeing the cuffs on my face that I didn’t know when I gave him a straight punch under his throat, forcefully brought down his head to meet my knee and his nose was the meeting point. He fell on his back clinging to his node. The other man made to reach for his gun, I beat him to it, with a gun pointed to his face I asked him to carry Mary to the car. He picked up Mary, I first picked up the man on the floor’s gun and shoved it under my pant, then motioned the other man towards the car. Everyone was looking dreadfully and giving way for us to pass.

The put Mary in the backseat. I took his gun from him before I entered the steering, reversed and zoomed into the road. While I was going, I saw a checkpoint in front, I turned to Mary at the backseat, she was turning pale, the check point i front may delay me longer than she could survive. While I was thinking of what to do, i followed a red BMW in front of me closely. When we got closer to the check point, I thought of telling the officers I was with inspector Johnbull of the state police criminal department but I knew seeing me all covered in blood and a dying girl behind my seat would delay the process.

So I navigated and overtook the BMW in front of me, ran over the wood they used to block the road and almost knocked down an officer who jumped off the road just in time. I saw them trying to shoot from the rear mirror, but I moved in front of a car and took a harp bend losing them.

As I raced through the busy metropolis, swerving through cars and pedestrians, I caught two police vans in pursuit from a distance. I pressed harder on the gas and the car engine cried louder accelerating in full speed.

Then I bent abruptly into an alley with great effort to keep the car in control and raced through it, came out of the other side, turned the steering into another street knocking down tables and swerving through people, then came out and joined the main road. When I looked at the rear mirror again, I couldn’t see any of the police cars anymore.

Few minutes later, I located a hospital along the road, then quickly drove in, rushed out and hurriedly carried Mary that was almost passing on into the hospital hall calling for help. Two nurses helped me with a stretcher and took her in. Then one of the nurses returned few minutes later and asked me what happened, I told her she was shot. The nurse then told me an unbelievable, that I should get a police report before they would begin treatment. I thought she was kidding.

” where’s the doctor?” I demanded.

” sir. The doctor can’t do anything save a police report is presented”. She explained.

I looked around and saw a middle aged man in white lab suit strolling out from the direction they took Mary through. I rushed to meet him.

” do something doctor, she’s dying”. I exclaimed grabbing him by his lab suit.

” sir. My advice for you is to get a police report in time. Look, if we touch that lady, my license will be taken from me. It’s not my fault, it’s the country’s policy”. The doctor explained.

I knew I was wasting time trying to debate the issue, so i took out my pistol and pointed it in the doctor’s face. The nurses behind the doctor screamed and moved backwards. The two patients seated by the corner slowly stood up looking at me frightfully.

” I swear to god, I’ll kill everyone here and you inclusive then kill everyone you ever loved if anything should happen to that girl”. I said desperately. Then pointed the doctor towards where Mary was taken to. ” Now move it!”

The doctor quietly obeyed and I motioned the nurses to join the him. The two patients; a young boy and a lady were not left out, I motioned them also into an empty office and locked it up.

The doctor and the nurses entered the theater with Mary while I stood in front of the door waiting impatiently.

About thirty minutes later, the door opened, I jumped and saw the doctor coming out from the theater. ” we need blood. She’s lost too much”.

” I’m a general donor. Please take mine”. I offered with my two hands stretched towards him.

He nodded and took me into one of the wards and one of the nurses took three pints of blood from me before returning to the room theatre.

I sat feeling very dizzy after few minutes and the gun rested feebly in my hand. Then it crossed my mind to call Johnbull. I quickly dialed his number and told him everything that happened in the hotel and where I was. He promised to be with me in an hour time.

I haven’t ended the call when I heard engine of cars driving in. I staggered to window and found two police vans settling in front of the hospital.

I staggered to the entrance door and bolted it. I was feeling very weak and woozy by this time, my lips had gone dry and I was so freaky thirsty.

I looked around the hall not knowing what I was looking for, Then I decided to see what was happening in the theater. So I badged in and found the doctor sitting down on a chair beside Mary and the nurses looking through the window and Mary lying on unattended.

My heart shattered with rage. I eyed them maliciously and rushed towards Mary, but her wound was bandaged. Then I found one pint of blood laid on a table unused. I turned to the doctor who looked at me with fear in his eyes, then to the petrified nurses and back to the pint of blood.

” what’s going on here?” I enquired.

The doctor slowly stood up and said. ” we are done with her. She’s stabilized”.

Why didn’t you use the third pint of blood?” I demanded.

The doctor said nothing, he only stood looking at me blankly.

I made to attack him with a slap but a wave of dizziness swept through me and I caught my balance in time.

A hard banging on the door turned my attention away from the doctor to the door. I pointed my gun at the him and slowly moved out. By this time, I was confused and sick.

The door was already given way when I got to it, I tried to hold it and the door flung open knocking me out.

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