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I was still trying to figure figure out the password to my laptop when when a knock came on the door.

” who’s that?” I asked.

Tony walked in and said ” a man is asking after you”

I wondered who the person could be, so I asked. ” have you seen him before?”

” no. He sounds like a foreigner”

I wondered if I had any friend who came back with me. I became suddenly keen and excited that finally I’m meeting someone who would give me a clue about myself. So i said.

” okay. I’ll be out soon”.

Tony nodded and walked out.

I stood up, dropped the laptop and went to the living room.

I found a thick black man in low cut with no facial hair and a reading glass hanging on his pointed nose. His gray t-shirt hugged well on his body with emphasis on his muscular physique and his brown trouser were tucked in his gray boot. He beamed me an unsettled stare as I walked up to him.

” hello ” I said with enthusiasm walking towards him, extending a handshake.

Mary was standing at the back of a couch beside him looking at the man expressionlessly when he took out a gun behind his waist and pointed it at me. I was overwhelmingly surprised and stood looking at the death sentence about to detonate

Mary let out a little scream and jerked backwards. Grandma who was in the kitchen ran out, as she saw the strange man standing with a gun, she also let out a scream.

” what do you want?” I asked frighteningly.

The man didn’t take his eyes off me his mind was busy.

Man: where do I shoot him now? Head or chest? Head is better, one clean shot will do it.

I heard this and knew he meant business. I had to think of a swift way out knowing he would he would shoot the moment I move, but I had to act anyways, coz if I don’t, he would shook all the same. So I took my chance and quickly turned to Mary pointing towards her and screamed. ” Mary no! Stop it!”

The man turned to Mary giving me the chance to jump on him before he could turn back to me. He let out two shots in the air as we fell on the couch beside him, his reading glass fell off.

On the floor, I held his hand and we began struggling. I was on top of him trying to get the gun off his hand, but he seem to be too strong. I watched as the gun turned slowly towards my face. I gave him a punch across his face and his hand abruptly dropped on the floor. In that second, he me by my shirt and pulled my nose to his forehead, this completely destabilized me and I moved away from him grabbing my nose.

He made to sit up and I pushed him down and made to release another punch when he slammed the butt of his gun on my head and made to fire, in the reflex I grabbed his hand and pulled it away from me and the gunshot narrowly missed my face. Mary and grandma let out a loud scream.

I was still dragging with him when someone came in front of the man and stamped his feet on the man’s face followed with kicks beside his head. I looked up and saw Henry kicking him continuesly.

The man pushed me off him and quickly made rushing to his feet when Henry jumped, grabbed him from behind and both of the fell on the glass center table breaking it.

The man elbowed Henry off him and grabbed his gun that had fell off his hand. Before he could he could get on his feet, I quickly sent a blow across his face and the next thing I saw, someone poured hot water on the man’s head. I turned and grandma standing with a pot in her hands. The man jumped, screaming and danced like a deranged person but didn’t let go of his gun. Henry slammed a side tool on his back while he was still dancing and he turned to fire, I quickly rushed towards him and pushed his hand away from Henry, the shot bored a hole on the television hanging on the wall. He staggered towards Tony who had been standing confused and petrified. Tony quickly moved away from him. He turned quickly towards me and shot but I dodged just in time.

Tony pushed him so hard he tumbled over a chair beside him. I quickly ran and turned the chair over on him. He pushed the chair off, jumped to his feet aggressively and was going to shoot Tony, I held his hand and pushed him to the wall. Henry came from behind him and grabbed his neck. Grandma joined, biting the man’s hand while I struggled to get the gun off the same hand.The man was impressively strong, even as his skin was beginning to pill off he was still agile and effective.

He suddenly sent a blinding lunch across my face that almost sent me to the floor and pushed grandma down. Mary quickly came to take grandma away. Then nod Henry with the back of his head, the impact pushed Henry’s head to the wall and he swung Henry over his shoulder to the floor in front of him.

” stop it! Stop it !” Mary kept shouting.

He made to shoot Henry, Tony threw a little elephant sculpture that stood beside our home theater at the man’s head, Henry kicked him hard on his penis and I quickly picked up the sculpture and slammed it on his head, he staggered away from me and I followed him immediately. He pointed his gun at me and fired but I knocked the hand away with the sculpture, the bullet punctured a door just close to Mary. I sent another very hard hit on the side of his head, his eyes rolled up and he fell like tree on his side.

The whole family gathered around him looking if he was dead. He was still jerking with his eyes rolled up. I took the gun from his hand and pointed it at him just incase he tries to get up so I would shoot, but he slowly became still and his eyes closed.

” who is he?” Grandma asked, still scared that he may get up anytime.

” I don’t know”. I said looking at him.

” but he sounds foreign. I thought he was a friend of yours”. Mary said standing behind grandma looking dreadfully at the dead man.

” I can’t remember. But I know he’s definitely not my friend”. I said.

I squatted beside him and was looking at the damage the hot water did on his face and wondered who fights that hard even with such an injury.

I began searching his pocket if I could find a clue.

” get away from him!” Grandma yelled.

” it’s okay, I want to see if I could find something about him”. I replied.

” let the police do it, get away from him!”. Grandma yelled again.

” mummy, allow him!” Henry said and squatted on the man’s feet loosing a pair of his shoes.

We all turned astonishingly at Henry who didn’t take note of our stares.

” Henry!” We all chorused.

He glanced at us said and continued. ” taking my price of the kill”. He said.

” Henry get away from him!” Mary yelled still scared of moving away from grandma’s back.

” not until I take this shoes off ” Henry said loosing the other pair.

” Henry leave there!” Tony bellowed.

” Tony leave me alone!” Henry said dragging the last pair off his foot.

I ignored Henry and continued searching, then found a phone. I took it out and began scrolling, then found the last message.

FOUND HIM. IN AND OUT. The message read.

I turned to grandma and read it out. We were all puzzled. I checked his last dialed number, it was the same country code with Daniela’s. I pondered while the similarities,then began wondering if that was the reason I came back. Why was it that he came after I finished speaking with Daniela? Maybe Daniela knows something about it. I couldn’t tell grandma this so as not to increase their fear, so I stood up and said to grandma. ” lets call the police”.

” Henry drop that shoe!”. Grandma yelled.

Henry grumbled with the shoes in his hand.

” Henry drop it!” I said facing him sternly.

He hissed and dropped it.

Mary called the police and in an hour time they arrived. They interviewed each of us, we said all we knew. They didn’t ask me much because I couldn’t remember anything of my past. So they decided to start investigation based on the information I gave them.

They were taking the body away and Henry asked one of the officers if he could keep the shoes.

” Henry! ” grandma yelled.

The officer smiled and said no. Henry grumbled and went to sit down looking angrily as the officer took the shoe away.

I was thinking about the call I received from Daniela as I was looking at the cops hauling the body into the back of their truck. I suspected she had a hand in it. So I quickly ran to the officer Mary called as he was about driving off. He stopped the car and asked.

” any problem?”

” yes sir!” I said.

He turned off the ignition and waited for me to speak.

” I didn’t tell you everything ” I said.

He and the man in the car beside him turned to me suspiciously.

” I received a call from a lady abroad few minutes before the attack. She claims to be working with me abroad and said she sent me a mail concerning a job we were to do together tomorrow, not quite long after receiving that call, the strange man came asking after me”.

The officer turned to his colleague and they both exchanged a knowingly stare. Then he turned to me.

” where’s the mail?”

” it’s in my laptop. But I can’t remember the password “.

” get the laptop, we are going to start from there. Thanks for this information. Now get the laptop”.

I nodded and went to get the laptop, returned in a moment and handed it to him. He opened and looked at it, then he closed it up, heaved and said. ” you have to come with us”

I agreed. Then went in to inform grandma. Mary insisted on following me so I allowed her.

In few minutes, we were driving to the station.

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